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Gold Jewellery Designs for Women

Gold Jewellery  - Malabar Precious Treasure, assembled for your eternal pleasure. 

Gold Jewellery is an integral part of India, the best investment for your future and is well-known for its allure, luxury and pride. It's a jewel adorned through ages which still owns many hearts. Whether for Women, Men, Elders or kids, this timeless metal’s ornaments caters well, irrespective of age or layout type. Even the smallest piece of jewellery made in gold is enough to make a strong style statement. And, when you wear gorgeous jewellery from Malabar Gold and Diamonds, you will surely turn many heads.

Well, gold jewellery says a lot about your personality, indeed intensify your appearance, and it's a jewel that lifts your confidence like no other. Considering the same, introducing to you Malabar Glamours Gold Jewellery, an art that fluently speaks the language of our traditions, beliefs and style. Get ready to embrace the celebratory pieces from our assortment as their sparkle cater tenfold. So, let's dive into its beauty!! 

Gold Jewellery Design

Malabar Gold Jewellery Online Collection is ready to add more radiance to your every celebration as their charm, grace, and elegance speak untold tales of brilliance. With our spectacular layouts and exceptional craftsmanship, we are making life's every moment grand. Our display is inspired by spirited and confident women who treasure their heritage as much as they value their contemporary outlook. 

Whether in intricate designs or modesty, our wide range of online jewellery in gold invariably stands out. We offer beautifully crafted gold jewellery pieces showcasing impressive craftsmanship. For the past twenty-six years, we have been serving our customers by providing them with the best jewellery in every aspect, be it gold jewellery design, quality, and price.

Gold Jewellery Design Patterns

Under Gold ornament, various patterns range from plain gold jewellery, studded jewellery, uncut diamond jewellery, gemstone jewellery, etc. Uncut diamond and gold ornament are the ladies' favourite pieces as they are bold, beautiful and blend perfectly with every kind of attire.

Beautiful collection of gold jewellery.

The brands under our name- Starlet, Era, Precia, etc., are the epitome of beauty, elegance, and grace. Each jewellery piece speaks for itself, with every collection being distinctive and unveiling a different story.

Gold Jewellery Online Design Collections

Our online designs of this assortment suits the tastes and needs of our customers with a wide range of magnificent pieces, including gold chainsgold pendantsgold braceletsgold banglegold mangalsutragold studded earringsgold jhumka earringsgold necklace set, and considerably more. Also, if you want kids jewellery in gold, we have got excellent crafts for your little girl or boy. Right from one gram gold jewellery to 10 or more, you'll find everything with us.

Gold Colour and Purity. 

Our pieces of gold jewellery comes in 18K Gold and 22K gold with metal hues like yellow, rose, white, two-tone and three-tone gold. 

Occasions where you can wear Gold Jewellery

  1. Daily Wear- Everyday wear jewel is all about comfort with a sprinkle of shine and minimalist style. Considering the same, opt for our gold stud earrings, modest gold pendant designs or any other pieces from our plain gold jewellery category, as they make sure, you walk in style. Explore our layouts as it consists of pieces from 1 gram of gold jewellery to 5 gram and above.

  2. Festivity Wear- For 'Har Tyohaar', select our astonishing pieces from the gold ornament assortment, like intricate temple necklaces, dazzling detailed earrings, stunning bangles etc. Whether you want to adorn in the traditional way or contemporary, our layouts are your best friend! 

  3. Bridal Wear- For Malabar Bride, we craft magnificent layouts in this collection that'll indeed shine forever and remind her of precious memories bound with it. Explore our gemstone necklaces, intricate bangles and many other pieces from our gold bridal jewellery array as they'll splendidly match your divine lehenga.

  4. Traditional Event- Celebrate treasured traditions with our classic jewels that glorify your faith bewitchingly. Whether you wish to acquire art in gold temple jewellery, intricate jhumka's, lightweight necklaces, detailed rings or any other ornament in gold, we have everything for you!

  5. As a gift- Get your loved ones something enthralling from our Gold Jewellery array that will fill their eyes with joy. Choose stud earrings or customised pendants to add that charming personal touch. 

  6. Office Wear- Looking for something extraordinary for your office wear? We have got something for everyone! Our Jewellery in gold will fit perfectly with any office attire with a shine as brilliant as your future. 

 Gold Jewellery Design Type 

  1. Ethnix Gold Bangle BNANC40191, crafted in 22KT yellow gold, traditional theme, Kangan style, for party wear. 

  2. Malabar Gold Earring SKECO98, 22KT yellow gold, contemporary theme, stud type, and daily wear style. 

  3. Malabar Gold Bracelet BRDZL40712, 18KT Rose Gold, fashion theme, loose type. 

  4. Malabar Gold Mangalsutra MSDZL19676, 18KT Two-tone colour, fashion theme, short type, for office wear. 

  5. Malabar Gold Ring FRDZL22300, 18KT Rose Gold, fashion theme, casual layout for office wear.  

  6. Malabar 22KT Gold Studded Screw Nosepin NPDSDZ005, 22KT Yellow Gold, classic theme, screw design type for daily wear. 

  7. Starlet 22 KT Gold Studded Pendant For Kids EKPDNO0039. Butterfly Gold Pendant from our children's jewellery collection.

Gold Jewellery Price

Our array of Gold Jewellery prices starts from Rs 1500 and goes up to Rs 26, 50,000 and above. Furthermore, our gold is BIS hallmarked, and diamonds are IGI certified; hence, shop for our collection without a worry. 

Lastly, let your unmatched strength inspire everyone around and your radiance light up every space you go with our Gold Jewellery Collection. Also, if you wish for a customised gold jewellery piece, we'd be glad to craft a mesmerising masterpiece! Have a great shopping experience. 

FAQ Segment 

1) Where can I buy real gold jewellery online? 

Answer: You can acquire authentic gold ornaments from Malabar Gold and Diamonds! Our Gold is BIS hallmarked, and Diamonds are IGI certified; also, we have a return policy, EMI plans and numerous other advantages. 

2) What are the different types of gold jewellery?

Answer- Multiple jewellery items come in gold, like Gold Bangles, Gold Mangalsutra, Gold earrings, Gold Necklaces, Gold Nosepin etc. 

3) Where can I buy gold jewellery online? 

Answer- End the hunt for online gold jewellery shopping as Malabar is the precise place for you. With certified gold and diamonds, EMI policies, numerous options to shop from, multiple payment options, Fair price promise and many other advantages, it's the best place to shop for jewellery. 

4) Why is gold widely used in jewellery?

Answer- The reason behind using gold metal in jewellery is because of its high corrosion resistance and its bright shiny texture.

5) What does hallmark mean on gold jewellery?

Answer- It signifies the fineness and purity of the gold, which assures consumers that the gold they have purchased is totally pure.

6) What is the right day to wear new gold jewellery?

Answer- Thursday is said to be the day of Jupiter, and hence it’s considered auspicious to purchase or wear valuable items such as gold ornaments. 

7) What is 916 gold?

Answer- 100% gold is soft metal with low durability and malleability and thus, its too soft to craft any ornament. So, it is mixed with other metals like copper, silver, zinc etc. The term ‘916 Gold’ represents the percentage of the gold present in any ornament or coin. Any jewellery or coin with ‘916 Gold’ signifies that it is made our of 91.6% pure gold, and the remaining portion is other metals.  

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