Malabar Gold & Diamonds' Kids Starlet Jewellery

Children love the sparkle and glitter of jewellery more than adults and presumably a mother's love to doll up their little ones with fancy and attractive jewels never fades away. So but obviously, kids jewellery has become quite popular over the years and thus we at Malabar Gold & Diamonds have revealed a wonderful range of jewellery for children that is available for all age groups. Our collection includes everything from earrings to bracelets and rings to pendants and features funky shapes to suit the taste of all kids. The trendy ornaments are beautifully crafted in "meenakari" designs adding a bright and positive appeal to the collection.

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Starlet Kids Jewellery

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Innocence has a new definition, that's graceful yet lively!

Malabar Starlet - Kids Gold Ring


Malabar Starlet - Kids Gold Earrings


Malabar Starlet - Kids Gold Bangle


Malabar Starlet - Kids Gold Pendant


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