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Diamond Jewellery Designs for Women

Diamond Jewellery – Greeting you into Our World of dazzling dreams.

It's said that Diamonds are every woman's best friend, but we'd say they are a forever friend of both Men and Women. Diamonds have always enjoyed the love and attention of everyone, and why wouldn't they? They are timelessly elegant and glamorous with a truly magical aura. Clearly, both men and women love to adorn themselves with jewellery; in addition, Jewellery in Diamond? Well, that's an unmatched craft of dreams!

Every person has a distinctive perspective on what a piece of diamond jewellery signifies to them. Few see it as a piece of jewellery, and the rest consider it an essential part of their pride that lifts their confidence. Whatever your reason is, this jewel type caters for every wish, thus, introducing to you Malabar Diamond Jewellery that's the epitome of innovative beauty, master of extravaganza and incredible skill.

Diamond Jewellery Designs

Malabar Diamond Jewellery Design are crafted for you to be different, experience grandness and shine eternally. When it comes to being brilliant, you are a natural phenomenon, but when it comes to complementing your shine, we are natural! Our numerous types and pieces of diamond jewellery online celebrate the person you have become and inspire you to shine forever with your values and principles that are indeed treasured. Well, what are you waiting for? Embrace our pieces and relive every moment that made you glow with our diamonds! But, before that, let's know more about our astonishing assortment.

What's your taste? Contemporary? Classic? Traditional motifs? Geometrical? We have jewellery in every design that you love. Our designs come in eternity, oval, solitaire, lightweight, cocktail, thin, loose, contemporary, casual, venky etc. Our lovely designs will instantly make you fall in love with them.

Diamond Jewellery Types

Our designs are usable in gold studded jewellery in diamond and gemstone studded jewellery in diamond.

Diamond Colour and Clarity

While buying diamonds, you will certainly pay maximum attention to diamond jewellery designs, so we take care of the other important factors, i.e. clarity and purity. Our diamonds go through the vital 4C's; namely, Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat and only the best ones are considered for crafting the jewellery. We ensure that every buyer gets the best, and hence, we provide them with the best diamond jewellery in terms of quality.

Metal Colour and Purity.

Our Real Diamond Jewellery Online collection comes in 22KT gold and 18KT gold. Furthermore, it's usable in gold hues like yellow, white, two-tone, rose-gold, and three-tone colour.

A wide array of products

Whether you are looking for Diamond Ring, a Diamond Bracelet, Diamond Earrings or Diamond Pendant, a Diamond Nosepin, Diamond Necklace, Diamond Mangalsutra or a Diamond Bangle, name it, and we have it all for you!

Diamond for everyone

Of course, diamonds are a woman's best friend, but suave men don't shy away from flaunting diamonds; hence, we have diamonds for them too. We have diamond rings for men and religious pendants studded with diamonds.

Our collection

We have five gorgeous collections: Mine, Allium, Contemporary, Geometric, and Crown. Each collection is distinct and simply beautiful.

Occasions where you can wear Diamond Jewellery

1. Daily Wear

- Everyday wear jewel is all about comfort; thus, our beautifying jewellery in diamond sets a clear example for it as they come in a lightweight and elegant designs. Choose our pieces in diamond pendants, rings or stud earrings to add spark everywhere you go!

2. Office Wear

- Looking for art that's as vibrant as your passion and enthusiasm? Well, we have covered you all! Explore our pieces of diamond bracelets, clip-on earrings or detailed pendant sets, which will indeed compliment your work ethic. Also, whether in traditional motifs or contemporary, our array brilliantly fulfils your work wear desires.

3. Bridal Wear

- Bridal diamond jewellery set for wedding at Malabar is the epitome of forever, magical sentiments and divine blessings. For the modern bride of today or the one who immensely believes in traditions, for our beautiful bride, we have it all! Adorn in our designs in stunning bangles, diamond jhumka's and diamond necklaces, and relive every moment bound in it with immense love.

4. Casual Wear

- Going for a casual hang-out or gathering? Make sure you don't forget to accessories and complete your attire magnificently. Add on our diamond bali earrings or loose diamond bracelet with your casual outfit, and you are ready to go!

5. Traditional Events

- Traditions are incomplete without timeless jewellery; hence, obtain our mesmerising crafts in diamond choker necklaces, diamond bangles or any other design type. Also, you'll find your desired jewellery in traditional and contemporary motifs.

6. Festival

- Festivities are all about shine, happiness and traditions, and the best friend for your celebrations is none other than our ornaments in dazzling diamonds. Adorn with our exquisite pieces like the intricate diamond necklace, nosepin, bangles and many different types that make sure to take your celebrations to the next level.

7. Engagement or Proposals

- There is no better way to bond forever with your soul mate than the gem of eternity. Choose our pieces in Diamond Rings or Diamond Eternity Ring and embark on your togetherness most romantically.

Malabar Diamond Jewellery Product Type

  1. Mine Diamond Lariat Necklace NKZOL10009, 18KT rose gold, spiral theme, close-to-neck design type.
  2. Diamond Rose Gold Vanki Ring FRHRT10196, 22KT yellow gold, traditional theme, V-shaped venky style.
  3. Mine Diamond Eternity Bangle BNDIA10116, 18KT rose gold, contemporary theme kangan bangle.
  4. Mine Diamond Earring ERPDTND10127, 18KT rose gold, contemporary theme, dangle style.
  5. Mine Diamond Pendant PDALM10010, 18KT rose gold, art decor look, casual style wear.

Diamond Jewellery Price

The price of this assortment starts from Rs 4000 and goes up to Rs 47,50,000 and above, considering design, metal purity, diamonds used etc. Also, our Diamonds are certified.

Lastly, our diamond jewellery collection is all ready to sparkle you as they genuinely strive to be a reflection of your shine. Also, if you wish to have a customised diamond jewellery piece, we'd be more than glad to craft a mesmerising masterpiece for you. Have a great shopping experience.

FAQ Segment

1. Which diamond jewellery is the best?

Answer- Diamond Earrings, Diamond Rings, Diamond Solitaire Pendants, Diamond Bangles, Diamond Necklaces etc. Every diamond jewellery has its speciality; thus, it differs from person to person.

2. Which site is best for diamond jewellery online?

Answer- Without any doubt, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the best when it comes to best Diamond jewellery in India. With spectacularly excellent options, EMI schemes, return policy, certified gold and diamonds, Malabar Fair Promises and exclusive design style, it's the best!

3. Can I wear Diamond Jewellery every day?

Answer- Yes, you can definitely wear diamond jewellery daily. They are always in trend, versatile and suitable for every occasion.

4. What is the history of diamond jewellery?

Answer- In 327 BC, the king of Macedon, Alexander the great, brought the diamond from India to Europe. However, only centuries later those diamonds started to be incorporated in jewellery pieces and this initially occurred in 1074 when the Hungarian’s queen’s crown was embellished with precious stone. Later with time, people admired diamond jewellery incredibly a, and today, they indeed own the hearts of many.

5. How should I buy a diamond jewellery?

Answer- Below are few things you must consider before buying it:-

1) Carat
2) Colour
3) Clarity
4) Cut
5) Shapes
6) Certifications
7) Budget
8) In which settings
9) For what occasion etc.

6. Which type of diamond is used as jewellery?

Answer- At Malabar, we use real and pure diamonds for jewellery which go through 4C’s namely, cut, carat, clarity and colour, furthermore our diamonds are IGI certified. We also have a ERA Uncut Diamond Jewellery collections.

7. How many karats of gold is used for diamond jewellery?

Answer- Mostly 18KT gold is used to craft diamond jewellery as it is less expensive, nevertheless it’s even crafted in 22KT.

8. Is it trustworthy to buy diamond jewellery online?

Answer- Well, you have nothing to worry if you plan to buy it from trustworthy brand like Malabar Gold and Diamonds because of the following reasons:-

a) Our Diamonds are certified and tested.
b) We provide you with return policy.
c) EMI schemes.
d) Malabar Fair Promise etc.

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