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  • Era Uncut Diamond Earring ERNKJUN52764

    New Arrival

    ₹ 142,840
    SKU : ERNKJUN52764
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKJUN52764

    New Arrival

    ₹ 467,638
    SKU : NKJUN52764
  • Era Uncut Diamond Earring ERNKPAC41164

    New Arrival

    ₹ 186,766
    SKU : ERNKPAC41164
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKPAC41164

    New Arrival

    ₹ 477,167
    SKU : NKPAC41164
  • Viraz Uncut Diamond Bangle BNFTP46281

    New Arrival

    ₹ 221,674
    SKU : BNFTP46281
  • Viraz Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFTP46756

    New Arrival

    ₹ 133,020
    SKU : NKFTP46756
  • Viraz Uncut Diamond Mangalsutra MSFTP40001

    New Arrival

    ₹ 134,535
    SKU : MSFTP40001
  • Viraz Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFTP46530

    New Arrival

    ₹ 2,623,734
    SKU : NKFTP46530
  • Viraaz Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFTP46680

    New Arrival

    ₹ 596,610
    SKU : NKFTP46680
  • Viraaz Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFTP10378

    New Arrival

    ₹ 1,118,814
    SKU : NKFTP10378
  • Viraz Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFTP10737

    New Arrival

    ₹ 188,737
    SKU : NKFTP10737
  • Era Uncut Diamond Mangalsutra MSJUN15161

    New Arrival

    ₹ 66,041
    SKU : MSJUN15161

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Uncut Diamond Jewellery Designs for Women

Uncut Diamond JewelleryGreeting you to the world of shine and uniqueness. 

The dazzling shine of the very precious dime, sparkling through the heart and attaining the love of another height, 
Presenting Malabar's Uncut Diamond Jewellery that makes it inevitable to make your heart smile and eyes shine. 

Diamond has always been the symbol of status, luxury and glamour. Royals in India used to have a beyond-belief fondness for uncut diamonds though it wasn’t as welcomed earlier. Still, over time, due to their unquestionable craftsmanship and designs, they have gained popularity among jewellery lovers. 

The mesmerising elegance of raw, uncut diamonds with electrifying designs, unbelievable craftsmanship, and extraordinary shine with a blend of modernity and tradition makes it the precise wearable art. Exemplifying an art so precious and brief to every woman’s passion makes her glisten from within; it’s the gorgeous Malabar’s Uncut Diamond Jewellery which is one of a kind like every inspiring and beautiful woman out there. 

Malabar’s every piece is a statement for the woman of significance, enthusiasm and belief in writing her destiny irrespective of her age. Set in yellow gold, our “Era” assortment promises a luxurious experience with the combination of uncut diamonds.

Ever thought about the difference between cut and uncut diamonds? Well, A raw, uncut diamond appears to be different from the diamonds used on your diamond rings or bracelets. An uncut diamond's glance is like a transparent or translucent crystal, and these may be colourless or tinged in a brownish or yellowish colour. The edges of a raw diamond may be rounded or angular and have a distinctive glamour. 

An uncut diamond is a modern stone thrill in demand for its aesthetic and remarkable identity due to the absence of human interference in its finishing. Raw uncut diamonds, in their amount, flicker surplus brightness and have a way of reinventing themselves for the modern consultant.

Malabar’s Uncut Diamond Jewellery Design and Price. 


Marvellous uncut diamond jewellery designs with a hint of traditional and modern elegance intensify the sheer aura of royalty in its form. Our collection of Uncut Diamond Jewellery isn’t just the designs and glamour; it’s an emotion and dedication put together into a wearable that is highly personal to us. We invariably aim for perfection and strive to bring out the shine, capability, and enthusiasm of today’s women, as they have always been the motivation for everyone. 

The uncut jewellery designs are crafted to make every woman know that they are as clever, rare, shining, glamour and precious as every diamond and with the most fantastic personal attention, every piece we have crafted intensifies its magical essence. 

Our designs consist of everything you wish for; Uncut Diamond Kundan Jewellery, Antique Uncut Diamond Jewellery, Polki Uncut Diamond Jewellery, Bridal Uncut Diamond Jewellery, Floral Uncut Diamond Jewellery, LIght Weight Uncut Diamond Necklace, Earrings, Bangles etc. 


The collection of Uncut Diamond Jewellery Online at Malabar starts from Rs 16,000 and can go up to Rs 14,00,000 according to the designs. Every piece of jewellery we assemble is looked after by a purity certificate complying with international quality standards.

Malabar’s Uncut Diamond Jewellery Assortment 

At Malabar, we have impressive pieces in Uncut Diamond Jewellery Design, right from rings, bangles, necklaces etc. With numerous variations to choose from, we have everything you all desire. Whether you are looking for a glamorous heavy neckpiece for attending a wedding reception or a subtle wearable art for daily wear, magnificent bridal jewellery for her special day or rings to gift your fiancé, our assortment is the perfect match for you. 

  1. Uncut Diamond Rings- Rings with spectacular shine and designs so beautiful it’s the best way to flaunt the uncut diamond shine. Adorning designs from daily wear to heavy art pieces, from gifting to wedding rings, explore our collection, and we assure you, you’ll fall in love.
    Tip- Heavy rings are favourable for weddings and receptions, and go for lightweight uncut diamond rings for daily wear.

  1. Uncut Diamond Necklace- The foremost thing that people notice is the necklace, and we make the glance worth a while with eye-catching designs and a shine that sparkles every eye. With heavy necklace pieces, you can even skip wearing earrings because this piece here will steal all the attention.
    Tip- Shine bright on the wedding with a heavy uncut diamond necklace, silk saree and hair bun, and you are all ready to rock the event. 

  1. Uncut Diamond Earrings- Statement earrings that accomplish your look and are art undoubtedly treasure worthy. Whatever your style is, from studs to long earrings, our collection has your taste. Designs with a blend of modern and traditional make it special to glance. 
    Tip- Thinking about wearing a long gown or beautiful saree for an event? Well, don’t forget to wear Malabar’s exquisite uncut diamond earrings to complete your look glamorously.

  1. Uncut Diamond Bangles- Simple yet elegant, astonishing and hard to ignore, art that’s a must when it comes to jewellery and is the loving piece of every woman, the bangles. The marvellous piece with designs in uncut diamond makes its statement and is enough to mark the attention alone. Whether for bridal wear or daily, our designs draw all the attention irrespective of the occasion.
    Tip- Wear it with any outfit or at any event; we assure you it’s one glance is enough to whisper the word “ Wow”! 

Lastly, Malabar has always been the right and precise place to shop for jewellery in Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Gemstone etc. With 24/7 online guidance, EMI plans, 14 days return policy, Malabar Promises and many more benefits, Malabar is an incredible place to purchase, even online. Your security has been and will always be our top priority. 

We’d be more than glad to design a brilliant masterpiece with our craftsmanship, creativity, and personal touch if you are looking for a customised design for weddings, gifting, or any other objective. We always strive for perfection with new learnings.

Have a delightful shopping.

FAQ Segment 

  1. Why are uncut diamonds so affordable? 

Answer- Rough diamonds are more reasonable than their polished buddies, mainly because they have not gone through the process of expensive cutting or spectacular polishing. But, this does not mean that they are any less pretty or are not adorned; in fact,  as we have said, their beauty spectacularly lies in their natural and unpolished glance. 

  1. How can you tell that a Diamond is real? 

Answer- Lay the diamond onto the dot with the flat surface area down. Through the pointed edge of the stone, look down on the paper. If you tend to see a circular reflection inside the gem then it’s not real but is fake. If you can’t see the dot or a review in the gem, then the placed diamond is genuine. 

If you want to shop for Diamond jewellery, undoubtedly opt from Malabar Gold and Diamonds. All the precious gemstones at Malabar come with a purity certificate by international quality standards.

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