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Gold Necklace Designs for Women

Gold Necklace - Malabar Timeless Master of Embellishment.

Art that's crafted with passionate creativity within motifs of contemporary and traditional, 

Dive deep into its dreamy surrounding and distinctive beauty that's phenomenal.  

Gold Necklace is a precise embellishing art for your neck with distinctive character, desirable shine, and sheer aura of royalty. It's a craft touched by history, with a prominence that's certainly matchless. A woman's love for a gold neckwear is eternal. Raid her wardrobe, and you will find a plethora of necklaces in different designs, patterns, weights, and colour tones. It wouldn't be wrong to say that gold necklaces are any woman's weakness. This reason often prompts the leading jewellers to create beautiful collections of this craft for women.

The Supreme Gold Necklaces for women is an ornament that reshapes grandness with pieces full of luxury. They fluently talk about traditions and are timeless fortunes adored through the ages. Hence, introducing to you the epitome of belief, allure and innovation, Malabar Gold Necklace. Forging an art of dreams, here comes our array to entice your heart and soul.

Malabar Gold Necklace Designs

Our designs in gold necklaces for women are crafted with the utmost enthusiasm and brilliant craftsmanship. As the precious gold metal blends beautifully within our extravagant designs, the gaze is divine and forms a breathtaking combination. We have this collection's patterns in different designs, occasions, weights, dimensions, and tones. Whatever your choice is, you will find something you couldn't resist buying.

Different types of gold necklace design

Our collection has the latest gold necklace designs in different design patterns. We have plain gold neckwear, antique gold necklaces, modern gold necklace designs, wedding gold necklace designs, gemstone necklaces and studded necklaces for various occasions. In each category, you are going to find several designs.

According to the theme

Our collection of gold necklace set has necklaces in various themes. You can select a two or three-layer necklace, butterfly theme necklace, or bridal gold necklace for women. 

Gold mangalsutra

In the collection, we have stunning gold mangalsutra too. You will get many options to select from.

Gold Purity and Gold Hue

The Gold Necklace Collection is usable in 22KT and 18KT, within gold hues like yellow, white, rose-gold, two-tone, three-tone etc. 

Gold Necklace Types

Our Necklace types are available in Gold Diamond Studded Necklace, Gold Gemstone Studded Necklace, Gold Precious Stone Studded Necklace etc. Explore and grab your favourites!! 

Occasions where you can wear Malabar Gold Necklace Design

  1. Everyday Wear – 

    For your everyday jewellery adornment, we have got you our pendant everyday necklace designs that brilliantly exudes notes of elegance. Add spark to your everyday life with a craft that ignites your mood and is lightweight, subtle and minimal.

  2. Party Wear- 

    Add a vibrant touch to your party gathering with our gemstone studded gold neckwear, as joy comes easy when colours accompany you. If you decide to wear a saree, you can opt for our designs in the traditional theme, and if you go with the gown, choose our contemporary patterns. Our party wear necklace designs form a staircase to your happiness, and you can even match the necklace with your outfit's colour. 

  3. Traditional Event

    Celebrate tantalising traditions with our traditional adornments that celebrate your beliefs astonishingly. Whether lightweight, long, small or detailed traditional designs in gold neckwear jewellery, ladies, we have everything for you!
  4. As a Gift- 

    Bring shine to your loved one's eyes with Malabar dazzling icon, the Gold Neckwear Collection. Whether for your sister, wife, mother or grandmother, we have all the choices with which your precious person would love to adorn themselves; hence explore and choose what suits their personality.
  5. Bridal Wear- 

    Every piece of bridal jewellery is exceptionally special to the bride as there are precious moments embedded within them. Hence, with our marriage bridal gold necklace designs relive every special moment. We have crafted this array's masterpieces for Malabar Bride with love, passion and blessings. 

  6. Office Wear- 

    Wearing gold neckwear enables you to express yourself and put forward your most excellent presentation. The primary key is the find the precise balance between design type and style. Considering the same, our office wear gold necklace new designs are your desirable match. They come in lightweight, subtle design and graceful shine, exactly what'll suit your office wear. 

Malabar Gold Necklace Online Design Type 

  1. Ethnix Gold Necklace NKANC18305, 22KT Yellow Gold, Floral Theme, Ethinix brand, for party wear.

  2. Ethnix Gold Necklace NKANC18191, 22KT yellow gold, broad floral theme, semi-long design type, for party wear. 

  3. Divine Gold Necklace NKNGS15103, 22KT yellow gold, temple theme, close-to-neck design type, for party wear. 

  4. Malabar Gold Necklace NEZLDZRUCPY030, 18KT rose gold, fashion theme, semi-long lariat design type, for office wear. 

  5. Malabar Gold Necklace NKZNS40100, 22KT two-tone metal colour, fashion theme, semi-long design type, for casual wear.

  6. Malabar Gold Necklace NKDZL40165, 22KT three-tone metal colour, lariats design fashion theme, semi-long design type, for party wear. 

Malabar Gold Necklace Price

The price of this collection starts at Rs 6,500 and goes up to Rs 26,70,000 and above, considering the metal used, purity, design etc. You can purchase this assortment without worry as our gold is BIS Hallmarked, and diamonds are IGI certified. 

Lastly, bring shine everywhere you go with our gold neckwear that are worthy of you! Furthermore, if you desire a customised gold necklace, Malabar team would be thrilled to craft a masterpiece for you with utmost perfection. Have a delightful shopping experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost of a gold necklace?

    Answer- At Malabar, the price starts at Rs 6,500 and goes up to Rs 26,70,000 and above. Our gold and diamonds are certified as we utterly believe in transparency. 

  2. What is the best way to clean gold?

    Answer- Firstly, mix a bit of dawn dish detergent in warm water (do not use hot water.
    Add a few drops of ammonia.
    Then, slowly and carefully brush with a soft baby-size toothbrush. 
    Place in the lukewarm water to rinse.
    Lastly, air dry or carefully towel dry with a regular cloth or paper towel. 

  3. Where to buy a gold necklace online?

    Answer- Looking for a necklace in gold? Well, Malabar has got you covered. With EMI schemes, Malabar Promises, Numerous options to choose from, various payment modes, return policies and many such online shopping advantages, it's the best you can purchase from. 

  4. What is a gold multi-layered necklace? 

    Answer- Flaunting two or more necklaces in different lengths simultaneously instead of just one necklace is known as multi-layered. 

  5. Is it safe for children to wear a gold necklace? 

    Answer- Yes, it's totally safe. Explore our kid's necklace collection, as they come in lightweight patterns and designs that are indeed mesmerising. 

  6. What are the things you must consider before buying a gold necklace? 

    Answer- Below are a few things you should consider: - 
  1. Gold Weight.
  2. Gold Purity.
  3. Gold Colour.
  4. Gold Certification. 
  5. Making Charges.
  6. Occasion you want to opt for.
  7. Designs.

  8. Which designs of gold necklaces are trending for marriages?

    Answer- Choker Necklaces, Layered Necklaces, and Rani Har are a few popular types.  
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