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Brides of India
India is a land of rich and varied cultures. Malabar Gold & Diamonds captures the essence of these varied and lavish Indian traditions and the jewellery specific to regions and these cultures, communicating to the people of this country that it can cater to all of them.

Our Jewellery

Northern Bride
Punjabi Sikh Malabar Gold Kundan Choker CNK0068AN
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Southern Bride
Andra Nizam Malabar Gold Kundan Bali CER0055AN
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Eastern Bride
Bengali Brahmin Malabar Gold Pathar Bala BCCTBIB01259
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Western Bride
Marathi Malabar Gold Nath TNRGBIT00141
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Bollywood Bride
Bollywood Bride Gold Bangle BANQBIB02411
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Retro Bride
Retro Bride Gold Mang Tikka TANQBIT00144
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From Our Blog Read more about the essence of varied culture and lavish Indian traditions Tamil jewellery tradition takes inspiration from nature and is more inclined towards spirituality.


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