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Gold Chain Designs for Women

Gold Chain – Malabar Gold and Diamond's Glimpse of Bliss! 

Glamorous Gold Chain around your neck creates the glance of alluring shine, 

Redefine your style story and ignite your inner spark with its magical design! 

Gold Chain is a spectacularly adorned ornament well-known for its simplicity and splendid shine. They indeed exhibit dreamy surroundings, with distinctive character and a desirable aura that never fails to entice you. Perhaps, it is one of the unique ornaments with matchless supremacy that effortlessly accentuates your appearance and fluently speaks the language of style! Well, you'll undoubtedly find this art in every woman's treasure box as they are their weakness and are solo stunners with timeless beauty. 

Gold Chains are the ultimate elegance icon that reshapes magnificence with designs full of elegance! Hence, we bring you the Malabar Gold Chain, the epitome of creative creations, incredible innovation, and eternal excellence. We are sure that the introduction has remarkably excited you, so let's not wait anymore and dive deep into its charm.                                                         

• Malabar Gold Chain Design 

The Malabar Gold Chain online collection comes in various epitomes of glamour, waiting for you to adorn the radiance on your neck and sparkle exquisitely! They depict the new glam era with magnificent designs that startlingly suit every age and personality. They are indeed universally flattering and uplift your confidence like no other! Well, their delicate beauty makes them grandly attractive with sparkle and charisma worth talking about! Extraordinary women inspire our array of chains; hence explore these beauties and grab your favourites which make every moment additionally special! 

Whether you wish to possess a gold chain in traditional style, contemporary, or a powerful blend of both, our assortment caters well to every desire of yours! 

Design- Machine-made, Italian, Contemporary, Handcrafted, Fancy, etc. 

Theme- Fancy, Traditional, Classic, Modern, Twist, Fashion, Disco, Rope, Round, Nawabi, Flat, Double Box, Wheat Link, Box, Mesh, etc. 

Metal Colour and Gold Purity- The assortment of gold chain for women, are usable in 22KT and 18KT gold, within gold hues like yellow, white, rose-gold, two-tone, three-tone, etc. 

Malabar Gold Chain Types- 

Our collection consists of lightweight gold chain in intricate styles, gold chain for men, gold chain for kids, the latest gold chain designs, stone studded gold chain, etc. 

• Occasions where you can wear Malabar Gold Chains

  1. Daily Wear- Keep your style effortlessly bold with our stunners in lightweight and thin gold chain designs within yellow gold or rose gold colour, as it's the perfect partner for your everyday ensemble with minimalist rejoice. 
  1. Traditional Wear- Striking and slender, our trendiest gold chain in stone-studded, intricate, or thick patterns sits gracefully between modern and traditional, thus forming a unique embellishment to your ethnic wear. 
  1. Casual Wear- Turn your casual wear apparel into something extraordinary and irresistible by pairing our simple or elegant stone-studded chain in gold, as it's a statement piece to adorn with! Hence, look no further and opt for these darlings. 
  1. Party Wear- Complement your unique style at parties with our electric charm, the one and only intricate stone studded or two-layered, detailed gold chain, as there's no better match than these! Furthermore, they go well with every party outfit, whether a saree, long gown, etc. 
  1. Office Wear- Embrace the minimalist the allure of our simple yet elegant chain in gold and bedazzle onlookers! Pair your workwear outfits with this delight and carry refinement with you all the time. 
  1. As a Gift- If you want to gift the precious ladies in your life something equally precious, we have the right choice for you! Either for your mother, grandmother, wife, or sister, our timeless pieces of chains in gold form an excellent gift for them. 

• Malabar Gold Chain Online Design Type 

  1. Malabar Gold Chain CHGETNHMRGA266, 22KT yellow gold, classic theme, machine made for casual wear. 
  1. Malabar 22 KT Gold Machine Made Chain CHGEKEHORGA012, daily wear wearing style and machine made design.
  1. Malabar Gold Chain CHDZL10053, 22KT yellow gold, traditional theme, machine made beaded chain for daily wear.
  1. Malabar 22 KT Gold Machine Made Chain CHSRTNHMRGT047, in traditional theme, for daily wear.
  1. Malabar Gold Chain CHZNS11434, Two tone figaro chain in fancy theme, for office wear.
  1. Malabar 22 KT Gold Machine Made Chain CHTNHMA029 , Snake Chain in fancy theme, for casual style.

• Malabar Gold Chain Price 

The price of this assortment starts from Rs 10,000 and goes up to Rs 1,40,000 and above, considering factors like gold purity, design type, etc. Also, you don't need to worry while purchasing your preferred choices, as our gold is BIS-hallmarked. 

Lastly, celebrate YOU every day with our stunning chains in gold that are indeed worthy of your golden soul! If you wish to craft a customised gold chain in any design, pattern, gold hue, etc., we are more than happy to prepare your desired piece. Have a great shopping experience! 

FAQ Segment

  1. What are good gold chain brands?

Answer- The one and only Malabar Gold and Diamonds is an excellent brand for your wishes! With various designs, patterns, gold hues, and an alluringly brilliant array, it's the best you can come across. 

  1. Can I wear my gold chain every day? 

Answer- Yes! You can wear it every day as it is versatile and adds a hint of splendidness to your attire, but make sure you opt for minimalist yet elegant pieces that suit your everyday ensemble effortlessly.  

  1. What do I need to know before buying a gold chain? 

Answer- Following are the things you must consider before purchasing: - 

  1. For what occasion do you want to purchase it? 
  2. Weight (for example- you want to acquire 10 gram gold chain designs, 6 gram, less or more than that) 
  3. Gold Hue.
  4. Gold Purity.
  5. Check certification. 
  6. In what style (intricate, lightweight, thin, thick, etc.) 
  1. What type of chain is the strongest? 

Answer- Chains in gold metal are the most substantial type of chain. They are the most durable and do not rust or dent. 

  1. What is the 22K gold chain price? 

Answer- At Malabar, the 22KT chain is gold, starts from Rs 10,000, and goes up to Rs 1, 40,000 and above. 

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