Malabar Gold & Diamonds Make To Order

Make To Order is an option to save money on jewellery purchase. It is a unique concept, which gives discounts to customers for placing orders for any jewellery design either available with us 'In Stock' or currently 'Out of Stock' but can be manufactured on request. Customers need to plan their jewellery purchases in advance and would require making upfront payment to complete this process. Once order process is completed all 'Make To Order' products would be manufactured and delivered by promised delivery date. 'Make To Order' option is available on selected products on product detail page. Products like earring, pendant, nosepin, tanmaniya & necklace which does not require sizing will have "Make To Order' option. Products which can be manufactured in different sizes like ring, bangle, chain, and bracelet will have "Make To Order + Customize" option in product detail page.

 Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does Customize and Make To Order mean?

Products such as rings, bangles, chains and bracelet come with Customer and Make To Order option. This gives flexibility to select sizes as you require and place manufacturing orders. You will also get discounts for these orders.

2. I have seen products marked as 'In stock', stating its availability, but still find Make To Order option, what does it mean?

As we said, Make To Order is a unique concept of giving discounts to all products on placing manufacturing orders. For products which are In stock and if you select Make To Order, then the order will go to manufacturing instead of sending you the same product. Delivery date of manufactured products will follow.

3. What are the payment methods accepted?

We offer flexible online payment options including credit cards, debit cards, net banking and fund transfer. But we do not accept COD orders for Make To Order products.

4. Is 14 day return policy applicable to all Make To Order products?

No. Our 14 day return policy is applicable only on products which are ready with us. But in case of manufacturing products, we don't give 14 day return policy. However, if you are not satisfied with our products, then you can return the product at any of our store or online for which our normal buy back policy and exchange policy are applicable.

5. How will I be notified about products manufactured?

Once your product is received from manufacturing team, our customer support team will call and inform you the final product price. If the amount paid by you is higher than the final price, we will pay back your excess money and if the amount is higher than what is paid, then we will send you a payment link to complete payment process.

6. Will the final product price change?

Yes. There will be a slight difference in the final product price and the amount you paid. This is because; after manufacturing the products, there will be change in weight. Therefore, we will calculate our final product price on the basis of final gold weight, diamond weight, stone weight and gold price booked on the date of purchase and make the charges as per the booking date.

7. Will there be any difference in design manufactured and orders I made?

There may be up to a 20% difference in the final weight and design of the final product.

8. What are the applicable discounts I can expect?

Discounts vary from products to products and it will be displayed on the product detail page when you select Make To Order option.

9. Can I use Gift vouchers along with Make To Order discount?

Yes, you can use the Malabar Gold & Diamonds gift voucher along with Make To Order discount.
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