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Gold Pendant Designs for Women

Gold Pendant – Malabar Gold and Diamond's collection of Momentous Magic! 

Experience the breath-taking Malabar beauty around your neck with the glistening of elegance, 

Which is indeed the epitome of charismatic creation, taking you on the journey of brilliance.  

Perhaps, wearing Gold Pendant is the most meticulous way to express your love for jewellery. They are versatile, elegant, solo beautifying pieces that accentuate your appearance with hints of magical essence ! Gold Pendants make a great addition to your treasure box as they give you the one-of-a-kind beauty and charisma that is one to talk about. They are the enthralling pieces that not only glamour your every ensemble but also portray divine luxury that is timelessly tantalising, minimalist and captures everyone's attention. 

Gold pendants hold an exceptional place in every woman’s heart as they are the ode to endless magnificence and the perfection of style. Considering the same, we are presenting to you the very iconic, captivating and doubtlessly dazzling Malabar Gold Pendant Designs, that take you to the golden paradise of glam and shine. 

• Malabar Gold Pendant Design

The collection of Gold Pendant Online is the art of refinement with striking details. Our designs feel like a daydream and come with an extravagant gleam, with motifs depicting extraordinary allure and grace. Our gold pendant designs display innovative art and a royal aura that spectacularly complements women's beauty. Every piece in our array celebrates the extraordinary woman you are and ignites the light of inspiration within you. This beautiful art beholds the power that mesmerises your ensemble day or night and gives you a showstopping transformation. 

Either in traditional motifs, contemporary style or the powerful mixture of both, surely knows how to make every woman happy as experts in jewellery. Also, you can plan to obtain only our pendants and pair them with your existing gold chain or choose patterns with the chain.  

 Design- Regular, Tanmaniya, Thali, Short, Gold Mangalsutra Pendant, Casual. 

Theme- Temple, Fancy, Peacock, Traditional, Filigree, Floral, Cluster, Leaf, Contemporary, Butterfly, Cut Work, Cartoon, Designer, Alpha, Fashion, and heart shape gold pendant. 

Metal Colour and Gold Purity- Our patterns come in 18k and 22K gold pendants with hues like yellow, white, two-tone, three-tone and rose gold pendant.  

Types of Gold Pendants – We exhibit gold pendant for women in intricate styles, gemstone studded and diamond studded patterns, gold locket pendant, gold pendant necklaces etc. 

• Occasions where you can wear Malabar Gold Pendant 

  1. 1.      Daily Wear- Look chic and classy every day by choosing to adorn with our pendants in gold that add charm to your attire. Pair your daily wear apparel with our pieces in lightweight or subtle gemstone patterns, which are incredibly suitable for everyday wear. 
  1. 2.      Traditional Wear- With your ethnic wear, jewellery is a must; hence, we bring you our pendants in gemstone-studded and diamond-studded styles, which magnificently compliments your traditional wear. Choose our patterns with intricate style, traditional motifs, or modern ones; we have it all! 
  1. 3.      Festival Wear- Complement your vibrant personality and festive wear with the radiance of this collection's intricate pieces featuring gemstones and diamond-studded patterns that astonishingly accentuate your festive celebration. 
  1. 4.      Casual Wear- Our designs of gold pendant array is the precise accessory to flaunt your style and allure wherever you go. Either with a jeans top, salwar kameez or any other casual outfit you prefer, our patterns suit all!  
  1. 5.      As a gift- Your loved ones, either sister, mother, grandmother or wife, they will shine a little extra with our gold pendant art, which will undoubtedly embellish them admirably. So, explore our collection and choose enthralling pieces for your precious people. 
  1. 6.      Office Wear- Our collection gracefully adds a touch of class to your workwear as it is versatile and suits your office apparel spectacularly. You can go with our lightweight gemstone pendant style, which adds freshness and subtlety.   

• Malabar Gold Pendant Online Design

  1. Malabar Gold Pendant PDDZL19644, crafted in 18KT two-tone colour, fashion theme, casual design type for daily wear. 
  1. Malabar Gold Pendant PDDZSUG0125, 22KT yellow gold, leaf theme, casual wearing style. 
  1. Malabar Gold Pendant PDDZSUG0008, 22KT yellow gold, leaf theme for office wear. 
  1. Malabar Gold Pendant CCNOPD010, 22KT yellow gold, contemporary theme, party wear style.  
  1. Malabar 18KT Rose Gold Studded Casual Pendant SMGPDHT003, 18KT rose gold, heart theme, for daily wear. 
  1. Malabar Gold Pendant PDDZSUG0144, 22KT yellow gold, geometric theme, casual type for daily wear. 

• Malabar Gold Pendant Price 

The price of this assortment starts from Rs 5,000 and goes up to Rs 1, 85,000 and above, according to gold colour, purity, design etc. Also, our gold is BIS hallmarked, and Diamonds are IGI-certified; thus, you can shop our masterpieces without any worry. 

Lastly, with the choices you make, and the decisions you take, our gold pendant, in your honour, shines more brilliantly than ever. Also, if you wish to craft a custom gold pendant design, we would be more than thrilled to craft a masterwork for you! Have a great online shopping experience. 

FAQ Segment 

  1. Where can I buy the latest gold pendant?

Answer- Explore Malabar Gold and Diamond's collection as we exhibit the latest and trendiest pieces, in addition to designs that surely know how to entice and steal all the attention. So, undoubtedly you will get everything you wish to desire in our array. 

  1. What is the difference between a necklace and a pendant? 

Answer- Well, a necklace is a piece of jewellery that goes around your neck, but a pendant-style ornament is a small piece of jewellery (for example: - in leaf-shaped leaf or heart-shaped diamond) which can be attached to a necklace chain or bracelet. 

  1. How much does a name gold pendant cost? 

Answer- The price may differ from brand to brand, but at Malabar, it starts from Rs 2500 and goes beyond considering factors like price, gold purity, and usage. 

  1. What are the types of the pendant?

Answer- Following are the few types of pendants: - 

  1. Gold Pendant.
  2. Diamond Pendant.
  3. Gemstone Pendant.
  4. Platinum Pendant etc.
  1. Does a pendant come with a chain? 

Answer- At Malabar, there are pendant patterns with and without gold chains, as well as with pendant and earring sets as well! 

  1.  Are the pendant and locket the same? 

Answer- A locket is a pendant type with a bit of storage space and is available in numerous shapes like round, oval, flat etc. 

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