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Gemstone Jewellery Designs for Women

Gemstone Jewellery – Welcome to the world of colours, imagination and grace.

Marvellous, splendid, magical, treasure worthy; words fall short while portraying art so spectacular and elegant. Every piece of jewellery holds a particular emotion within it; it’s unique and memorable. In the case of gemstone jewellery It’s even more extraordinary as every astonishing shade of spectacular gemstones depicts an untold emotion, unforgettable remembrances, and unique connection and brings out the flow of happiness in every way possible. Coloured gems have ruled our hearts for ages, and this love has never disappeared. From numerous events to momentous occasions, modest gifts to exclusive astrological pieces, gemstone jewellery has been a vital facet of our lives. 

• The Allure of Gemstones

Gemstone, a piece of mineral crystal that is uncut and polished form, is highly used to craft ornaments that are immensely adorned and appreciated. Women particularly love it as the colour, uniqueness, shine, and elegance it exhibits undoubtedly are remarkable. Listed below are a few of the exceptionally loved gemstones which you’ll surely fall in love with! For further reference do visit the Malabar Gold & Diamonds Gemstone Guide Page. 

  1. Emerald - A stone that carries a unique significance in the world of gemstones as they are one of the four traditionally contemplated to be most precious. This astonishing art piece in green gem is the birthstone for May

  1. Ruby- Being one of the most prominent traditional jewellery gems and also very durable, it holds a special place in every women’s heart. Ruby’s red captivating colour and prominence as the birthstone of July make rubies the top choice for jewellery. 

  1. Sapphire- The stunning sapphire is the birthstone of September. The most prevalent colour of this spectacularly precious gem is blue, even though they can also come in yellow, orange, pink and numerous other shades. 

• Our Gemstone Jewellery Design and Price 


We have always aimed for perfection and have always intended to serve very exquisite taste. We have created this craft in a way that speaks for the beautiful moments of life inside every vibrant gemstone shade. Combined with valuable emotions, sensational designs, splashing colours and fantastic shine, this assortment of ours is the precise piece for every precious lady out there. The gemstone jewellery collection reflects the allure of women in their true selves and intensifies their magical beauty. With numerous varieties to choose from like, Gemstone Ring, Gemstone Earrings, Gemstone Necklace, Gemstone Pendant, Gemstone Bracelet, Gemstone Bangle etc., we are the top runner up when it comes to jewellery. 

Explore our mind-blowing collection named “Precia” gathered for every precious woman featuring a bright startling collection of Gemstone Jewellery for today’s women, integrating precious real gems like green emerald, red ruby, yellow and blue sapphire crafted in pure 22k gold because what’s life without colours, right? 


The collection of Gemstone Jewellery Online at Malabar Gold & Diamonds starts from Rs 9000 and can go up to Rs 4,00,000 according to the designs. Every piece of jewellery we build is looked after by a purity certificate complying with international quality standards. 

• Our Gemstone Jewellery Assortment 

At Malabar Gold & Diamonds, we have mesmerising designs in the Gemstone Jewellery right from Gemstone Ring, Pendant, Earrings, Necklace, Bangle etc. The Precia assortment of Gemstone Jewellery is crafted in B.I.S. Hallmarked 22Kt gold jewellery, this magnificent collection features designs like no other, very charismatic and surely enthralling to everyone. 

  1. Gemstone NecklacesThe very eye-catching and fierce style to wear gemstones is around your neck within a wondrous necklace. Necklaces are always the foremost to catch someone's attention, and our designs make sure to make that moment worth it. With numerous methods emphasising every taste bud, our necklace designs entitle you to combine more than one exquisite gemstone within one piece of wearable art. 
    • Gemstone Necklaces look extravagant at weddings and receptions as it makes sure to add the magical touch of elegance. 

  1. Gemstone Rings- Additional way to flaunt the very fabulous gemstone is to wear it on your finger. In various styles, like the daily wear gemstone ring, engagement ring etc, buying a precise ring isn’t a difficult task as we have got you all covered! Designs created explicitly to adorn your beauty and confidence; our craft will ensure you admire the exquisite wearable art you’re wearing every time you glance at it. 
    • Gemstone rings are suitable for everyday basis, and the one with an intricate design would look marvellous at special gatherings. 

  1. Gemstone Earrings- Embellishing your face up with earrings is the definitive method to wear your gemstones. Glance through the list of gems to ensure you purchase the best one! With styles from contemporary to traditional or a mixture of both, Malabar Gold & Diamonds has it all. 
    • For a simple gathering, you can look up elegant gemstone studs and heavy gem earrings for the functions you surely want to set up a mark. 

  1. Gemstone Bracelets- The chic, trendy and intelligent way to glamour with gemstones is to wear it on your wrist. Bracelets surely enhance the overall look, whether contemporary or traditional attire. With numerous styles and coloured gemstones, Malabar’s bracelet designs exhibit everything you're looking for. 
    • For a stunning look, don’t forget to wear a classy watch and your bracelet. 

  1. Gemstone Pendants- The combination of gemstones in pendants looks majestic and phenomenal. It adds a divine appeal to your entire look and is a statement piece for an everyday look. At Malabar Gold & Diamonds, you’ll even find earrings and a pendant set that will steal your heart.  
    • Gemstone pendant is perfect for an everyday look, whether you are going to the office or to meet your girls. 

We have held up the legacy in the jewellery business for 29 years, and our designs and services evidently portray that. At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, we ensure that each segment we craft is accurate and excites the best within you. In case you didn’t find your perfect match, no need to worry as we’d be more than glad to create a precisely customised piece for you considering every single detail that’s vital to you. Have a delightful purchase.

FAQ Segment 

1) How do I choose a gemstone jewellery? 


a) Firstly, choose the best website to purchase from and that’s the Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

b) Decide about what piece of jewellery you desire to buy. ( Ring, earrings, necklace etc) 

c) Consider your personal taste and what you prefer.

d) Think about what occasion you want it for? 

e) Examine the meaning behind different gemstones.

f) Mark your budget.

g) And start exploring Our Website, and you'll be absolutely stunned by the designs and various other advantages. 

2) Is a diamond a gemstone? 


Diamond, is a mineral composed of pure carbon and it is also the hardest naturally occurring substance known and yes! It’s the most popular gemstone. To know more about diamond jewellery visit here.


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