Education On Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones

Gemstones, which are popularly known as gems can be precious or semi-precious stone that are known to be appealing and will usually be valuable. Gems will usually be cut and polished so that it can be used in different jewellery and various other decorations as well. The shades of gems are attractive. From the amazing rubies to the rich hues, form sapphires to emeralds, such gems are usually known to be fascinating and will surely look beautiful on whoever wears them. Gemstones are usually rare and hence are known to have great value.

Buying Gemstones

The different varieties of precious stones usually include synthetic, natural and imitation stones of different shapes, color and sizes. Below mentioned is a brief guide that will give you an idea of the different gemstones.

Natural Coloured Gemstones

The natural stones are such stones that are caused in the nature without any kind of human interference. The prices of such gemstones are usually influenced by quality, desirability and availability.

Gemstone Treatments

The major natural stones will require treatment to enrich the look. The heat and radiation helps in changing and enriching of colors. Diffusion helps in deepening the color within the outer layer of the stone. If there are any cracks, waxes and oils are made use as a part of fillers. A few treatments applied are permanent. Treated gems are a good option to buy when you know that, what you are buying and paying a price that reveals the true quality of stones.

Synthetic Coloured Gemstones

Synthetic coloured stones have the similar chemical, physical and optical qualities just as in natural stone. Here the difference lies in the truth that such synthetics are actually done in a lab. These have been in existence for a long time. However the modern technology is such that such stones are difficult to be differentiated from the natural equivalents.

Factors to be considered before buying Gemstones

An important factor that should be considered before buying gems is that you should be able to identify it’s colors. These are in fact available in different shades. The best and real gems have purely a natural color and does not contain overtones. These are strongly saturated. So, the 3 essential aspects that relates to color that have to be considered are hue, tone and saturation. Once the color is considered, the cut, clarity and size should be considered. Pure gems will actually be clear without any kind of visible inclusions and are extremely valuable when compared to such gems which have visible internal flaws in them. The untreated gems are actually rare and are extremely expensive as well.

Birthstones and Zodiac Gemstones Garnet (Birthstone for the month: January, Zodiac gemstone for Aquarius)

Garnet is known to be one of the flexible stones that is available in the market. Various colors of rainbow like deep red, tangerine orange, lime green, pale pink, gold, purple and brown are available. These gemstones are known to be greatly in trend these and are greatly preferred by the people.

These days Garnets that are available are from the African countries. But countries like Russia, Central America, South America and India also manufacture such stones.The gems with dark colors are usually priced high when compared to light colors. Such stones are actually available in various colors with respect to the type of the Garnet. The types of Garnet usually ranges from Garnet's various types range from 6-7 on Mohs scale of hardness. This means that this gem is vulnerable to incisions and flaws caused by impact.

Amethyst (Birthstone for the Month: February, Zodiac gemstone for Pisces)

Amethyst is known to be a violet variety of quartz that’s usually used in jewelery which displays colors that range from pale lilac to deep purple. It is a perfect symbol that represents virtue and dignity. This is a preferred gem that is used for jewellery due to its regal color and a variety of shapes and sizes, wide range of hues and affordability.

The best and expensive amethysts are known to be clear and wil usually have a deep color. It exhibits rose and reddish overtones. A few stones will be oversaturated with the color due to which the areas are sometimes blacked out. This is in fact a negative impact on the value of such gemstone. Among the amethysts of different grades, “Deep Russian” is rare and greatly in demand. This is the prime reason that it is expensive.

This gem is usually available in a lot of size and shapes are also equipped with fancy cuts. The Victorian jewellery contained Paler shades which are commonly called as "Rose of France". Sometimes this stone is also combined with sister quartz citrine into single stone that is called as ametrine.

This gem, which ranks 7 on Mohs hardness scale is known to be durable to be worn on a daily basis. But you should also take care of the fact that it should be exposed to bright sunlight as such exposure may cause the gem to fade.

Aquamarine (Birthstone for the Month: March)

A range of blue colors, especially the light blue colors of Aquamarine are known to be extremely pleasing. From the deep blue color of the sea to the light blue color of the sky available in this gemstone, it is elegant and is known to be a perfect symbol of hope, youth, health and fidelity. The Aquamarine gemstones of the best quality are known to be of deep pure blue color without any green tints.

This gemstone is usually free of inclusions and this is the main reason that it is cut with large step facets for showing off the perfect surfaces. When compared to other gemstones, the Aquamarine is known to be less vulnerable to incisions or cracks.

This stone is known to be durable and can be used to be worn for daily purpose if the stone ranks "8" on Mohs hardness scale. The brilliance and clarity this gemstone makes it perfect to be studded on different kinds of jewellery.

Diamond (Birthstone for the Month: April)

Diamonds are known to be extremely brilliant and have got the credit of being the hardest stones in the entire world. This precious stone usually displays love and devotion. These are beautiful and are also known to be expensive and it is in fact a supremacy to own diamond jewellery. This is the main reason that the diamonds are used in different types of jewellery like engagement rings, necklace, pendants, earrings, bracelets and such other types of jewellery. The common diamond that is greatly recognized is known to be the white diamond. Apart from this, there are many other diamonds available in other colors which are wonderful. The other colors in diamond usually include coffee brown, light blue, yellow, pink, red, green and such other colors. As these are rare, they will be expensive just like the usual traditional diamonds.

Before a diamond reaches the hands of a lady, it would have touched the hands of numerous people across globe. This is to assure that the knowledge and skills of the best professionals in this field would have been applied for the purpose of extraction and finishing of the diamond.

The cut, color, clarity and the carat weight are the 4 important components of diamonds that should be considered before buying. All these components will be combined to decide the value of the diamond.

Bloodstone (Zodiac gemstone for Aries)

Bloodstone is also referred as heliotrope, which is a dark green gemstone with with distinguishing red spots in it.

The medical properties of this gemstone are known to be excellent as these are made of great use in preparing a lot of traditional medicines. Indians make use of this gemstone greatly for making medicines even to this day. This is the main reason that Bloodstone is not available in any jewellery store or the gemstone markets.

Emerald (Birthstone of the Month: May, Zodiac gemstone for Cancer)

Emerald is known for its lush green hues and is known to be extremely rare. It is a perfect symol of eternal hope, arrival of spring and rebirth. It is also a recognition of intelligence, love and expressiveness.

Emeralds are known to be in great esteem for a long time. This is the main reason why we find the renowned emeralds in different collections and in museums. Emeralds are usually available in different dark and light shades of green and also consists of delicate hints of different colors like blue, yellow, gray or brown in the background. As the green color gets pure and rich, such emerald is highly expensive. The gem that ranks 7.5-8 on Mohs hardness scale, is relatively har and can be scratched, cut or split easily.

Emeralds are treated for the purpose of removing surface flaws and also for the purpose of enriching the color. The common method that is used to fill Emerald is filling the green-tinted oil in the surface cracks. The oil will help in strengthening of the stone and it helps in improving the green color as well.

Alexandrite (Birthstone for the Month: June)

With respect to the light source, the color of this gemstone ranges from red to green. This gemstone is rare and is made of great use in modern jewellery. In the traditional Russian jewellery, it is sure that you can find this gemstone.

The surprising feature of this gem is that it can easily change it’s color. In the daylight it turns to bluish-green and it turns to raspberry red color in the radiant light. This unique feature of this stone makes it valuable.

With hardness of 8.5, this gemstone can be easily worn for daily purposes. If the ability to change the color is more, it means that the stone is valuable. The best Alexandrite would have a bright bluish-green in daylight and would look purplish-red in artificial light

Pearl (Birthstone for the month: June)

Pearl is known to be a delicate gem and is a combination of calcium carbonate, aragonite and various other organic materials. It is a perfect symbol of charity, faith, and innocence and also helps in providing focus to one’s attention. Pearl is known to the “Queen of gems” and has a feminine charm in it. It glows especially in the moonlight. The shine shown by a few pearls is cause of overlapping of layers that is laid by the oyster. Pearls are normally white in color. But, are also available in various other colors like tinted cream, yew, pink,brown etc. The Black pearls are known to be extremely rare and are called as Black Tahitian Pearls and are known to be expensive.

Pearls are available in various colors like button, round, semi-round, pear, drop, baroque, oval and circled. Pearls that stick to the oyster shell usually have a flat surface. The round pearls are known to be the rarest. The white, black and the saltwater pearls are known to be famous. If the color of the pearl is dark, it means that it is expensive. For completing a complete string of same colored pearls of the same size and shade, it would take many years together.

Agate (Zodiac gemstone for Gemini)

Agate is known to be one of the hardest stones that is curved and includes bands of various colors and other markings that are used in jewellery. Agates are usually available in all colors and the green and blue colors in it are known to be extremely rare.

In the Riband Agate, the bands usually look like straight lines in cross section. Agate that has white bands flashing with bands of black, red or brown is called onyx . Ring or eye agate is featured with concentric circular bands of various colors. Moss Agate is the green color that is rooted in agate and is disposed in threads and in other forms indicative of vegetable growth.

Ruby (Birthstone for the Month: July, Zodiac gemstone: Capricorn)

Ruby is the eventual red gem stone that symbolizes passion and romance. The Ruby that rates "9" on Mohs scale of hardness makes it the second hardest and is known to be the second hardest gem after diamonds.

Rubies are usually available in sizes up to 2 carats and to the strong color and toughness they make outstanding accent stones. Rubies of high quality are known to be rare and valuable. Rubies are heat-treated for intensifying and for improving their clarity.

A few rubies would have surface fractures that will be filled with glass-like materials for the purpose of enhancing their look. Such filler may break out if it is exposed to excess heat.

Peridot (Birthstone for the Month: August, Zodiac sign for Libra)

The bright green of peridot, along with a little hint of gold is considered the ideal gemstone color that goes well with light summer wardrobe. It is often known as evening emerald as it glows as brilliant green in artificial light. If you cannot afford buying the expensive emeralds, you can choose to buy the Peridot as it is a perfect substitute for emeralds. Even the price is comparatively less.

The valuable Peridot is featured with dark-olive green color and also has iron percentage of less than 15%. It will also be featured with chromium and nickel as other elements and helps in giving them with good color. This can be perfectly used for daily wear.

These days it is greatly recognized as a birth stone of August. It is said that by wearing this gemstone daily, it brings peace, wearer success and good charm.

Onyx (Zodiac gemstone for Leo)

There are specific layers in this stone that ranges from translucent to opaque in a few stones and are powerfully white or black banded. This precious gem is available in a variety of colors like white, brown and tan and the beautiful among all is the black Onyx. This is a common stone available throughout the world and thereby, it is affordable. It is normally used for providing with shiny background for jewellery because of its great texture and flatness.

The superior Onyx is known to have smooth marble like surface with a few cuts or hollows in it. The natural onyx is known to be the rarest of all. Since the olden days, this stone is known to have improved texture and color in it. This is produced by commercially heating and is known to be dyed permanently for the purpose of enriching its color, thereby making it striking.

Sapphire (Birthstone for the month: September, Zodiac gemstone for Taurus)

Sapphire is known to be the best blue gemstone, which is a perfect symbol of remembrance, faith and lasting commitment. Apart from the usual blue color, this precious gemstone is also available in a variety of other colors like yellow, pink, purple and orange. These are cut into dome shape and depict the six-rayed white star, which are commonly called as star Sapphires.

The expensive Sapphires are known to be of powerful and are of pure bright blue color. The brightness of this gemstone is maintained in all kinds of lighting conditions. This gemstone is available in size of up to 2 carats. You may also get 5-10 carats of gems. It is usually cut in a rounded rectangle or in oval shape. Small stones are made available in round brilliant cuts and are also available in various other shapes like triangle, emerald, square, pear, cabochon and a lot more.

Hardness of 9 on Mohs scale makes it the best to be worn for daily use. Rings and bracelets of Sapphires are known to be extremely common.

Carnelian (Zodiac gemstone for Virgo)

This is a translucent gem that is available in various colors like orange, red and dark brownish orange colors. It is usually cut in the cabochon style and the oval shaped gems are known to be extremelypopular.


Hardness of 7 measured on Moh's scale is the hardest and is known to be perfect to make durable jewellery.

Opal (Birthstone for the month: October)

This is known to be the valued gems and colorful when compared to any other gem. "Play of color" is known to be one of the features of this gem.

Value of this gem is mostly determined by brilliance of color and it’s pattern. The Opals with strong flashes of red fire are known to be expensive. The size of this gem determines its price and the gems of large size are known to be extremely rare. Opal are usually cut in the form rounded cabochons for the purpose of enhancing color play.

Topaz (Birthstone for the month: November, Zodiac gemstone for Sagittarius)

The color Yellow is associated with Topaz and it is actually available in various shades of yellow and other colors like golden yellow, reddish-orange, orange-yellow, sherry red, honey brown, deep pink, blue, light green, blue and various other colors.

The Blue topaz is known to be a renowned gems and the features of this gem includes durability, clarity, affordability and availability. The Blue topaz is known for its unchanging color that ranges from Swiss blue to sky blue. This is most of the times confused with aquamarine.

i to. It is sometimes confused with the more costly - yet while aquamarine sometimes has a greenish-blue, blue topaz always looks blue or bluish gray. The only exception is for surface-enhanced topaz.

The ranking of "8" on Mohs scale means hardness and such Topaz is known to be extremely durable and are the best to be worn for daily purpose. But it is essential that it is protected as it often leads to cracks if mishandled.

Beryl (Zodiac gemstone for Scorpio)

Beryl is a precious gem that is known to be colorless and the special thing about this is that it has got the capacity to store the foreign substances and due to this, it gives rise to different other colors like green, pink, yellow, blue etc.

The Iron color beryl is known to be an extremely beautiful gem, which is almost like aquamarine. Due to its glowing nature and rarity, it is known to be expensive. When it is combined with manganese, it turns into morganite. It gives a feminine pink color which is gorgeous. Since the year 1911, it is known to have been called as morganite.

The natural hints of iron and a natural aura which originates from minerals that contain uranium, are known to be sufficient for giving colourless beryl, an yellow tone typical color. This is the normal color of a golden beryl. This beryl is known to be extremely fascinating with yellow hues in it. The iron and uranium combined together makes it look fresh and stimulating.

Turquoise (Birthstone of theMonth: December)

For the December borns, there are usually 3 birthstones and they are blue topaz, turquoise and tanzanite. The common among this is the turquoise. It is available in various colors that range from grey-green to sky blue and are found in such places that contain high level of copper.

The turquoises of the best quality are known to be pure and are fine without regular matrix. If the color tends strongly towards green it means that the quality of stone is low. As they are relatively soft, they are known to be sensitive as well.

The Turquoises that have natural color are toughened with colourless wax or with the help of synthetic resin. These are known to be greater in value when compared to such stones of which the color is improved. It is a versatile gem and is known to be cut into cabochons that can be used perfectly for making good jewellery. It is essential that you protect this gem from cosmetics, bright light and heat. Also you need to maintain it well by cleaning it well with a soft cloth after use.

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