Diamond Necklace Designs for Women
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Diamond Necklace Designs for Women

Diamond Necklace – Shine on with Malabar Neckwear for your every flair. 

It's well said that diamonds are women's best friends, and by themselves, they are delighting enough to intrigue anyone. Perhaps that's why Diamond Necklace has been a famous piece of diamond jewellery for many millennia. They are extravagant, gorgeous, and unforgettable, and words probably fall short while expressing their grandness. They are wonders of dreams, brought to life to entice and beautify every woman with magic that's as rare and unique as them. 

Diamond necklaces exhibit an irresistible charisma and unmatched craftsmanship with a sight that’s indeed to behold. They effortlessly speak the language of timeless treasures and are pieces loved through generations. Hence, introducing the Malabar Diamond Necklace, the perfection of divine wearability and magnificent magic with a sheer aura of classiness. Get ready, as here come our charming designs to mesmerise you like never before. 

Malabar Diamond Necklace Design

Our real diamond necklace for women is the most sophisticated type of women's jewellery with designs that ensure you can choose something for every occasion, from regular to classic evening wear. Also, our assortment even consists of Diamond Necklace Set with price, weight, and many other details so that you can shop easily. Our patterns possess refined brightness, bestowing elegance and timeless beauty with ease of buying online that is second to none. 

Furthermore, whether in intricate patterns or minimalist, our array caters for both styles in the best ways, contemplating every taste preference. As the precious gold metal blends alluringly with diamonds and extravagant designs, the gaze is heavenly and creates a sensational blend. 

• Designs 

Semi-long, close to neck etc. 

• Theme

Floral, traditional, classic, contemporary, designer, fashion, art deco etc. 

• Metal Colour and Gold Purity

Our collection is usable in 18KT and 22KT gold, within gold hues like yellow, white, rose-gold, two-tone etc. 

• Diamond Necklace Types

This collection includes diamond gemstone studded, lightweight diamond necklaces, diamond pendant neckwear, intricate diamond necklace, diamond gold necklace etc.

Occasions where you can wear Malabar Diamond Necklace 

  1. Daily Wear- Choosing the diamond pendant necklace is the most appealing way to add spark to your everyday look. Opt for patterns in lightweight and minimalist style, with an appropriate length that suits your simple clothing. Also, for a more detailed and dashing look, you can choose to layer them according to your wish. 
  1. Festival Wear- Celebrate every festival with our celebratory pieces that glamorously ignite your festival look. Pair your dreamy lehenga, saree, salwar kameez or any apparel with our necklace in intricate style or gemstone studded pattern, and you are ready to light up the spark. 
  1. Office Wear- Our diamond pendant designs are best suited with formal attires as they give you a simple and stunning look which is neither over the board nor dull. Pieces of this collection, make sure to enhance your personality with a shine that's as bright as your success.
  1. Bridal Wear- When it comes to bridal jewellery, necklaces are must-haves! For our breathtaking bride, we bring an exquisite bridal diamond necklace in numerous styles like gemstone studded, detailed, rani-haar etc., with an aura that's indeed royal, spectacularly matches her beauty and strikes a precise balance between intricacy and brilliance. 
  1. As a gift- You don't need any special occasion to bring a smile to the faces of your precious ones. Hence, explore this collection and select sparkling patterns that'll add sparkle to your loved one's eyes. Either with splashing colours and a detailed look or with traditional or contemporary motifs, our diamond neckwear assortment has it all for you. 
  1. Party Wear- Your gala night is incomplete without our iconic dazzler!! Pair your gorgeous gown or any other party wear attire you intend to wear with our vibrant pieces in intricate style, diamond close to neck necklace style or gemstone studded necklaces, and you are ready to rock the night. 


• Malabar Diamond Necklace Online Design Types

  1. Mine Diamond Studded Close To Neck Necklace NKGEN13202, crafted in 18KT rose gold, art deco theme, and close-to-neck type for party wear. 
  1. Mine Diamond Studded Semi Long Necklace NKGEN13208, 18KT rose gold, art deco theme, in semi-long for party wear. 
  1. Mine Diamond Studded Close to Neck Necklace NKDIA10199, 22KT yellow gold, traditional theme, semi-long look for party wear. 
  1. Mine Diamond Studded Close to Neck Necklace NKALM10018, 18KT rose gold, floral theme, close-to-neck style for party wear. 
  1. Mine Diamond Necklace NKGEN14336, 18KT yellow gold, designer theme, semi-long style for daily wear. 
  1. Mine Diamond Necklace NKHRM10711, 18KT yellow gold, contemporary theme, a close-to-neck pattern for casual wear. 

• Malabar Diamond Necklace Price

The price of this assortment starts from Rs 86,000 and goes up to Rs 47,00,000 and above, considering various aspects like design, diamonds used, gold purity etc. Also, our diamonds go through 4C's, namely, cut, clarity, colour, and carat, and only the best ones are selected to craft our diamond jewellery. Our Gold is BIS hallmarked, and Diamonds are IGI certified; hence, you can purchase from us without worry. 

Lastly, power up with our diamond necklace pieces which radiants and uplifts your energy confidently! If you wish to craft personalised diamond neckwear, we'll make sure we craft your masterpiece with utmost attention, perfection, and masterful craftsmanship. Have an outstanding shopping experience. 

FAQ Segment 

  1. What are some good necklace types?

 Answer- Below are a few excellent and popular necklace types: - 

  1. Pendant Necklace.
  2. Collar Necklace.
  3. Gold Necklace.
  4. Close to Neck Necklace.
  5. Diamond Necklace.
  6. Gemstone Studded Necklace.
  7. Chain Necklace.
  1. How much does a diamond necklace cost?

Answer- At Malabar, the collection starts from Rs 86,000 and goes up to Rs 47,00,000 and above according to diamonds used, gold purity, design etc. 

  1. How many carats is a Diamond Necklace? 

Answer- The minimalist pattern diamond necklace comes between 0.25-1, and in intricate patterns, it goes beyond 0.25 or 1 carat. 

  1. How do you pick a diamond necklace? 

Answer- Below are a few things you must consider before buying a diamond necklace: - 

  1. Weight in carats.
  2. Shape of the diamond.
  3. Quality of cut.
  4. Diamond Colour.
  5. Purity of Diamond.
  6. Diamond Certification.
  7. Estimate your budget.
  1. Where should a diamond necklace set?

Answer- It should sit above or below your neckline. 

  1. Where to buy diamond necklace online? 

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is undoubtedly the promising place to purchase! Multiple payment methods, incredible assortment, EMI schemes, return policies, Fair price policies, and numerous other online shopping options makes it the perfect place to buy. 

  1. Can I wear a diamond necklace daily?

Answer- Undoubtedly, you can wear diamond necklaces in minimalist patterns for everyday wear as they are versatile and indeed captivating. 

  1. What is the diamond necklace price in India? 

Answer- In India, at Malabar, the price starts from Rs 86,000 and goes up to Rs 47,00,000 and above.

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