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Diamond Pendant Designs for Women

Malabar Diamond Pendant – The creative charmer of charisma!  

Wrap eternal elegance around your neck with our breathtakingdiamond pendantdesign, 

That's indeed the epitome of enchantment and is born with innovation that's supremely divine!  

Diamond jewellery is not just an ornament to add a touch of captivation but can form an integral aspect of your personality. Well, the breathtakingly eye-catching and extravagant Diamond Pendants are one such diamond jewellery type that sprinkles more glamour, glitz and luxury on your personality and adds an intriguing piece to your treasure box. They are ideal pieces as they not only glorify every ensemble beautifully but also depict magical essence that's minimalist, timelessly mesmerising and delights women's attention. 

Diamond Pendants are the creativity icon, the poet of endless beauty and the perfection of luxury and effortlessness. They are the best mate to your neck, and while you embellish this allure, appreciation is sure to come! Hence, introducing the Malabar Diamond Pendant, the exemplar of alluring shine, rich splendour and irresistible style!  

Malabar Diamond Pendant Design

Our collection of Diamond Pendant come in dazzling designswith mesmerising motifssymbolising refinement and striking enticement.Our patterns feel like a fascinating fantasy with a sparkle that lures your heart and soul. They carry you to the magical land of innovative art and are not just created to intensify women's beauty but also to unlock their inner spark. Our beautifying patterns from this collection behold the power to mesmerise your attire, be itdaytime or night, thus, giving you a fascinating transformation.   

Looking for traditional patterns, contemporary and brilliant blend of both? With Malabar Diamond Pendant Online Collection, you'd never fall short of choices and creativity with numerous styles! Furthermore, if you wish to acquire just our pendants designsor pendants with chains, we have both options for you!  

• Design  

Solitaire, Drops, Studs, Tanmaniya, Semi Long, Regular, Screw, Mangalsutra Pendant, Long, Small, Contemporary, Casual, Thali etc.  

• Theme 

Fancy, Traditional, Art-Deco, Cartoon, Fashion, Butterfly, Infinity, Designer, Paisley, Drop, Leaf, Heart, Contemporary, Classic, Geometric, Cluster, Floral, Filigree. 

Purity, Clarity, and Colour 

The purity, clarity, and colour of the metal and stone are big concerns. We have pendants in 18 KT gold and SI, VVS, and VVS VS diamond clarity. In terms of metal colours, we have many options, including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and two-tone gold and EF and GH colour options in diamonds. 

Diamond Pedant Types 

This array comes in numerous types like, lightweight diamond pendants, intricate diamond pendants, gemstone diamond pendants, diamond studded gold pendants, fashion diamond pendants etc.  

Occasions where you can wear Malabar Diamond Pendant 

  1. Daily Wear-Talk about taking everyday attire to the next level, and the ideal match is our lightweight diamond pendant, a brilliant display of exquisite design and craftsmanship. They are usable in versatile patterns and are a great choice that suits every daily attire.  

  1. Casual Wear- Add a graceful touch to your casual apparel with our collection's minimalist gemstone studded pendants or small diamond pendants and bloom every day! Whether you want to wear it for casual brunch, a girl's day out or a movie plan, this assortment comes in classic grandeur with magnificence that lifts your every casual look.  

  1. Traditional Wear- When it comes to classic events, jewellery is a must. So, pair our array's floral diamond pendants, gemstone studded pendants or intricate designs with your ethnic wear, as they are unique and enchanting matches. Whether in traditional motifs or contemporary ones, you are sure to explore all your desires in our array.   

  1. Office Wear- Pair the brilliantly crafted lightweight pendant or the simple diamond pendant of this array, which sets you apart from the crowd with its unique designs. In addition, they are best suited with all formal outfits and thus, giving you a flawless look.  

  1. Party Wear- Be the showstopper at every party with our stunning patterns in gemstone studded long pendant, which features peerless beauty and magical essence, undoubtedly making all the heads turn!  

  1. Gift- What better gift than a diamond pendant that dazzles eternally and exudes divine charm? Hence, whether you wish to gift your wife, daughter, grandmother, mother or any special lady in your life, pieces from this array are the perfectionist icon. Choose designs according to their taste, either intricate, lightweight, with gemstones etc.; we have it all.   

Malabar Diamond Pedant Design Type  

  1. Mine Diamond Pendant TMHRM10041, 18KT rose gold, fashion theme, tanmaniya style for party wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Studded Casual Gold Pendant PDGEN12378, 18KT rose gold, art-deco theme, casual design type for party wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Pendant PDGEN22391, 18KT yellow gold, contemporary theme in casual style, for daily wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Pendant PDGEN10265, 18KT yellow gold, fashion theme, for casual wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Studded Casual Gold Pendant PDGEN11799, 18KT yellow gold, for office wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Studded Casual Gold Pendant PDHRT10251, 22KT yellow gold, the floral theme for daily wear.  

Malabar Diamond Pendant Price 

The price of this array starts from Rs 7,500 and goes up to Rs 5,00,000 and above, considering designs, gold used, its purity etc. Also, our Gold and Diamonds are BIS-hallmarked and IGI-certified, so you don't have to worry while purchasing from us. 

Lastly, brighten every moment with our pendant in diamonds that narrates your story amazingly. Do you wish to craft a customised diamond pendant design? Well, we'd be glad to craft a masterpiece for you that astonishingly expresses your personality and taste. Have a great online shopping experience with Malabar.  

FAQ Segment  

  1. What is the cost of a diamond pendant? 

 Answer- Following the Fair Price Promise, the Malabar collection starts from Rs 7,500 and goes up to Rs 5,00,000 and above.  

  1. Are diamond pendants worth it? 

Answer- Without any doubt, yes! They are an excellent addition to your jewellery box as they are versatile, suit every occasion, and come in multiple designs and styles.  

  1. How many carats should a diamond pendant be? 

Answer- If you are looking for a simple pattern, choose the one between 0.25-1, and if you want to acquire an intricate style, you can choose beyond this. 

  1. Are diamond pendants trendy? 

Answer- Yes, they definitely are trendy. They have been the most fashionable and prettiest ornament for as long as you can remember. With their quality of solo stunner, distinctive charm and enthralling captivation, they have and still rule the hearts of many. 

  1. What type of diamond necklace can I wear daily? 

Answer- If you are looking for daily neckwear, the dazzling diamond pendants are your clear choice. They are simplicity star with matchless splendour, thus, making them perfect to wear with any everyday wear outfit.  

  1. Where can I buy a diamond pendant online? 

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the best stop you can come across. With Malabar Fair Promise, multiple modes of payments, EMI schemes, return options, and certified gold and diamonds, it's the most spectacular place you acquire from.  

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