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Gemstone Earrings

Malabar's Gemstone Earrings – Gratifying you to the creative world of gracious colours. 

Art that represents creativeness in every culture, that's one of a kind, and we feel glad to uncover, 

presenting you the mesmerising craft that makes sure to flourish your every life colour. 

Earrings, one of the primary forms of highly adorned jewellery, have been found throughout history. This ornament to embellish the ears has been popular since ancient Asia, approximately 7000 years ago. The highly used term 'Earrings' jewellery is worn on the earlobes, and the term 'Ear Cuffs,' also called earrings, are mainly worn on any parts of the ear. Earrings are the very first love of the women, an alluring segment with an adorning view that can be worn daily and is indeed a precious wearable art to all the women out there. For women, earrings are the dignity they hold and love they adore immensely. 

With over 29 years in the jewellery business, we have built a territory of creativity, magical essence, trust, devotion, safety, excellent expertise team, improvement etc. Thus, our designs and loving customers certainly reflect that. Our Gemstone Earrings Online designs are the ones with patterns like no other, incredibly stunning, gracious, and with colours that make you smile. 

• Earrings Selection Guide According to the Face Shape 

We display Gemstone Earrings Designs to suit every face cut and, precisely, a particular face shape with numerous options to choose from. Whether you are looking out for minimal daily wear with a solitaire gemstone or a heavy traditional piece, we are confident we will satisfy all your desires. 

  1. Square Face- The ones with a square-shaped face can undoubtedly opt for oversized round or chandbali styled gemstone earrings online as they'll indeed look mesmerising. 

  1. Round Face- Women with the round face cut can lookout for long danglers, oval and square-shaped gemstone earring designs to enhance their face.  

  1. Oval Face- Women with oval-shaped faces can almost wear every particular design and style of earrings. Nevertheless, wearing studs or danglers would undoubtedly create an enchanting look. 

  1. Diamond Face- The ones with a diamond-shaped face should look for studs as daily wear and danglers as a beautiful evening piece with embellished gemstones.  

  1. Rectangle Face- Try out our stunning tiny drops or chandelier earrings while choosing gemstone earrings online for a rectangle-shaped face.

• Glamour Like No Other- Fall In Love with Malabar's Gemstone Earrings Online Designs 

Malabar's Gemstone Earrings Online Designs are indeed treasured and worthy. It comes in numerous shapes from the flower, solitaire gemstone earring design, chandbalis style, pearls, goddess silhouette, intricate designs, etc. All the beauties out there, every piece of earring in this assortment makes sure you love yourself, boost your confidence, and glam you up in a way that's delightful for the eyes. Every masterpiece of our design will not only give incredible aesthetic amusement but will intensify your altogether persona by making it look robust, bolder and yet attractive. Our Gemstone Earrings Online Design comes in a mixture of discerning colours that draw to the fore your facial appearances and feature colour gemstones to add luxury and subtlety. 

We display Gemstone earrings online in precious stones like the Royal Red Ruby, Extravagant Green EmeraldSplendid Yellow & Blue Sapphire, etc., crafted in pure 22K gold. From patterns like the daily wear studs, the party wears hangings, traditional attire chandbalis to elegant pearl plus gemstone earrings, from Indo-western Sui- dhaga style to the terrific gemstone jhumka earrings, Malabar is always in the lead while exemplifying the very spectacular assortment of Gemstone Earring Designs. 

• Important Information 

a] Every piece of jewellery indeed holds unsaid sentiments, so why not bind memories within every art piece? So, don't forget to check our Gemstone Jewellery Brand named Precia’, which binds remembrances and emotions into art so precious.

b] We have displayed our Gemstone Jewellery Assortment, including rings, earringspendantsnecklacesbangles, and other accessories with special filters like gifting purpose, wedding, shopping by occasion, etc., so that buyers have an extraordinary and easy online shopping experience.

c] The allure of gemstones is highly appreciated; for further reference and learning about gemstones, do visit the Malabar's Gemstone Guide Page.

• Gemstone Jewellery Price 

The price of our incredibly breath-taking Gemstone Earrings Online collection starts from Rs 20,000 and increases to approximately Rs 3,00,000 and may go beyond according to the design, craftsmanship, gemstone used etc. We even have EMI plans so that our buyers can spend according to their comfort.

Shop easily on Malabar without any suspicions over quality or genuineness. All of our gemstones, precious or semi-precious, and our diamonds used for manufacturing gemstone jewellery come with an assurance certificate from IGI stating their authenticity. At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, we assure you that each piece we craft is detailed, viewed immensely carefully and exhilarates the best within you. By any chance, if you haven't found your precise match or wish to own a craft similar to your earring's design, we would be more than glad to create it for you. Our expert team is always at the forefront of creating art that feels magical. Hence you can always count on us as our top priority is your satisfaction with smiling faces and your utmost safety. 

Have a fascinating shopping. 

• FAQ Segment 

  1. Can I wear Gemstone Earrings daily? 

Answer- Yes, absolutely! You can opt to wear our gemstone stud earrings daily because their minimal yet elegant designs make it favourable to wear them daily. You can wear them all the time as this wearable art will glam up your whole attire, so it's worth flaunting. It's the precise and safest option to wear, whether for daily office days or casually meeting with friends, glamming your look for a simple party or office meeting. 

  1. How to clean your pearl earrings? 

Answer- Pearls are very subtle and soft; hence cleaning them regularly is not recommended. Thus, you can opt to clean them with a damp cloth only if needed. If your pearl earrings have become visibly stained by any chance, you can combine a remedy of lukewarm water and gentle dish soap, and then slowly dip a smooth cleaning cloth in it and wipe the pearls. Ensure you do not drench your pearl earrings in water for too long.

  1. How do you know ruby is genuine? 

Answer- You can talk about its realness by looking at its colour. Genuine rubies are radiant with a deep, explicit red. In comparison, fake rubies are dull and may seem luminous, but not that bright. Also, if a genuine ruby appears to be more of a dark red, it can be garnet and not ruby.

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