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  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKPAC41072

    New Arrival

    ₹ 395,708
    SKU : NKPAC41072
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKNGS45757

    New Arrival

    ₹ 351,945
    SKU : NKNGS45757
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKPAC41067

    New Arrival

    ₹ 393,086
    SKU : NKPAC41067
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKJUN22381

    New Arrival

    ₹ 57,417
    SKU : NKJUN22381
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKJUN13716

    New Arrival

    ₹ 245,446
    SKU : NKJUN13716
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKFLV13120

    New Arrival

    ₹ 37,687
    SKU : NKFLV13120
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKFLV13039

    New Arrival

    ₹ 45,647
    SKU : NKFLV13039
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKFLV14443

    New Arrival

    ₹ 72,472
    SKU : NKFLV14443
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKFLV14442

    New Arrival

    ₹ 74,453
    SKU : NKFLV14442
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKREZ15700

    New Arrival

    ₹ 361,546
    SKU : NKREZ15700
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKDZL40365

    New Arrival

    ₹ 32,488
    SKU : NKDZL40365
  • Precia Gemstone Necklace NKAND40110

    New Arrival

    ₹ 520,183
    SKU : NKAND40110

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Gemstone Necklace

Malabar's Gemstone Necklace- Allure of Malabar's colours in its charismatic world. 

Captivating colours around the neck embedded in intricate layouts that are phenomenal,

Art that exudes strength, power, fierce and reminds you; that you are irreplaceable. 

Colours are what fill every jewellery piece with magical essence. What's life without colours, right? Therefore, presenting you the most glamorous, an impeccable assortment of Malabar that emits the joyous notes of life memories with every colour. Elegant, persuasive, unforgettable, genuine, intriguing; words fall short while exemplifying this craft as it's so supremely precious. Uncovering the Malabar's Gemstone Necklaces with designs that are glamorous, grand and graceful. 

The hue of our gemstone undoubtedly inspires women to be confident, feel-good from within and, most notably, celebrate themselves every day. Women's bond with gemstone necklaces is even more incredible. Every startling shade of stunning gemstones portrays an untold sentiment, memorable recollections, unique relationships and draws the flow of joy in every way likely. Coloured gems have ruled our hearts for eternities, and this affection has never faded away. Gemstone jewellery has been a significant part of our beings, from countless occasions to momentous events, modest presents to exclusive astrological segments. 

• Malabar's Gemstone Necklaces Online Assortment- Designs and Wearing Guide. 

We have established this assortment in a way that recites the lovely times of life within every vibrant gemstone colour. The gemstone necklace online array expresses the enchantment of women in their authentic selves and intensifies their magical glamour. Our collection is a unique element for every precious gentlewoman, integrated with valuable feelings, great sketches, splashing colours, and incredible shine. 

Check out our breath-taking exhibition titled "Precia", assembled for every valuable woman accentuating a brilliant startling array of Gemstone Jewellery for today's women, integrating precious real gems like red ruby, green emerald, yellow and blue sapphire crafted in pure 22k gold.

  1. Bridal Gemstone Necklaces- Necklaces are the most eye-catching pieces of jewellery worn by a bride, and hence, the bride is supposed to be incomplete without them. Bridal wear necklaces are heavy or with minimal layouts, depending upon the bride's preference, and thus, we have both the choices for the Malabar's Bride for her special day. 

Bridal Neckpiece designs with the fusion of contemporary and traditional styles, intricate yet appealing structures with colours that add up the notes of elegance, Malabar's Necklaces in Gemstones are a clear choice for every bride. We understand the emotion she carries on her special day, and that's why every piece we craft holds immense love and remembrances for her. 

• Wearing Guide- Either you plan to wear a Ghagra or saree at your wedding, our Gemstone Necklace Online Designs suits every outfit you decide to wear. Nevertheless, choose a heavy piece of art, as it's your day and you shall surely enjoy your moment. 

  1. Festival Gemstone Necklaces- India is a country of festivals. We follow every festival religiously, and indeed, women' love and love' to get ready with vibrant jewellery and outfits. We have everything you desire to shop for any festival, from minimal designs to heavy ones, from religious goddesses to contemporary style. Every festival brings new light and hopes into our lives; thus, it's a must to glam up magnificently with Malabar's Necklace with gemstone colours that exude notes of faith, happiness, belief, love and emotions. 

• Wearing Guide- Indo-Western or Glamorous Gown, Saree or Ghagra, Kurtis or salwar suit, shop our Necklaces in a gemstone that matches your attire, and it won't let you down. 

  1. Party Wear- This assortment comprises spectacular layouts with a fusion of traditional and contemporary stylesAgeless designs with a glimmer of modern touch for contemporary women, as we precisely know your taste buds. With minimal layouts and dashing gemstones, this array is perfect for parties as it's indeed treasured and worthy. 

• Wearing Guide- If you plan to wear a saree, look for heavy gemstone necklace designs and a modest yet elegant saree, as its blend would look phenomenal. If you intend to wear a gorgeous evening gown, shop for medium to minimally detailed diagrams as they will glam up your attire. 

  1. Traditional Events- India is rich in prestigious traditions, and hence it's a must to be presentable in a way that contributes to the event. Malabar's gemstone necklace online designs are traditional, modern, and even with a fusion of both; everything you would ever wish for is in our array. Its glance is precisely precious with intricate methods of goddesses embedded with colourful gemstones. 

• Wearing Guide- Our collection suits every attire possible, and hence, you can shop for any masterpiece as we surely can tell you that you will undoubtedly look beautiful. 

  1. Daily WearExploring wearing something colourful and elegant daily? Well then, you can genuinely count on Malabar. Our Gemstone Necklaces Online consists of a one-layered layout favourable to wear daily. Finding an elegant piece to wear daily can be a tricky process, but with us, you can shop online with designs that will make you fall in love. 

• Wearing Guide- Whether for office wear or casual meetings with friends, our one layered gemstone necklaces online are a must to have in one's collection.  

• Gemstone Necklaces Online Array Price. 

According to the designs, the array of Necklaces in Gemstone Online at Malabar starts from Rs 55,000 and can go up to Rs 4,00,000 or beyond. Every piece of jewellery we build is noticed by a purity statement approving international quality standards. 

Our dynasty in the jewellery business stands from 29 years, and we are immensely grateful for it. We are always at the forefront of assisting our customers with anything they desire. With EMI schedules, an easy checkout process, an affordable price range and numerous other benefits, we are always at the forefront when it comes to jewellery. Shop for favourite Gemstone Earrings & Gemstone Bracelets to match your alluring neckpiece. 

Suppose you didn't find your precise match, no worries! We are more than happy to create a masterpiece for you to match your existing jewellery or according to any occasion. 

Have a lovely shopping time.  

FAQ Segment 

  1. What occasion is gemstone necklace best suitable for? 

Answer- Gemstone Necklaces are incredibly luxurious, and hence it’s best suitable for evening parties, traditional functions, festivals, anniversaries, weddings etc. Malabar Gold and Diamonds exhibits a collection of Gemstone necklaces, which are suitable for daily wear, too, as their designs are minimal and elegant for everyday use. So overall, we can say that gemstone necklaces are ideal for every occasion, depending on their pattern. Shop Malabar’s Gemstone Necklaces from  Malabar’s website as it has a special filter to choose from according to the occasions, so you don't get confused. 

  1. Where can I shop for Gemstone Necklace with numerous option? 

Answer- Undoubtedly, Malabar is the best option you can opt for with multiple choices to choose from. Designs that will capture your heart and indeed treasure worthy, so what are you waiting for? Go and shop your favourites from Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

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