Alpha Necklace Collection

Name initial necklace gifts which makes it unique gift as its dainty and bold to complete an outfit or to pair with just about anything..

Valentine Day Free Gift Box
Valentine Jewellery in Colours of LoveValentine Jewellery in Colours of Love
Gold Ring for Valentine Day ProposalGold Ring for Valentine Day Proposal

Heart Shape Jewellery

For one who understands your heart, we bring you the art of the heart designs assembled in heart-shaped patterns

Heart Shape Jewellery under 10,000

Under ₹10000

Heart Shape Jewellery under 10,000

Under ₹10000 - ₹20000

Under ₹20000 - ₹30000

Zoul Collection

Light and elegant jewellery in styles for every mood of the modern woman






Gifts for Women

Lovely ladies do deserve lovely gifts. Say it with a Valentine's Day jewellery gift - a pendant, a ring or a pair of earrings that your heart is made of gold and it belongs to her and only her. Make her fall in love with you - for the first time or all over again. Whether you are planning on making the first move, making it official or simply reliving your experiences together, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the right place for all your Valentine's Day jewellery specials.

Gifts for Men

Tell him how precious he is, with gold and platinum jewellery that compliments your mans style statement. Choose from a range of gold bracelets, platinum rings, gold chains, diamond rings and other Valentines Day jewellery for men. Go ahead and make them feel special this valentine as you see them smile from ear to ear as they look mesmerizing, bejewelled in a lovely gift of your choice.

Gifts Cards

Whether you are looking forward to gifting one to a lovey-dovey couple or buying one for someone special in your life, gift cards give a personalized touch to your gesture. In fact, personalized gift cards are trending these days complete with laminated photos of your choice, taking the sweetness of the gesture to a whole new level. Gift cards based on a specific theme have become a popular choice too, and Valentines Day is one such occasion that is worth celebrating.


1) What is the best gift for Valentine’s Day?

Answer- Jewellery in Gold, Diamond, Platinum or Gemstone is the best gift you can give to your better half; like your bond, they carry the shine forever and is as precious as the love you share! Furthermore, it’s the best investment for the future as well!

2) Why is gold the best gift?

Answer- Gold is an investment and the best metal you can own a jewellery item in! Apart from being valuable, it is also estimated to be very lucky; thus, it is the best gift you can give!

3) What is the best Valentine’s Day gift for a girl?

Answer- Well, it’s said that Diamonds are the girl’s best friend, so go with diamond studs, diamond pendants or any diamond jewellery item, and she’ll indeed love it beyond anything.

4) Why is jewellery the best gift?

Answer- The following are the reasons why jewellery is the best gift:-

a) It is not just a purchase but an investment for the future.

b) It’s versatile, and you can customise it according to your desire.

c) Wearing jewellery gives you a luxurious look and adds a touch of elegance to your personality!

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