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Gold Chandbali Earrings

Gold Chandbali Earrings

The wearable art of jewellery has been a part of Indian culture and was eternally admired by the Rajputs, Mughals, and several Kings and Queens. Gold Chandbali earrings are fascinating pieces of art that recently made a comeback. The name itself conveys; 'Chand' as in the moon, and 'Bali 'suggests earrings. The famous and most adored ornament, our beloved Chandbali earrings, has always been every woman's desire. For years, these earrings have been created in classic and contemporary styles. Numerous changes emerged in this art, like gemstones and various patterns, yet the basic design with the 'pearls' has always stayed constant. 

Malabar Gold and Diamond's jewellery is unique in its design and intricate craftsmanship. Malabar is a house to extraordinary Gold Chandbali Earrings with remarkable designs and versatile patterns. We at Malabar have reinvented women's supremely adored art in a way that suits all age groups. Browse through our latest fascinating Gold Chandbali earrings, which are treasure worthy. 

Gold Chandbali Earrings Designs

Chandbali earrings, the crescent moon-shaped earrings, are intricate with crystals and framed with tiny pearls or any other dangle. For years, the crescent structure has been considered auspicious. With multiple variations like the height of Bali, width of the top etc., this form of wearable art is compelling and stands to remain vigorous. The pattern or style may change, but the basic structure persists to be untouched. There are numerous variations in our collection considering the pattern, artistry and stones by which we can categorise Chandbalis into :

a) Pearl and Ruby Chandbali Earring design- This style comes under the gemstone classification. The face of the earrings is magnificently covered with rubies and the base with dangly pearls. The pearl Chandbalis are designed similarly. 

b) Antique Gold Chandbali Earrings- They go through an oxidised coating to look like old jewellery; the artisan gives them a relic look. 

c) Lightweight Gold Chandbali Earrings – They have a simple design, subtle look and are budget-friendly. The lightweight gold chandbalis are made as a grid, and as the name describes, they are light plus comfortable to wear. 

d) Small Chandbali Earrings design – These small adoring pieces can be worn for daily use. They come in different patterns with prevailing shapes like floral, peacock and abstracts. 

e) Big Chandbali Earrings- They are also referred to as cocktail chandbalis. They are independent earrings as they look outstanding when worn bare neck because of their size and design.  

f) Temple Chandbali Earrings  They are decorated with descriptions of gods and goddesses from the temples in South India. They look tremendously beautiful when worn with a silk saree. You can wear this on your wedding day or while attending someone else's wedding.

g) Polki Chandbali Earrings - It feature uncut diamonds (polki) set in a crescent-shaped framework, often with intricate designs and craftsmanship. These earrings are often seen as a symbol of elegance, grace, and cultural heritage, making them a popular choice for traditional occasions and bridal wear in India.

Gold Chandbali Earrings online

Buying Gold Chandbali earrings online or any jewellery is a unique experience at Malabar Gold and Diamonds, as we have always strived for an extra mile to ensure you get excellent jewellery and services. We make sure that our buyers don't have to face any issues, and that's why we made it even more accessible for you'll to shop from us. The list below states the numerous reasons why you should shop digitally from Malabar;

a) You can discuss your choices with your family members, or you can share your cart with your friends.

b)Our 14 days return policy.

c) If you are looking for a customised piece, you can contact our jewellers to share the details to create your ideal masterpiece.

d) Get access to our whole collection, which you can also select mainly according to your wants by filters like; Gold Chandbali earrings online by weight, price, trend, karat, occasion and more.

e) EMI plans and 24/7 online guidance, and many more. 

Different events where you can wear Gold Chandbali Earrings

1) Weddings – Chandbalis in antique design is a perfect match to wear at weddings. They look gorgeous with sarees, and if you plan to wear something other than a saree, it will suit that as they go best with the traditional or fusion wear. 

2) Daily Wear- Small Chandbali earrings suit best with daily wear or on occasion. They are small in size, give an elegant look, and are comfortable to wear every day. 

3) Bridal wear or wedding ceremonies-  You can opt for Kundan Chandbalis because they have a powerful look and looks fantastic at the wedding. 

4) Simple office wear or evening party- Lightweight chandbalis are simple, subtle looking. Their light and minimal look make it possible to wear at parties or simple office wear attire. 

5) Traditional function You can choose to wear pearl or ruby chandbalis at traditional celebrations as they aren't too heavy nor too light, perfect for classic functions. They would look amazing with a lehenga, saree or salwar kameez. 

Gold Chandbali Earrings With Price

The Gold Chandbali earrings price range starts from Rs 17,500 and can increase up to Rs 440,000 considering gold purity, design, weight, and make. We even have EMI plans so that our buyers can pay according to their comfort.

Machine-made ornaments are taking over the entire jewellery business. With time, Handmade designed jewellery seems to fade away. However, Malabar Gold and Diamonds has taken the initiative to keep alive the handmade artwork tradition made by our hardworking artisans through our brand name, the Ethnix brand. We have numerous handmade designed jewellery crafted with expertise, out of which Chandbali Earrings are one of a type. Buyers who desire a unique chandbalis or any other jewellery style, we'd love to create a masterpiece for you with various colours and designs, averaging over 200 skilled person-hours on a piece.

FAQ Segment

1) Where to find gold chandbalis online? 

Answer- Chandbalis can be purchased online with Malabar Gold and Diamonds. Visit our website for the latest Gold Chand Bali earring designs wherein you can choose according to the price range, weight and considering many more factors. Our collection entails Chandbalis of daily use, lightweight, bridal and occasional wear, a combination of rubies emerald and pearls, temple etc.

2) How is gold Chandbalis different from normal earrings? 

Answer – They are mainly in a crescent moon shape, wherein normal Gold Earrings can be a stud, dangle, drop etc. Regular earpieces can be of any form or design, from floral to geometric, but chandbalis have a base structure of the crescent moon.

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