Gold Earrings for Women
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Gold Earring Designs for Women

Gold Earrings – Greeting you in Malabar Golden World.


Wearable art of golden shine that's the master of all trades with a goddess whim,

It's embedded with peerless elegance and charisma, which brilliantly ignites your dream.

Earrings have always been an essential part of jewellery for women. Whether they are stud earrings, jhumkas, balis, drop earrings, or chandelier earrings, women have always loved them and made them an essential part of their wardrobe. Where different kinds of earrings go with specific looks, gold earrings for women are truly versatile. They blend phenomenally with every look, be it traditional, glamorous or formal.

Well, now as you know the beauty of the glamorous gold earrings, introducing you to the 'Malabar Gold Earrings', the epitome of traditions, extravaganza and timeless beauty. It's not only an art of mesmerising designs; but a combination of love, beliefs, pride and magical essence. So, let's dive deep into their glamour!

Malabar Gold Earring Design

This assortment for women defines beauty and grandeur. Whatever your style is, this collection will have many pieces to satisfy your thirst. The gold earrings featured in the collection are excellent in terms of their purity, design, and artisanship. Our skilled artisans work tirelessly for hours to create masterpieces to adorn you.

We believe in entertaining the choices of every kind of woman and hence, make it a point to create earrings that appeal to a broader base of customers. Hence, you will find contemporary earrings along with many traditional designs in the collection. Well, as you adorn these beauties, it’s equally significant to make sure to take proper care of them; hence here are some tips for you to help take appropriate care of your earrings. Visit the link to know more.

Gold earrings

Our beautifying selection features beautiful earrings in numerous designs. Our Gold Earrings collection comes with a wide range of gold earring types like Bali, Dangler, Hoops, Jhumki, Studs, Drops, Chandelier, Jacket, Chandbali, Clip-on, Sui-Dhaga etc. Hence, whichever earring type you wish to buy, we have assembled them all!

  • Trendy, traditional, and modern gold earring designs for women.

Butterfly, classic, contemporary, drop; whatever your choice is, you will certainly find a beautiful gold earring pair in our gold earring collection for women.

  • A diverse collection

Malabar always comes up with a diverse range, and this is very much evident in the ladies gold earring collection. The collection features various design types like Bali, chandbali, clip-on, chandelier, etc. 

Gold Purity and Colour

Usable in 22KT Gold earrings for women and in 18KT. Active in Gold hues like Yellow, White, Rose-Gold, Two-Tone and Three-Tone.

Occasions where you can wear Malabar Gold Earrings

1.   Casual Wear- Opt for the lightweight earrings in gold to wear casually as they'll indeed add up the alluring shine by enhancing your look appealingly.

2.   Party Wear- Getting ready for your evening dinner? Well, don't forget to wear your dazzling earrings in gold. Pair danglers or clip-on earrings with your party outfit, as their extravagant designs, beautiful shine, and elegance sums up the perfect piece for party wear.

3.   Traditional Events- We have covered you all for classic events, whether you wish to wear traditional long gold earrings or contemporary ones. With your lehenga or salwar kameez, pair our chandbali or jhumka earrings, and you are ready to make all the heads turn!

4.   Office Wear- Office wear earrings must be precise in design and style. Hence, select our layouts in studs or Bali earrings, which come in an accurate blend of intricate yet modest style that spectacularly compliments your workwear with a shine as bright as your future.

5.   Everyday Wear- Gold Earring is a must-have jewellery for daily wear as they complete your attire in a way no other jewel can! Moreover, studs or Bali earrings are excellent options for everyday wear with charisma and allure that's exceptionally divine.

Malabar Gold Earring Design Type

1.  Malabar Ear-wear ERDZL19740, 18KT Two Tone Colour, Geometric theme, studs design type. 

2.  Malabar Gold Green Stone Bali EGSDZ002, 22KT Yellow Gold, classic theme.

3. Malabar Earring in Gold ERMICO112, 22KT yellow gold, traditional theme, jhumki style.

4.  Malabar Earring STGEDZRURGU301, 18KT rose gold, fashion theme for a clip-on earring.

5.  Malabar Earring SDGEDZRURGT009, 18KT yellow gold, geometric theme, sui dhaga style.

Malabar Gold Earring Price

The price of this collection starts from Rs 3,000 and goes up to 3,21,000 and above. Our Gold is BIS Hallmarked, and Diamonds are IGI certified so that you can purchase from us without any queries.

Lastly,  bring home the prosperity emblem and golden shine from our collections that speak to you.. Furthermore, if you desire customised gold earrings, we'd be more than glad to embellish your imagination with a masterpiece that incredibly defines you! Have a great shopping experience.

FAQ Segment

1. How can I buy gold earring online?

Answer- Well, the below tips will precisely help you buy earrings in gold: -

a.    Know the purity you wish to buy in.

b.    Your budget.

c.    Gold Colour.

d.    Weight.

e.    Certificates.

2. Can I wear gold earring every day?

Answer- Yes, you can definitely choose to wear them on a daily basis. But, make sure to select patterns in small gold earrings like studs, clip on etc.

3. Where can I buy gold earring online?

Answer- Malabar is your precise place. With numerous preferences, multiple modes of payments,  fair price, EMI schemes,, Return Policy and many other advantages, it's the best place to buy gold earrings and any other kind of jewellery. 

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