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  • Starlet Gold Bangle BNNOB16729

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  • Malabar Gold Bangle BNCOS14702

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  • ₹ 220,200
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Malabar's Gold Kada/Bangle – A world of creativity where Contemporary & Traditional meets.

Pretty bangles displayed sparkle like stars, Motivating your minds to feel the beauty in your hearts,

With fusion concepts of contemporary and traditional arts, Presenting precious crafts for every sweetheart. 

The classic, extravagant, vibrant piece of craft, the stunning Gold Kada or Bangles, has stayed in our hearts for ages. Recall running around excitingly in Melas and trying out different blazing bangles that coordinate your outfit? The joy of walking around and trying out new colours and crafts of Gold bangles indeed felt like a treasure worthy! Gold Bangles, the supreme sign of tradition and culture all over India, have been desired and loved for eternity. It's said to be one of the Solah Shringar, and you will see Indian women embellish themselves with striking Gold Bangles all the time. Not only women but even your little princess indeed love to glam up, doesn't she? We have also got gold Kada and Bangle for your little princess in minimal yet dreamy designs. 

Over the years, it's highly pursued that Gold Bangles are a form of Traditional Jewellery, but aren't few occasions just too precious to be left out? Hence, we have created this art that suits all the events, especially for modern brides or traditional as Gold Bangles and marriage are inseparable. With our exquisite designs, you'll surely be amazed as they are precisely perfect for every occasion you can think of. 

• Startling Gold Bangle Designs

The spectacular shine and designs of Malabar's Gold Bangle design exemplify love, care, joy and life. Precious pieces around your wrist, with our designs embedded within gold, dance around with shining stones, motivating you to live every moment at its best. We at Malabar believe in extreme perfection, and hence our designs and business from 29 years incredibly portray the same. 

Our array comprises everything you desire, from modern to contemporary designs, Heavy to lightweight, embedded gemstones or minimal layouts, and single heavy Kada to bangle sets. Our mesmerising designs will grab everyone's attention, from netted to geometrical patterns in traditional ways to glorious flowers. Our Gold Bangle Design Collection lets you charm every event in every spectacular way. Why let the festival decide your charisma, right? So, With Malabar's Kada & Bangle, steal the show every occasion. 

Little charm, she's cute, innocent, and alluring, and your little princess will look beautiful in our spectacular Gold Bangle Designs. Our minimal layouts are crafted remembering your little one's innocence with lightweight and comfortable designs. Explore our assortment, and we assure you that you'll love it!! 

• Malabar's Exquisite Bangle Designs 

  1. Spectacular Divine Gold Bangle in our Divine brand, crafted in 22kt gold, Temple Jewellery Design, single bangle with screw lock pattern. 

  1. Kerala Bride Divine Gold Bangle in our Divine brand, crafted in 22kt gold, Kerala Bride Pattern, single Kada with a brilliant round cut and mesmerising traditional design. 

  1. Ethnix 22kt Gold Studded Kada Bangle Set in Ethnix brand, set of four, with party wear design. 

  1. Ethnix 22kt Gold Studded Kada Bangle in Ethnix brand crafted in 22kt gold, Heavy Traditional designed Kada best for wedding wear. 

  1. Malabar Gold Bangle crafted in 22kt, in two-tone colour, fancy casual wear in a netted pattern. 

  1.  Scarlet Gold Bangle in our Scarlet brand, crafted in 22kt gold, in two-tone colour for your little diva.

• Malabar’s Gold Kada Price 

According to the layouts, the exhibition of Gold Kada Online at Malabar starts from Rs 44,000 and can go up to Rs 4,00,000 or beyond. Every portion of jewellery we assemble is seen as an innocent statement upholding international quality standards. 

• Different events where you can wear Gold Kada Collection.

  1. Casual Wear- Gold Kada and Bangles Online at Malabar with beautifying designs set a clear example for everyday wear. They are elegant, winsome and pleasing with minimal layouts, making them an excellent option for Sunday brunches, friends' meetings etc. 

  1. Festivities- Festivals are incomplete without Gold Jewellery. Gold is an integral part of India, making it the explicit choice for every special occasion. From Diwali to Holi, from Akshay Tritiya to Gudi Padwa, from Pongal to Ganesh Chaturthi, our Bangle Styles make sure to glam up every festival. With intricate patterns, both in contemporary and traditional designs. 

  1. Office Wear- Its elegance and pleasing glance make it an incredible option for office wear and especially office meetings, as its art exemplifies beauty with the brain.

  1. Elegant Evening outfit- If you are wearing an elegant saree, a hint of Gold Kada will intensify the charm within you! 

  1. For Bride- Marriages and gold jewellery go hand in hand; hence Malabar's Bride must opt for our Gold Bangles. 

• Contemporary Bride- Intricately beautiful pieces in modern style, adds magic to the bride's attire. Glamorous and startling alike the bride. 

• Traditional Bride- Traditions and cultures within art are so precious that Malabar's beloved bride will look marvellous. 

Lastly, if you desire a customised piece for your bangles, do contact us, and we will create a masterpiece for you with your personal touch. 

• FAQ Segment 

  1. Which website is best for purchasing gold bangles? 

Answer- UndoubtedlyMalabar Gold & Diamond is a spectacular choice with numerous options to choose from. With EMI schemes and other advantages, Malabar is the best option. 

  1. Can Gold Bangles be worn daily?

Answer- If you are looking for bangle designs to wear daily, opt for Malabar's crafts as they are elegant, minimal and incredibly precious.

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