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Solitaire Diamond Earrings

Diamond Solitaire Earrings – Meet the Malabar's Truest Potential, which consists of the brightest devotion. 

Striking Malabar's Diamond Solitaire Earrings strive for you to be an exceptional reflection of your shine, 

'An essence of joy', with handpicked diamonds, the expression of beauty exemplifying elegant design.  

Solitaires, 'The Solo-Stunners', never forget to impress womenirrespective of their age. They are splendid, spectacular, supreme, and you know words fall short while portraying art so precious. Are you someone who loves sparkling diamonds? If yes, we assure you, Solitaires are going to be your best friends with owning a place in your heart that you won't be able to replace. 

Earring, the spectacularly integral part of Indian women, which she can't stop loving ever. Whether for daily wear or functional, earrings are your charm statement. They are the wearable art that exemplifies charm with charisma and indeed makes sure to intensify your look brilliantly. Well, one such allure piece in the earring category, which is magnificent and fierce, it is moment that outshines every other art, with fantastic glow; it reminds you to shine as bright as it is. 

Introducing Malabar's Iconic Diamond Solitaire Earring Designs, which are exceptionally mesmerising and within every pair, carries memories that make your smile and shine even brighter. Preset Solitaire Earrings have indeed marked their kingdom in the 21st century like no other; hence, you must grab them in our distinctive designs now!!  

• The Sparkling Solitaire Diamond Earrings History 

When the South African Diamonds were unlocked in the late 1860s, diamond solitaires became the intricately definitive statements that are still well-known today. By then, the open-claw setting had been discovered, increasing the light that passed through the Diamond, thus giving the wearer an additional shine. 

By the 1920s, no woman headed without earrings, even if their earrings weren't genuine diamonds, they stuck to wearing them. Today, we have countless options for diamond earrings with numerous types and categories. 

•   Spectacular Malabar's Solitaire Diamond Earrings Design. 

Are you not yet a fan of solitaire diamonds? Well then, our alluring assortment of Diamond Solitaire Earrings Online is your perfect chance to fall irresistibly in love with them. Designs that carry joyous remembrances and unsaid emotions, portray glamour like no other and extraordinarily lets you shine like yourself. Our Solitaire Earring Designs are perfect for any occasion you can think of. 

Usable in stunning gold colours; Yellow Gold, Gold and Rose-Gold, our designs exemplify glamour with essence like no other. Our assortment of Diamond Solitaire Earrings Online takes you to the world of elegance, where you shine like a bright star. It's preciously crafted for the  precious women, as they deserve beyond everything. Preset Solitaire Earrings are satisfier for you to explore. So, let's dive into the designs that are all ready to be yours!! 

Our array is indeed treasure-worthy in different Diamond settings, like prong etc., and in contemporary, traditional and fusion of both styles. Are you searching for something to match your Diamond Solitaire Earrings? Why don't you explore our Solitaire Diamond Ring, because their combination would look breathtaking. 

Few designs from Malabar's Diamond Solitaire Earrings, that will surely capture your heart and mind. 

  1. Mine Diamond Earring MBER10112A, of our brand 'Mine', crafted in 18KT Gold, yellow gold colour, Contemporary theme, Party Wear Style. 

  1. Mine Diamond Earring MBER00112A, of our brand 'Mine', crafted in 18KT Gold, Yellow Gold Colour, Contemporary Theme. 

  1. Mine Diamond Earring UIER00247L1, of our brand 'Mine', crafted in 18KT Gold, Rose Gold colour, Solitaire design type, Contemporary theme. 

  1. Mine Diamond Earring E-551162B, of our brand 'Mine', crafted in 18KT Gold, yellow gold colour, Contemporary theme. 

Have you explored our 'Mine' brand yet? If not, you are missing out on the magic aura it comprises. Check out and pick your favourites items!! 

• Malabar's Dazzling Diamond Solitaire Earrings Price 

The magnificent assortment of Diamond Solitaire Earrings Online at Malabar starts from Rs 90,000 and goes up to in lakhs, according to the design, gold purity, diamonds used etc. While purchasing Diamond Jewellery from Malabar, you don't have to worry about the genuineness as our Diamonds are IGI certified. 

• Numerous events where you can flaunt Malabar's Diamond Solitaire Earrings 

  1. Daily Wear- For daily wear, women usually prefer lightweight, elegant, minimal but equally impactful designs. All the ladies out there, we precisely heard you and have crafted earrings for daily wear embellished in your darling best friend Diamonds, with Preset Solitaire Earrings so you can shine not just today but tomorrow and every day. 

  1. Traditional Events- Traditional events are meant to look exceptionally glamorous, and we’ll help you get ready spectacularly. Have you checked out our array of Diamond Solitaire Earrings? Girl, if not explore because those beauties are coming with you in your formal events, for you to outshine everything.  

  1. Office Wear- Office hours need your 100% devotion, dedication and hard work. Sometimes you might feel low and sometimes high, but with our Diamond Solitaire Earring Designs by your side, you'll never forget to smile as their essence carries beautiful memories. Solitaire Studs shine radiant bright, like you and your future. 

  1. Simple Events- Simple events usually lead to wearing simple attire. Are you looking for something that signifies minimalist elegance? If yes, we introduce you to our collection of Diamond Solitaire Earrings, which will accompany you dashingly on your modest events. 

Solitaires are forever, and every art form in it is exceptionally superior. If you wish to craft a customised piece in Preset Solitaire Earrings or any other array of ours, we'd be more than glad to create a mesmerising piece for you. Happy shopping!! 

FAQ Segment 

  1. Which Diamond is best for earrings? 

Answer- Round and Princess cut diamonds are best for diamond earrings as they emit proper shine, texture and appearance when it comes to wearing on the ears. 

  1. What size solitaire is good for earrings? 

Answer- The precise rule is to stay between 0.25 and 1 carat. 

  1. What is the best setting for solitaire diamond earrings? 

Answer- The prong setting style is the well-known style for the diamond stud earrings, and this style holds the Diamond in place. It's loved and admired for its elegance, classy look and beauty. 

  1. Where will I get the best diamond solitaire earrings?

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the best choice if you want to shop for Diamond Solitaire Earrings. With so many beautiful designs, best prices, EMI schemes, Malabar Promises, and numerous more advantages, it's the top-most place to buy. 


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