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Gold Choker Necklace Designs for Women

Gold Choker NecklaceTraditions are timeless, like Malabar Gold and Diamond’s Choker Necklace.  

Art that's the goddess of beauty with a powerful combination of traditional and modern motifs,  

Within it is the surreal allure that shines with pride and is embedded with eternal heritage beliefs.  

A choker is a close-fitting necklace embellished on the neck with one-of-a-kind grandness, powerful enchantment and magical brilliance. They are must-have wearable art in every woman's jewellery collection as it's incredibly popular with an allure that takes you to the sheer aura of supremacy.  

Choker is a piece touched by history which still holds prominence like no other and accentuates your appearance by glimmering your spirit dazzlingly. Well, we are sure their charm has already mesmerised you, but hold on as the masterpiece and beauty of 'Gold Choker Neckwear' is yet to be asserted.  

The Gold Choker Necklaces for women is a jewel that redefines grandeur with designs full of splendour. They fluently speak the language of traditions and are timeless treasures loved through generations. Hence, inaugurating 'Malabar's Gold Choker Necklace Design', the exemplar of glamour and tradition. Forming a surreal combination of comfort and enthralling craft, here comes our array to steal your heart. 

Choker Necklace History

Choker Neckwear in Gold dates back around 2500 BC, crafted by Sumerian artisans. According to the curators from the Jewellery Museum of Fine Arts, they have been around for approximately 1000 years and were initially distinguished by the world's earliest civilisations, Sumerians in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. They were often crafted with lapis or gold, and this collar necklace type was considered protective and infused with unique powers.  

The choker was later worn in the 1st Century A.D and was mentioned in the Talmud, 6th chapter of Shabbat, as a women's adorned accessory. Later, with time their trends and styles kept changing and today, they are massively loved and ornamented all around the globe.  

Malabar Gold Choker Neckwear Design

Our designs in Gold Choker are brilliantly formulated with passion, love and enthusiasm. As the excellent gold metal blends in with our designs, precious stones and gemstones, the view is extraordinarily divine, with effortless grace.  

Your sparkle has led the way to light up this assortment with even more allure as every woman is as rare, unique and vibrant as our choker layouts. Match your charm with this timeless array of golden shimmer and enthralling beauties from Malabar and adorn it like never before.  

Our mesmerising patterns come in contemporary, traditional and a unique blend of both; take a pick from our range as it satisfies every woman's desires. Furthermore, our patterns are available in intricate and minimal designs so that you can purchase them according to your taste.  

Design Type- Studs, Semi-long, Choker.  

Gold Purity- In 18KT and 22KT (916) Gold choker necklace. 

Theme- Temple, Traditional, Simple, Contemporary, Designer, Bridal.  

Metal Colour-Yellow Gold.  

Types of Choker Neckpiece in Gold: -  

  1.  Temple Choker Necklace in Gold- Chokers in Temple Jewellery style, with mesmerizing motifs of God and Goddesses, look brilliantly royal, and our heavenly designs make it worth it all! Few patterns in this section are even crafted by enriching gemstones and precious stones, and they complement you like no other.

  1. Gemstone Choker Neckwear in Gold- As the beautiful colours of gemstone sit with gold metal's hue, they form a dreamy masterpiece; perhaps words might fall short of expressing. Thus, dive deep into Malabar Gold and Diamond's colours and designs that make you shine even more. 

  1. Bridal Gold Choker Necklace- As a bride begins her new journey, we bring her an art that sparkles like her and is embedded with sentiments and precious moments she'd cherish her whole life. Whether for Marwari, Punjabi, Maratha or Muslim brides, we cater our every bride irrespective of different styles. 

  1. Kundan Choker Necklace in Gold- Our layouts in Kundan style are a tribute to the astounding glamour which reflects unmatched royalty, making it perfect for you to embrace.   

  1. Diamond / Uncut Diamond Choker Neckwear in Gold- Diamonds are loved massively, and so are choker styles; hence, the combination of both would be to die for! Considering the same, we bring you diamond studded designs for you to glimmer with pride.

  1. Gold Pearl Choker – Pearls own a special place in our hearts for their beauty, delicacy and refinement. Featuring the same, we introduce choker designs in pearls that match your beauty with sheer extravaganza.  

Occasions where you can glam with Malabar Gold Choker Necklace Online

  1. Festivals- Choose our tantalising choker in gold. Whether you wish to embellish in the traditional style or contemporary, our darling designs are your best friend!  

  1. Bridal Wear- For Brides, we bring breathtaking style in chokers that'll indeed shower her new wedding journey with blessings, love and spark. They'll complement your dreamy lehenga well and would incredibly match your glamour.  

  1. Traditional Events- Traditional function calls for appropriate clothing and jewellery. Thus, either with a saree, lehenga, salwar kameez etc., pair the chokers in gold, and you'll indeed be flourished with admiration.  

  1. Parties- This wearable art is the best for parties as they give you all the attention with nothing much to do! Pair our lightweight gold choker necklace design with your party outfit, and you are ready to steal all the attention.  

Online Designs types in Malabar's Choker Necklace in Gold 

  1. Uncut Diamond Studded Gold Choker HBDAAAACGECP, 18KT yellow gold, traditional theme. 

  1. Divine Gold Necklace NEDIN9TRCKY002, 22KT yellow gold, temple theme.

  1. Marathi Bride Malabar Necklace NEDICDTRCKA027, 22KT yellow gold, classic theme.

  1. Precia Gemstone Necklace NEPRNGTRCKY014, 22KT yellow gold, contemporary theme.

Malabar Gold Choker Necklace Price

The price of this array starts from Rs 50,000 and goes up to Rs 15,00,000 and above.

Lastly, if you wish to craft a custom piece in this array, we'd be more than glad to create a masterpiece for you, which you'd immensely love and can relive every moment that made you shine with our layouts.

FAQ Segment

  1. Are chokers still in style?  

Answer- Yes! They are in style; in fact, in 2022, they are in trend better than ever.

  1. Do you wear earrings with a choker?  

Answer- Small earrings would look amazing with chokers. As the neck is an extension of your face, there is a possibility that large earrings might touch the choker. So, small earrings are much preferable.  

  1. Where to buy a gold choker necklace online? 

Answer- Malabar is the best place you can shop from. With multiple payment options and choices to choose from, EMI schemes, return policy and Malabar fair price promise, they are precisely the best! 

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