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  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFLV14190

    New Arrival

    ₹ 431,046
    SKU : NKFLV14190
  • Viraaz Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFTP10428

    New Arrival

    ₹ 884,286
    SKU : NKFTP10428
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKPAC14693

    New Arrival

    ₹ 363,682
    SKU : NKPAC14693
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKJUN14800

    New Arrival

    ₹ 263,913
    SKU : NKJUN14800
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFLV14548

    New Arrival

    ₹ 372,927
    SKU : NKFLV14548
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKNGS15420

    New Arrival

    ₹ 475,250
    SKU : NKNGS15420
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKJUN23259

    New Arrival

    ₹ 171,291
    SKU : NKJUN23259
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKDZL29389

    New Arrival

    ₹ 239,020
    SKU : NKDZL29389
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKJUN22253

    New Arrival

    ₹ 121,203
    SKU : NKJUN22253
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKJUN22245

    New Arrival

    ₹ 160,508
    SKU : NKJUN22245
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKJUN22219

    New Arrival

    ₹ 184,973
    SKU : NKJUN22219
  • Era Uncut Diamond Necklace NKFLV17067

    New Arrival

    ₹ 468,707
    SKU : NKFLV17067

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Uncut Diamond Necklace - Malabar's passionate paradise, inviting you to the art of dreams!  

Treasure the feeling of sparkling necklaces with gemstone shades of glam and, surprises,

With the pure depiction of mesmerising art, it forms the staircase to your happiness. 

The word 'Diamond' is derived from the Greek word 'Adamas', which defines 'indestructible.' Like an epic story, the history of diamonds is one of the most mysterious and intriguing. Long ago, they graced the earth with their natural charm and magical allure, which Men and women adore. 

If you know Diamonds, you might as well have heard about uncut diamonds, so what’s the difference between both? Well, Rough or raw diamonds uncovered beneath the surface of the earth that do not go through polishing or cutting procedures are uncut or unpolished diamonds. The earliest diamond jewellery was noted in 1704, when Hungarian queen’s crown was embellished with uncut diamonds. Earlier in India, Royals used to have a beyond-belief appreciation for uncut diamonds though it wasn't as approved. But over time, their solid craftsmanship and designs have become popular among jewellery enthusiasts. People started loving this gem in this natural form, and thus, its popularity and craftsmanship increased with time.

The best buddy to your neck, the necklaces intensify your look in the best way possible. It adds up glamour to your outfit, which appears to be enthralling. Are you planning to wear the necklace in uncut diamonds to a special event? With Malabar's magnificent collection of Uncut Diamond Necklace Online, you'd feel out of the world and will draw desirous glances from everyone around you. An enthralling piece of uncut diamond jewellery does the same; it entices women and makes the wearer feel exclusively unique and confident.

• Uncut Diamonds Guide 

 How to identify Raw Diamonds? 

  1. They are not shaped into any specific size or form by a professional. 

  2. They have not been into the procedure of polishing. 

  3. High percentage of uncut diamonds have a yellowish or brownish shade. 

Three advantages to love Uncut Diamonds: - 

  1. Uncut diamond jewellery is as pure and unique as uncut diamonds. 

  2. These precious stones give an incredible appeal when paired with gemstones like ruby, emerald, and sapphire. 

  3. Since uncut diamonds don't undergo the cutting and polishing method, they are less priced than polished ones. 

• Malabar's Uncut Diamond Necklace Design 

Malabar’s Uncut Diamond Necklace carries the sheer aura of elegance that marks your presence anywhere you go. They come in contemporary, classic and a blend of both, considering every taste preference. Our layouts enhance the sheer aura of royalty in its best form with our bright notes of unpolished diamonds. These stunning loose diamond necklace masterpieces are inspired by every precious woman's shine and are crafted with master-work including pure feelings, incredible sketches, charming colours, and a fabulous glow. 

The Malabar Uncut Diamond Necklace online comes in designs like Semi Long, choker, Close to neck etc. Crafted in 22KT gold, this art speaks the language of perfection, and with us, you can buy the unpolished diamond necklace with earrings and neckpiece set or just the necklace. Colours play a significant role in our lives and so does in jewellery! Thus, our Unpolished Diamond Necklace comes in designs embedded with sparkling coloured gemstone like; Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire etc., that mesmerise your heart. 

• Occasions where you can glam with Malabar's Necklace in Uncut Diamond

  1. Parties- Raw Diamond Necklace, sparkling radiantly at night, praising your elegance with a spark that combines well! How amusing it feels to listen; thus, wonder how startling it would feel to wear this precious jewel? They are indeed best for party wear. 

  1. Festivals- Graceful festivals must include alluring jewellery with hints of traditional designs with a modern touch! Hence, our array is precise for your joyous festivities. 

  1. Bridal Wear- For Malabar's Bride, we bring you the treasure of shine that will flourish your future life delightfully. This collection exhibits eternal brilliance for your eternal happiness. 

  1. Traditional Events- Glow dazzlingly with magnificence never uncovered before! Make sure to choose our designs in classic themes for formal events, as they will complement the occasion very well.

Malabar's Uncut Diamond Necklace Online Design Types

  1. Era Uncut Necklace Set NSNEVZFPOSCKY002, crafted in 22KT Rose-Gold, Contemporary theme, choker style. 

  1. Era Necklace in uncut diamonds NEERGNFLSJA003, crafted in 22KT Yellow Gold, Semi-Long design, for party wear. 

  1. Era Uncut Necklace Set NSNEVZFPOSCKY016, crafted in 22KT Rose Gold, Close to the neck in a contemporary theme. 

• Malabar's Uncut Diamond Necklace Price 

The price of this collection starts from Rs 2,00,000 and can go up to 17,00,000 and above. All the diamonds at Malabar are IGI certified. 

Every uncut diamond jewellery you wear recites to you; you are rare, extraordinary, a discovery and a treasure-worthy celebration. You are undoubtedly an exceptional lover of diamonds but are you a fan of uncut diamonds too? Well, if yes, you'll be amazed at our breathtaking collection, and if not, check out our array, and we assure you, you'll adore it! Suppose you wish to craft a customised, uncut diamond necklace design for formal events, bridal wear, or any other style, we'll be fascinated to compose a fantastic piece for you with your personal touch and our craftsmanship. Happy Shopping! 

FAQ Segment 

  1. What is uncut diamond jewellery called? 

Answer- It is called Raw or Rough diamond jewellery as they are usually unpolished and unshaped. 

  1. What is the cost of one uncut diamond necklace? 

Answer- Our price range starts from Rs 2,00,000 and goes up to Rs 17,00,000 or above, considering design type, craftsmanship, diamonds used etc. 

  1. Where to buy an Uncut Diamond Necklace? 

Answer- If you are looking out to purchase a necklace in uncut diamond, buy from Malabar Gold and Diamonds. With multiple modes of payments, various design types, many online shopping advantages, certification of diamonds and many other features, it's the best stop you can shop from. 

  1. Is Polki and Uncut Diamond the same? 

Answer- Yes, they are the same. Polki is basically a style wherein the jewellery is crafted by placing uncut diamonds in gold jewellery and using gold foils and lac. Unlike other diamonds, polki does not undergo any chemical treatments.

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