Platinum Jewellery For Women


Mine Platinum Bracelet

BNJBCBCD2C | ₹ 26,397


Mine Platinum Necklace

BNJNCD20A | ₹ 43,425


Mine Platinum Necklace

BNJNCD15B | ₹ 46,621


Mine Platinum Necklace

BNJNCD14B | ₹ 45,308


Mine Platinum Necklace

BNJNCD11B | ₹ 41,936


Mine Platinum Necklace

BNJNCD8A | ₹ 44,563


Mine Platinum Chain

BNJNCD7A | ₹ 44,475


Mine Platinum Necklace

BNJNCD3B | ₹ 51,129


Mine Platinum Bracelet

BNJBCBCD10C | ₹ 19,086


Mine Platinum Bracelet

BNJBCBCD6C | ₹ 22,763


Mine Platinum Bracelet

BNJBCBCD4C | ₹ 20,093


Subtle Adornments for the Elegant Self!

Women love wearing jewellery. No matter what the age, you can see women flaunting jewellery on every occasion. The gleam of trinkets brings a shine to every woman’s eye. The love for jewellery is not limited to the glitter, rather it is related to the effect it has on her persona. For the woman who loves speaking her stature through her adornments, platinum jewellery collection for women from Malabar Gold & Diamonds is the best option. The exquisiteness of platinum and the intricacy of designs in these jewellery pieces make them fabulous embellishments for elegance and suave.

Captivating Designs Furnishing Elegance

As pioneers of exquisite platinum jewellery we at Malabar Gold & Diamonds endure to fulfill all your jewellery aspirations at one place. The brilliance in motifs that we sculpt instantly adds grace to your chic personality. At Malabar Gold and Diamonds we are well aware of the needs of women today! Her perseverance to choose the best has motivated us to carve subtle designs that despite being trendy are not just elegant but also worth her stature.

Spoil Yourself with the Best

The candid designs of Mine platinum collection for women are lavish examples of magnificence and elegance. From Platinum Necklace for Women to Platinum rings every jewellery in the Mine collection is intricately sculpted to give subtle effects on one’s persona. Without being overtly glittering, these trinkets do the talking about your understated signature style. As a flawless complement for any type of ensemble, the Platinum Jewellery designs flawlessly blend with any occasion or any ensemble. The Platinum Bracelet designs available with us bespeak our perception to furnish you with jewellery that not just modish but captivating as well.

Varied Choices Explicit To Your Signature Style

Through our eye-catching designs of Platinum jewellery, we help the jewellery lovers flaunt in what suits them best without compromising on their eclectic tastes. The delicately crafted platinum jewellery collection perfectly mirrors our magnificence and your style. Moreover, with the huge range of choice and versatile patterns in our collection, we give you an opportunity to choose the best from the latest trends in platinum jewellery.

Online Shopping

Whether it is for surprising your life partner or as a gesture of appraisal, platinum jewellery gifts very silently solve the purpose. In other words, surprising your loved ones is an effortless task with Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Our online collection lets you order the most authentic PGI certified jewellery at the touch of a click.

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