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Platinum Jewellery Designs for Women

Platinum Jewellery: A Phenomenal Wearable Art

Pure, extraordinary, eternal, versatile, magnificent words fall short while portraying this flawless metal! The phrase "Rare but Permanent: Platinum" is indisputably self-explanatory. With naturally white, this metal is the world's most preciously precise metal with being 95% pure.

Its unique features make it a particular and preferred choice of jewellery for everyday use. It has been drawn up into spectacular jewellery, which slowly has become a fashion statement for contemporary couples.

From unique platinum pendants, rings, earrings, Kada and bracelets, chains and necklaces, Malabar is one of the front runners with glamorous Platinum Jewellery Designs in India.       

Platinum Jewellery: Historical Overview 

Platinum, the substantial fine metal, is immensely popular as it is denser and moldable. Platinum is derived from the Spanish term called "Platina", which means "little silver". Egyptians were the first runners to use platinum metal in jewellery making. Kings and queens widely wore jewellery of this precious metal in the 19th century. Jewellery in Platinum was introduced to Europe in the year 1718, and it first appeared in the court of Louis XVI, a French ruler, who understood that only jewellery made of Platinum conforms to supremacy. 

Malabar: The Right Place To Buy Platinum Jewellery Online

We at Malabar Gold and Diamonds have invariably assured that; each piece we forge admires and echoes your authentic self; it makes you feel even more encouraging and draws the shine within you. Regardless of your taste, our collection exhibits every preference that depicts your personality. Malabar has always been competent in assisting the best jewellery collection irrespective of the style. 

Platinum Jewellery, we have created this stunning wearable art in a way that narrates the epitome. Considering the love for this elegant metal, it has been designed for both Men and Women who are enormously passionate about the platinum collection of jewellery. Check out our incredible jewellery collection in Platinum, thoroughly assembled for you, which are undoubtedly treasured worthy. 

Striking Malabar Mine Platinum Jewellery Designs

Platinum is one of the precious metals known for its prosperity which captivates all the attentiveness for the right reasons, and the designs in this metal are manufactured with or without Diamonds. It has come a long way and has ascertained itself as a decisive player in the jewellery outline. Considering the same, we at Malabar, evolved our expertise level by illustrating authentic pieces like no other. Our designs come in numerous forms, from floral, cluster, geometrical, leaf, classic, fashion, engagement, etc.

Our Platinum jewellery collection includes; Mine; Platinum Plain Casual Ring, Platinum Diamond Studded Casual Pendant, Platinum Plain Studs Earrings, Platinum Diamond Studded Bands Ring, Platinum Plain Chain Bracelet, etc., whether you are looking for platinum ornaments designs for daily wear, couple rings, platinum jewellery for men or women, you quote it, and we have it all for you! We only live once, and it's crucial to live every instant entirely. So then, why live it wearing dull jewellery? 

Malabar Platinum Jewellery Price

The jewellery collection in Platinum starts from Rs 9000 and can go up to Rs 4,00,000 in Diamond designs. Each piece of jewellery that we create is accompanied by a purity certificate complying with international quality standards. 

Platinum rings are also called "bands" because most of the rings have uniform bandwidth throughout with minimal usage of Diamonds. Intricate designing or crafting is often not done for this precious metal as they have simple shoulders, which strengthens their look and makes them unique. 

Categories in Malabar Platinum Jewellery

Each style and piece of our collection has its extraordinary design and style. So whether you want jewellery in platinum for daily wear, party wear, gifting purposes etc., we have it in every art and fashion. 

Jewellery Categories in Platinum

1)      Engagement Rings / Couple Bands - Our collection entails platinum engagement rings which are a set of modern his and her rings that glorifies the pure love and the beautiful beginning of their journey. The Platinum symbolises permanent, just like the beautiful bond the couple possesses. The design signifies the splendour of the marriage, and the ideal settings narrate the supporting pillars they have for each other. For a special touch, you can also opt for customisation, which we would be glad to create for you.

2)      Daily Wear- Platinum represents the foremost luxury and success for daily use. Our variety consists of designs with a minimal yet elegant style suitable for a simple glance to enhance your everyday look. Explore through our collection and shop your favourites. 

3)       Party Wear- Women don't buy jewellery in platinum as an investment but because of their traits. The gorgeous Platinum looks for the parties glams up your posture astonishingly. Platinum jewellery at a party Is meant to go with any party outfit as it enhances your look by appreciating your natural beauty.

4)      For Men's-  Jewellery in Platinum for men's are signified to pair up with any outfit may that be occasional, professional or casual. However, it's rare for men to wear jewellery, but the trend is immensely expanding. They happen to wear platinum jewellery like spectacular bracelets and chains apart from engagement rings.           

5)      Bride- Contemporary couples are in love with platinum. With the glamorous Malabar Platinum designs of necklaces, detailed earrings, sentimental rings, elegant bangles and bracelets etc., we are sure that Malabar’s bride would look magnificently magical.  

Every piece in this collection has a matching pendant, necklace, rings etc., do explore and look accordingly for what fits the most according to your choice; if you can't find a precise match, no issue! Do contact us, and we'll make the ideal match for our precious buyers.So explore what you wish to gift or what suits you best; after all, Platinum is eternal, like endless love.  

FAQ Segment 

1) Is jewellery in platinum safe to wear daily?

Answer- As Platinum is exceedingly durable and robust, it makes it ideal for jewellery to be worn daily. 

2) Why gold and platinum are used to make jewellery?

Answer - The following reasons of the list below will help you to know why gold and platinum are used to make jewellery:-

a)      Gold and platinum are highly lustrous metal.

b)      They can be shaped easily because they are highly malleable and ductile.

c)      They are the most non-reactive metal on the earth and are corrosion-proof. 

3) The best place to buy Platinum Jewellery online? 

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the precise place to buy all the jewellery, whether Gold, Platinum or Diamond. With a unique design, pocket-friendly prices, Malabar promises an easy checkout process and return policy, a highly trusted brand, etc. Therefore, Malabar is the Ideal place for you to buy Platinum or other jewellery.

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