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Gold Ring Designs for Women

Malabar Gold Ring – A golden world of wonder awaits.

Bringing you infinity charm with the skilled artistry of a one-of-a-kind gold ring collection, 

Designed by keeping in mind the vision of the future, so you never settle for anything less than perfection. 

Crafted within precious gold, the embellishing craft Gold Ring exemplifies peerless perfection, effortless glam and divine creation. For all jewellery lovers, these beauties are a must-have in your collection as they are one of the most adorned accessories with magnetic gaze and spellbinding glamour. In addition, they are timeless treasures which are distinctively stylish and complete your look with more beauty and elegance. Gold Rings are awfully startling, and as the gold within its astonishing hues compliments your fingers, they put the grand in grandeur! 

Gold Rings reflects your radiance like never before and redefines magic with pieces full of luxury. Hence, introducing the Malabar Gold Ring, the supremacy star with the touch of fanciest creativity designs that exhibit pure artistry and finesse. 

Malabar Gold Rings Design

If a ring is your favourite piece of jewellery, we have something for you. Our selection of ladies' gold rings is specially crafted for women who are head over heels for rings. The rings in yellow gold are inspired by traditional motifs, whereas the rings in rose gold are chicer and more modish. They put a great concoction of tradition and modernism at the forefront. The Divine range comprises rings flaunting religious motifs. The collection also includes of antique rings and studded gold rings. 


Eternity, Band, Solitaire, Cocktail, Regular, Stackable, Two-headed, heart motif, casual, dangle, broad rings, gold ring for women, men and kids etc. 


Temple, Fancy, Peacock, Spiritual, Tradition, Filigree, Floral, Geometric, Classic, Contemporary, Heart, Leaf, Paisley, Designer, Infinity, Butterfly, Fashion, Navratna, Cartoon, Object, Marriage bridal gold ring, Cocktail, Regular etc.  

Metal Colour and Gold Hue

Our collection comes in 18 KT and 22 KT, within gold colours like yellow, rose gold, two-tone, three-tone etc. 

Design Types 

This array comes in diamond studded, gemstone studded, in intricate style, lightweight patterns, gold engagement rings, in couple rings gold, wedding rings etc.  

Occasions where you can wear Gold Ring design

  1. Daily Wear- For daily wear embellishment, choose our pieces of plain gold rings which come in versatile patterns, brilliant shine and beautifying fashion. Furthermore, our designs are best paired with any outfit you wish to wear! 
  2. Festivity Wear- We know how much you love adorning yourself for your festivities; thus, when it comes to any celebrations, our gold rings are your perfect partner as they intensify your extravaganza tenfold with their glamour. Opt for our pieces in temple theme, cocktail style, or gemstone studded designs that will brilliantly suit your attire.  
  3. Office Wear- Upgrade your professional look with office wear ring in gold that glam up your work look enthrallingly. Whether in lightweight, plain, modest or intricate style, our designs will help you attain your desired look effortlessly. 
  4. Proposal/ Engagement- A perfect engagement ring is the one that fits in with your story; whether you are a lover of timeless classics or a modern-day queen, explore our array, which will indeed connect with your heart instantly. 
  5. Gift- Give the special lady in your life our designs in gold rings for girls that shine as bright as her eyes and will instantly mesmerise her smile. Our collection comes in timeless patterns, so if you wish to gift classic or contemporary pieces, you will indeed discover them in our assortment. 
  6. Traditional Events- Every moment is a celebration, and for every celebration, there's something for you from the Malabar collection. So, for traditional occasions, choose our ladies gold ring patterns and pair them with a saree, salwar kameez or indo-western outfit for a breathtaking look.

 Malabar Gold Ring Design Type

  1. Malabar Gold Ring FRGEDZRURGW695, 22KT two-tone gold colour, floral theme, casual style for daily wear. 
  2. Malabar Gold Cocktail Ring FRANC21212, in yellow gold, traditional theme, stylish umbrella design for party wear style. 
  3. Divine Gold Full Finger Ring FRNOB17770,broad long length gold ring for traditional wear style. 
  4. Malabar Gold Two Headed Ring SKCZLR15238, designer theme, two-headed style, party wear wearing style. 
  5. Malabar 22 KT Gold Studded Casual Ring RGDZ11083A, in yellow gold, fashion theme ring for modern casual wear. 
  6. Precia Gemstone Ring FRSRA10588, 22KT yellow gold, stylish simple navratna theme ring for daily wear.

 Malabar Gold Ring Price 

The price of this collection starts from Rs 4,200 and goes up to Rs 1,50,000 and above, considering multiple factors like design, gold purity, diamonds and gemstones used etc. Furthermore, our Gold Jewellery is BIS hallmarked, and Diamonds go through essential 4C's and are IGI certified, thus, you can buy gold rings for female online from Malabar Gold and Diamonds without worry. 

Lastly, highlight the moment's brilliance that turns your days nothing short of a celebration with our beautifully carved gold rings. Also, wish to  craft a customised piece in this array? We have got you all covered! We'll be more than thrilled to craft a masterpiece that defines you. Have an excellent shopping experience. 

FAQ Segment 

  1. How many grams of gold is sufficient for a gold ring? 
    Answer- 1 to 2 grams of gold is sufficient to craft a ring in gold metal.
  2. How much gold is needed for a ring? 
    Answer- 1 to 2 grams is the minimum requirement to make a gold ring.
  3. Why do people wear gold rings?
    Answer- Gold has been recognised as the symbol of wealth, luck and confidence. Also, it's believed that you attract divine consciousness by beautifying yourself with a gold ring; therefore, many wear it admiringly. 
  4. Which finger should I wear, a gold ring for good luck? 
    Answer- For spiritual benefits, women should wear it on their left hand, and men must wear it on their right hand.
  5. What are the benefits of wearing a gold ring?
    Answer- Well, these are the following advantages: - It helps to promote overall blood circulation and oxygen flow to all portions of the body due to the relaxing impact of gold vibrations on the skin. Promotes immunity. It's also believed that it may alleviate arthritic signs.
  6. How much does it cost to get a simple gold ring?
    Answer- At Malabar, gold simple ring patterns start from 4,200 and go up to Rs 1 5 50,000 and beyond in intricate and numerous other design types. 
  7. What are the astrological benefits of wearing a gold ring? 
    Answer- According to astrology, it's considered that wearing this jewel type is immensely auspicious. Also, it prevents planetary defects or diseases. 
  8. Where to buy a gold ring online?
    Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the precise place for you! With multiple payment modes, EMI schemes, return policies, numerous choices to choose from, Malabar fair promise etc., it's best where you can shop.  
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