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Gold Pendants For Men

Buy Men’s Gold Pendant Online for The Most Unique Designs

Men’s jewellery is different from that of women’s in a lot of ways. Although all women cherish their little trinkets; there are only a few handful of amen who do believe that their masculinity is under threat by wearing a men’s gold pendant. These men in fact look more smart and masculine with gold chains hanging around their neck.

The choice of metal is gold for several reasons. It is a sign of prosperity and anyone who sees a man wearing it will take him to be successful in his career. The basic difference between a men’s gold pendant and a woman’s is in its design.

A woman’s pendants have plenty of floral motifs or other delicate designs. The gold pendant for men has more of abstract designs and is also larger in size. Religious symbols are also a favorite among men. There is quite a variety in them too from the Hindu symbol of “om” or Lord Ganesh to just about any gods or goddesses that one worships. There is a variety for Christians too; there is a wider range of cross designs. There is also the Muslim man’s “Allah” in the Arabic script. There are also quite beautiful Celtic symbols as pendants that are available online. A beautiful god or goddess or their faith’s symbol gives a lot of positive energy to the wearer and he feels confident in going about his daily activities, feeling safe and secure and watched by the creator.

Then there is the choice between yellow and white gold. A lot of gold pendant for men are available in white gold too with diamonds studded in them. Then there is also the two toned type where a bit of white highlights at just the right places accentuates the beauty of the original design.

The reason for the huge popularity in men’s pendants among teenagers is as a result of their pop or rock stars wearing it. These celebrities make it a point of flaunt their pendant on their unbuttoned chests. Teenagers are always in awe of their favorite singers and actors and are known to mimic them. Fashion is also in fact dictated by what celebrities wear.

Today many men prefer to buy men’s gold pendant online. The primary reason is that it is easier to access as they need to take out separate time to go jewellery shopping! The easy payment options appeal to the man’s nature of preferring hassle free activities. Next, when you buy men’s gold pendant online from a well know store; there is no need to bother checking out the retailer’s background. Their presence in the market for several years is proof enough. However, if you want concrete proof then just look for the presence of the BIS 916 Hallmark engraving and you know you are buying genuine gold.

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