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Malabar Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra – Symbol of every precious thing that makes your bond eternal.

Heavenly wearable art that understands the emotions embedded in it by Malabar alluring bride,

Bound by the essence of love, we bring designs that celebrate your eternal union and pride.  

Mangalsutra, this term is the combination of two words; 'Mangal', which signifies 'Auspicious', and 'Sutra' means 'Thread'. Altogether it portrays a promising thread that unites two loving souls. On the day of their holy union, the groom ties this to the bride's neck, symbolising they will be each other's companions until death parts them. Out of all the ornaments, this jewel is immensely vital to the woman and shows their marital status. One such metal that is considered the most auspicious of all and an indication of good times; that adds positivity and protection for the bride as she ventures into her new life, is the Gold Mangalsutra, so let's dive into it more! 

Gold Mangalsutra, the spectacular piece of our history and beliefs, remains the same as it safeguards the couple and confers blessings upon them. Usually, Indian women wear gold Mangalsutra daily, and it's believed that Gold reduces skin inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory property. In addition, Gold is as pure, vibrant and passionate as your love; hence, introducing to you Malabar Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra that's the epitome of traditions, eternal bond and celebration. 

Mangalsutra – History and Design Evolution. 

The origin of this optimistic thread dates back to the 5th-6th century CE in South India, as a single yellow thread tied around the bride's wrist for protection from evil spirits and other men. This one aspect of Hinduism is probably followed by people from different parts of the country in various names and forms. 

Later, with time its design evolved and at present, Mangalsutra comes with black beads, which is to keep the negative energy away and shower positivity on couples. They come in traditional and contemporary styles within metals like Gold, Diamond, and Platinum etc. 

Malabar Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra Design

Malabar Gold and Diamond collection in Daily Wear Gold Mangalsutra glorifies your eternal bond mesmerisingly with art that is not just designs and traditions but a precious sentiment every bride feels! We bring you an array that understands your spirit and emotions and adds sparkle to your eyes. The gold metal, with black beads of Mangalsutra and our dynamic designs, complement each other by creating a magical aura and a powerful expression of love. Our layouts are designed by drawing inspiration from your divine love and your heart that's indeed golden; hence, celebrating every phase of your new beginning. 

The Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra online array comes in timeless traditional, charming contemporary and the magnificent merge of both, catering to every Classic and Modern Bride. Well, let's know more about the design type: -

Theme- Fancy, Traditional, Classic, Fashion, Intricate etc. 

Design Type- Semi Long, Short, Black Beads etc. 

Gold Purity- 18 and 22KT Gold. 

Metal Colour- Yellow, white, rose gold and Two-tone.

Mangalsutra Types - 

  1. Mangalsutra in Gold with Diamond studded designs- Designs in diamonds shine bright like your relationship and intensify your day-to-day attire spectacularly.
  2. Mangalsutra in Gold with Gemstone studded designs- Our patterns come with gemstones that radiants your every precious memory and enhance your everyday look colourfully.

Malabar Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra Design Type

  1. Malabar Gold Mangalsutra MSSGNO0171, crafted in 22kt Gold, yellow metal colour, traditional theme, short design type, daily wear gold mangalsutra design. 
  2.  Malabar Mangalsutra in Gold MSSGNO0176, in 22kt Gold, yellow metal colour, traditional theme, short design type for women, daily use mangalsutra design. 
  3. Malabar Mangalsutra in Gold MSDS053 crafted in 22kt Gold, yellow gold colour, classic theme, semi-long design type. 
  4.  Mangalsutra in Gold MSSGNO0166, in 22kt yellow Gold, traditional theme, two-layered short design type, Mangalsutra for daily wear. 
  5. Malabar Gold Mangalsutra KRNK025, formulated in 18kt Gold, two-tone metal hue, fancy theme, daily wear short gold Mangalsutra design. 

Malabar Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra Price 

The Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra Price starts from Rs 11,900 and goes up to Rs 85,000, considering design, craftsmanship, gold purity etc. Our Gold is BIS hallmarked, and Diamonds are IGI certified; hence, you can buy worry-free with us. 

Lastly, all the wedding rituals are significant to the bride as she journeys from one family to another, hence eternalise the moment you started your forever with our designs as special as the moment. If you wish to craft a customised gold daily wear mangalsutra design for your wife or yourself, we would be thrilled to craft a mesmerising masterpiece. Have a great shopping experience. 

FAQ Segment 

1. What is the rate of daily wear Gold Mangalsutra?

Answer- The price of the Gold Daily Wear Mangalsutra collection at Malabar starts from Rs 11,900 and goes up to Rs 85,000. 

2. What is the scientific reason behind wearing Mangalsutra? 

Answer- It's said that when the bride wears this wearable art, it activates Surya Nadi and the inherent energy in her body. Few people also described that it gives the brain the instructions to release the hormone, take positive energy from the earth and circulate it in the bride's body to make her feel energetic. 

3. Is it compulsory to wear Mangalsutra every day?

Answer- No, it is not mandatory to wear it every day. It depends on your choice, but if you want to, you definitely can! 

4. How do I choose a Mangalsutra? 

Answer- The following steps below will help you choose your precise match: - 

a) Firstly, understand your cultural necessities. 

b) Opt for a versatile design. 

c) Focus and acquire your idealistic Mangalsutra chain length. 

d) Choose your Mangalsutra pendant type. 

e) Decide which precious metal you want it in. 

f) Determine your budget. 

g) Pay attention to the details

h) Check for certification. 

5. What are non-traditional/trendy mangalsutra that is best suitable for daily wear?

Answer- Go for the Bracelet Mangalsutra design as they are unique, versatile and indeed charismatic. Furthermore, choose Malabar designs which are favourable for everyday wear as they are lightweight and add a touch of refinement with nothing much to do. 

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