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Featherlight Gold Jewellery Collection

The Featherlight Facile Gold Pendant Sets 

Gold jewellery is an integral part of every woman's life worn as a symbol of prosperity and pride. It's restricted to being the symbol of elegance and believed to be the best form of investment. Gold jewellery has always been close to women's hearts, and Malabar makes sure to cater to every woman's prospect by crafting spectacular wearable art in Gold, Diamond & Platinum to embellish beautiful fragments of joy spent with your loved ones because these little moments we treasure forever.

A pendant is an artist of jewellery worn around the neck as a glamorous embellishment to your mesmerising beauty. It is a piece of wearable art suspended from numerous jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and ribbons; the elegant humble entrance came about in the 18th century. Pendant sets include matching earrings worn in contemporary or western forms. They have always been one of the top picks for daily wear or Party purposes, as their sheer uniqueness is what makes it stand out in the crowd.

Malabar's "Featherlight Facile Gold Pendant Sets" are lightweight, versatile with the notes of brilliant elegance; hence, it makes it precise to be worn daily as it is for sure that it will spectacularly add up a glamorous essence to your daily look. 

Fascinating Featherlight Facile Gold Pendant Set Designs And Prices Online Like No Other 


Malabar has a fascinating design of lightweight gold pendant set under the Featherlight Facile collection with intricate expertise, craftsmanship, symmetrical designs which undoubtedly suit any attire may that be contemporary or traditional. Charismatic, Spectacular, Striking; words fall short while portraying this art because they are precise for every beauty. Modern and captivating, this pendant greatly reflects your style and elegance. Inspired by the immense love of women for the pendant sets crafted with astonishing designs, our neckpieces are genuine "A Splendid Fantasy'! The stunning art motif can be detached and worn individually as a free-spirited pendant. 

Looking out for something for your little princess? Well, the Featherlight Facile Gold Pendant Set assortment is perfect for your doll as it's as soft, lightweight and precious as your princess.  


The Featherlight Facile collection of Gold Pendants launches from Rs 7,000 and increase according to the specific designs and metal used. We have EMI schedules that authorise shoppers to finalise their purchases at their fondness. May that be the traditional, distinct or prestigious glimpse, it's undesirable without gold jewellery, and any gaze blends exceptionally with them. Jewellery shopped from Malabar House is against any loss, hazard, accident or devastation. Besides, every wearable art of jewellery we assemble is glanced at by a purity certificate expressing international quality standards. 

Featherlight Facile Gold Pendant Set Online 

Exhausted from a continual hunt for gorgeous gold pendant sets and considering purchasing them online? Well, we are here to solve your problem. Malabar gives you the safest and pleasing digital buying occurrence, as your security is our utmost priority. It's favourable to buy jewellery online as we offer multiple benefits to the shopper; 

a) Buyers can correlate layouts according to the rate and their appreciation.

b) Satisfied experience of digital purchasing and return policy. 

c) You can patiently wait for the most excellent deals and offers.

d) EMI payment and Multiple methods of payments.

e) 24 hours, the online network is functional to assist you.

f) You can filter designs by weight, price, trend, karat, occasion and more.

Different Occasions To Wear Malabar's Spectacular Gold Pendant Set

  1. Office Wear- Stand unique in the office by creating an optimistic impression with our exclusive gold pendant set, which draws shine from within and symbolises confidence. Dress up in your formal outfit with this lightweight beauty, and you are ready to rock the office attire.  

  1. Dinner Date- When it comes to Malabar's designs, women are obsessed with them. Lightweight jewellery is a precise option for a dinner date. If you intend to wear a gorgeous gown or a lengthy one-piece dress, a gold pendant set will look mesmerising on your beauty. 

  1. For your little princess- Malabar's lightweight Gold pendant set array is graceful but comfortable and can be worn by small ones. Little diva can pair the pendant and small earrings with her flowery dresses. They'll look so adorable on your princess that you might want more than one pair to add up in her collection. 

  1. Casual hangout- Girls or women can wear pendant sets for a casual outing without much ado. They hold a minimal glance with elegance, a prosperous appreciation to add bravery without being too experimental and keeping it simple yet modern.

  1. Gifting Purpose- Undoubtedly, women love gifts. In addition, they immensely adore gold jewellery, so it’s a perfect combination to give someone close to your heart. May that be your sweet sister, caring mother, beautiful wife etc.; we are sure they’ll fall in love with our lightweight gold pendant sets. 

Jewellery has the strength to bring about a vital mark in the crowd. At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, we make it conclusive that each segment we craft is precise and awakens the best within you. Whether you want a gold pendant set for your office outfit, a luxurious design to make a style statement for you or to flaunt a pair for a weekend celebration, you are confident of discovering the excellent piece you strive for in our assortment. 


FAQ Segment 

  1. Can the gold pendant set be worn daily? 

Answer: Yes, the precise and minimal look of the pendant set makes it perfect to be worn daily. Malabar's Featherlight Facile collection is a specific option for women or little princesses as it's lightweight, minimal and mesmerising.  

  1. Best place to gold pendant set online? 

Answer: Malabar's Gold jewellery collection is exceptionally fascinating. Hence, it makes it the perfect option for you to buy lightweight gold jewellery, office wears gold jewellery, jewellery sets, Platinum jewellery or Diamond etc. With an easy checkout process, astonishing designs, certified metal, prices like no other, it's the best option to purchase jewellery you desire.

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