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Gold Party Wear Bracelet – Embellish your wrists with our Golden high-shine. 

Layer our lavishly luxurious and beautiful bold wearable art within the golden hue,  

That exudes hints of powerful passion and extravaganza with its extraordinary view.  

Every big announcement comes with an invitation to a party celebration to share the joy and excitement of the news! Undoubtedly, when women listen to the word 'party celebration', the first thought that strikes their mind is 'Outfit and Jewellery'. Now listen up close as we let you in on one such party ornament that will ensure you capture all the attention, enhance your excitement, and that's none other than the 'Glamorous Gold Party Wear Bracelet'. Bracelets for your writs is an ornament no woman can resist; in addition, our designs of this array? That's indeed an art to treasure. They are precise companions for your gala wear that never fails you to charm.  

Now that you know about the brilliant bracelet's allure, we introduce you to the 'Malabar Gold and Diamond’s Party Wear Bracelet Design' with an enchantment that awaits you. This art is a reminder of bright days and good times with many shades of glam. Hence, add vibrance to your bash with our vibrant collection.  

Bracelet – History 

It's said that around 7000 years ago, the wearing of numerous jewellery types became common in the name of adornment and rituals. Archaeologists, in their surveys, have found vital evidence that people wore bracelets delightedly in ancient China, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Back then, bracelets were made from shells, thin tree limbs and grasses.  

Later on, the typical bracelet style was made from bronze and copper, and after the Bronze Age, which spanned from 2000 B.C to 1400 B.C, artisans crafted this art in gold and silver. These bracelets were potentially more embellished with shells and stones. Later with time, jewellery became a powerful symbol of status, luxury and wealth and hence, kept winning the hearts of many.  

Malabar Gold Party Wear Bracelet Design 

Our party wears come in many shades of glam, waiting for you to embrace them and ignite your exciting affair. Turn every festivity into shining memory within our pieces of gold that perfectly capture your golden memories, embed special remembrances within it and remind you to live every moment of your life with utter joy. Tune in and explore this breathtaking assortment that helps you style your party dress with the season's icon and radiates the spirit of every occurrence.  

The timeless party wear bracelet design comes in modern, traditional and a mixture of both, catering to the desires of every taste bud. Our designs are spectacular choices for every age group, whether in intricate or stylish patterns.  

Design Type- Loose, Traditional, Contemporary, Intricate etc.  

Metal Colour- Yellow, Rose-Gold etc.  

Gold Purity- Usable in 22KT Gold Bracelets for Women.  

Theme- Fancy, Floral, Contemporary.  


  1. Gold Bracelet in Gemstone Studded Designs- Joy comes easy when colours accompany you within mind-blowing layouts. Hence, opt for our gold bracelet for ladies and get ready to be luminous..     

  1. Gold Bracelet in Diamond Studded Designs- Diamond's shine is incomparable, and so is your celebration. Thus, adorn gold bracelets for ladies in diamond studded patterns and glow like never before.  

Malabar Gold Party Wear Bracelet Online: Wearing Guide  

Jewellery is a piece of embellishment that lifts your confidence with sheer enchantment. Considering the same, every woman has a unique sense of style, enhancing their enthusiasm and personality and speaking about their choices. Hence, below are a few ways in which you can choose to accessorise your glam for the party look: -  

  1. Cocktail Party- You can choose to layer multiple pieces in this collection for an extravaganza, bound to give you a detailed and bold look. An elegant cocktail gown for your celebration is best paired with our gold bracelet for women's.  

  1. Dinner Gathering- Out for a dinner party? Don't forget to wear our bracelet designs in gold that matches your glam night. Let our gemstone studded patterns add all the grandness, and you can even match them with your outfit colour.  

  1. Surprise Party-Are you planning a surprise gathering for your best friend or any other precious person in your life? A stunning breezy dress or jeans-top would be outstandingly paired with our bracelets in gold for your impromptu parties,never to feel short of brilliance. 

Malabar Gold Party Wear Bracelet Design Type 

  1. Precia Gemstone studded loose gold bracelet BRSNGGM024, in 22KT Yellow gold, fancy theme, loose wearing style.  

  1. Precia Gemstone Studded loose gold bracelet BRSNGGM023, 22KT yellow gold, floral theme, loose design type.  

  1. Precia Gemstone Studded Loose Gold Bracelet HBDAAAABGYRD, in 22KT Yellow Gold, Contemporary theme, loose wearing type.  

Malabar Gold Party Wear Bracelet Price  

The price of this collection starts from Rs 20,000 and goes up to Rs 2,00,000 and above. Furthermore, our Gold and Diamonds are BIS hallmarked and IGI certified; thus, shop worry-free.

Lastly, let our magnificent pieces of party wear bracelets in gold be part of your exciting event, as they surely set up the mark with their captivating appeal and attractive essence. Also, if you desire to craft a personalised piece in this collection, we would be thrilled to craft a masterpiece that would brilliantly suit your imagination. Have a great shopping experience!   

FAQ Segment  

  1. What is the cost of gold party wear bracelets? 

 Answer- At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, the price starts from Rs 20,000 and goes up to Ra 2,00,000 considering gold purity, design etc.  

  1. Where to buy gold party wear bracelets online?  

Answer- Well, search no more, as Malabar has covered you all. With multiple design choices, numerous modes of payment, EMI schemes, Malabar Promises, and many more online shopping advantages, it's the best place you can shop from.  

  1. Do you wear a bracelet on the right hand or left hand? 

Answer- Many people often get confused about which wrist they must wear the bracelet on, but the truth is there is no wrong or correct answer to this. Either way, you wish to wear it, their allure would be one to talk about.  

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