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Gold Maang Tikka

What exactly is Maang Tikka? Maang tikka is one of the famous hair accessories that are basically worn by Indian women. It’s a type of hair jewellery that generally consist of a chain with a hook and a central pendant, which falls gracefully on the forehead of the wearer. Maang tikka looks great on every face cuts. The ornate pendant can be of different shape, design, metals, pearls, diamonds and gemstones. Maang tikka is basically considered an important element of the sixteen traditional bridal ornaments. Bride on her wedding day is adorned with beautiful artistic maang tikka and that she will also wear it in any of such traditional occasions or if not will treasure it as a heirloom piece, for the rest of her live. This piece adds a touch of royalty and elegance to the overall look of the bride. Generally, the chain of the maang tikka is studded with diamonds and other precious stones. The pendant of a Maang Tikka can be flat, triangle, spherical, flowery or even dangly pearl or gemstone drops.

So you love and adore women gold maang tikka? You can team maang tikka with any ethnic attire like salwar kameez, lehenga, saree or sometimes even with western wear! Think about the occasions and the attire you would want to team your maang tikka with and accordingly pick the right one. Your jewellery is not just reflection of your personal taste, but also is a sign of who you are. In India, Maang Tikka has a strong traditional significance. Not just the traditional inclination, but maang tikka adds to your beauty, it help open up the face of the wearer.

Maang tikka are not just limited to Indian women, it has enamored fashion world at large. Lately, maang tikka has catapulted the glitzy world making itself important wardrobe essential.

Buy gold maang tikka for women and gift your woman the most exotic jewel. Pick the best that compliments her facial features and opens up her veiled beauty. Match your gold maang tikka with rest of your gold jewellery to look stunning.

And, if you do want to pick up a classic with a touch of vintage look jewelry piece or maybe just an elegant exotic style defining finest jewelry, we will recommend the new and the different maang tikka. To get more idea about these jewel piece, check maang tikka for women online and get prepared for sporting the traditional do with the dainty piece. Buy gold maang tikka for women online, particularly; at ‘Malabar’, you will find a great variety to choose from and the most classic ones with the hue and touch of modern. Pick the drops, the round or the pear designed maang tikka for women, that has the unique look of rich Indian tradition, made with the finest gold, adorned and embellished with precious gemstones, motifs and diamonds, and behold! These exotic pieces can be worn to any of the grand celebrations or occasions, weddings and parties.

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