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  • Mine Diamond Ring FRWAV20095

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  • Mine Diamond Ring FRWAV20004

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  • Mine Diamond Ring FRWAV20003

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  • Mine Diamond Ring FRWAV20094

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  • Mine Diamond Ring FRHRT11306

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  • Mine Diamond Ring FRHRT11305

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Diamond Rose Gold Rings

Diamond Rose Gold Ring – Malabar's art of thoughtful design and eternal shine.

Divine art that surely knows how to make an entrance with your smile, 

Join the gala of rose gold hue, hosted by a diamond ring that's indeed versatile. 

Ladies and gentlemen, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you adore rings? Well, we are sure you'd say 10, and why wouldn’t you as rings are incredibly popular and trendy jewellery ornament which enhance your appearance graciously with the notes of astonishing elegance. They are like your go-to buddy, and among all ring types, the spectacularly supreme, the one who makes sure to steal your heart and capture your mind, is the Diamond Ring. 

The diamond ring is a timeless art which is a must-have in every jewellery enthusiast's collection. They portray fierceness, luxury, romance and confidence in their best form, making you shine like never before. Furthermore, a diamond ring in Rose Gold is additionally glamorous because the joy this colour brings in with the diamond's glint is incomparable. Life with colours and shine is treasure-worthy, so it is in jewellery! Hence, introducing Diamond Rose Gold Ring design with charismatic colour and brilliance for the precious him and her to glisten today, tomorrow and every day! 

• Malabar's Diamond Rose Gold Ring Design 

Buy Diamond Rose Gold Ring Online at Malabar with designs and magnificence like no other. Our layouts are the epitome of forever love, charm and grace, which makes sure to intensify your look appealingly. Inspired by every woman’s beauty and brain and every man’s handsomeness and talent, we bring you art as precious as them. At Malabar, this collection for Women is assembled in the following way: - 

Design Available in eternity, Band, solitaire, cocktail, regular, wide ring, two-headed, casual, venky etc. 

Gold Purity – In 18KT and 22KT gold. 

ThemesIn fancy, traditional, floral, cluster, geometric, classic, contemporary, heart, leaf, drop, designer, fashion, engagement and art deco. Furthermore, for women, layouts are usable in gemstones with mesmerising colours and glow. 

In detail, let's check out Rose Gold Diamond Ring Design for Women. 

  1. Diamond Rose Gold Ring for WomenEvery jewellery design is precious to women; as they select it with utmost attention thus, we ensure that each piece we craft for women is worth everything! Our layouts emit a shine similar to your spirit and grandness like your intelligence. It fluently speaks the language of precious sentiments and is crafted with utmost devotion. 

  1. Diamond Rose Gold Ring for MenMen love rings, and thus, our array portrays your personality and passion authentically. Men usually idolise minimal yet luxurious designs which feel like them. At Malabar, structures are assembled not only in minimal but also in intricate designs for you to choose your precisely desired piece. Our assortment is perfect as it brings out their best shine.  

• Glam Remarkably with Malabar's Diamond Rose Gold Ring Online

A perfect piece of jewellery doesn't need any special occasion to glam. But instead, it makes the event memorable with its charisma, and that’s precisely what every ornament at Malabar Gold and Diamond does! 

So, in this segment, let's dive into the few ways to glam up or depict your thoughtfulness on specific events with our Diamond Rose Gold Online designs for women. For everyday wear, cocktail party wear etc, name it, and we have it! 

  1. Dinner Date- Dinner dates are often planned among couples, so why not make this event memorable by gifting your better half the rose gold diamond ring? They'll remember it all their life because gestures like this are heartfelt. 

  1. Daily Wear- Men and Women, you can definitely prefer this collection to wear daily because why not shine every day if you can? We know you’d agree with us; hence, pair it with any outfit of your choice and carry the touch of luxury everywhere you go. Either with western attire or traditional, it’s magical hue exceptionally compliments and intensifies your look. 

  1. For Proposing or Engagement Ceremony- Moments like this must be initiated with art like ours; special, Rare and Extraordinary! For your eternal bond, we bring you a forever shiny gem as sparkling as your love; the Solitaire Diamond Rose Gold Ring. With changing times, rose gold hues have marked their presence in the jewellery industry, so celebrate your special day with the trendiest item. 

  1. As a gift- Gifting a precious art to your beloved person does not require any special occasion, so bring a smile to your loved ones with our rose gold ring in a diamond as this timeless art surely knows how to make every man and woman happy. 

• Malabar's Rose Gold Diamond Ring Design Types 

  1. Mine Diamond Floral Ring FRPDDIA19429, crafted in 18KT Gold, floral theme, and casual design for women. 

  1. Mine Diamond Ring FRHRM11166, crafted in 18KT Gold, Fashion theme, broad ring design type for women. 

  1. Mine Diamond Ring FRALR10579, with gemstone studded, art deco theme, casual wear for women. 

  1. Mine Diamond Ring FRSLT11121, crafted in 22KT gold, classic theme, regular design type for Men. 

• Malabar's Diamond Rose Gold Ring Price 

For Women, this collection onsets with Rs 9000 and goes up to Rs 7,51,000 and beyond, considering the diamond used, design etc. Our diamonds are IGI certified, and Gold is BIS hallmarked; hence, you have nothing to worry about. 

Every piece of jewellery has an untold story that is immensely personal and unique to you. May that be your kind love, hardworking success, heartfelt desire etc., which hint you to buy the art you desire the most; every tale is unique. Thus, bind your distinctive memories within our Rose Gold Ring Design in Diamond because it's undoubtedly worth it! Do you wish to craft a customised rose gold diamond ring? With your ideas, the masterpiece will be crafted at Malabar with utmost priority and perfection.

FAQ Segment 

  1. Is rose gold good for diamonds? 

AnswerYes, it looks awe-inspiring. The rose gold colour compliments every skin tone, and diamonds range in several shapes, cuts or colours. Without any doubt, you can go for rose gold colour in any diamond jewellery. 

  1. Is rose gold okay for an engagement ring? 

AnswerYes! Rose gold is not only great but the safest for an engagement ring as they complement every skin tone of women. It's also perfect because it will never go out of trend. 

  1. Is rose gold cheap? 

Answer: Compared to other metals, rose gold is often reasonable because; copper, the alloy used to create rose gold, costs less. It is even durable because of the copper's strength, making it tougher than white and yellow gold.   

  1. What is Diamond Rose Gold Ring Price in India? 

AnswerAt Malabar, the price starts from Rs 9000 and goes up to Rs 7,51,000 for Women. 

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