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Diamond Loose Bracelet Designs

Malabar Diamond Loose Bracelet – Wrap your wrists with our ultra-desirable icon.

Write your own style story with Malabar Dazzling Diamond Loose Bracelet.

Layer them on, as it's time to glow with their every mesmerisingly appealing facet.

The word 'Bracelet' got its title from 'Brachial', a Latin term which signifies 'of the arm'. Well, do you wish to create an extraordinary style statement? If so, Diamond Bracelets are your best friend. They are an effortless piece of wearable art with timeless beauty and distinctive character and are designed to make you shine. They hold a glow that dares you to be different, reminds you how rare and daring you are and exudes notes of sheer brilliance. No other jewel is as attractively graceful as bracelets, and they have been in trend perpetually. This unique craft adds a touch of glamour, a flash of pretty hue and incredible attraction to your attire that's exclusively one-of-a-kind.

 Let us introduce you to one such bracelet type in diamonds that's the ultimate elegance icon, with magnificent embellishments, sensational style and striking details, the one and only Malabar Diamond Loose Bracelet. The style? Indeed captivating. The allure? Heart stealing. The shine? Creative, that's never seen before!

Fascinating History of Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets are one of the oldest types of jewellery . Approximately every ancient culture shows the bracelets in their history, which have been well known to represent status, wealth, relationships and more.

Diamond bracelets were initially known as Diamond Line Bracelets and earlier appeared in the 1920s. This spectacularly rich and elegant ornament became famous in the 1970s. During the open championship in the US in 1978, Chris Evert was wearing a diamond line bracelet, and they were known as the 'Tennis Bracelet'. Today, bracelets in diamond come in different patterns and styles, which women adorn exceptionally. From luxurious styles to intricate and simple to loose, catering occasions like daily wear, parties, festivities and many more, bracelets are becoming prominent daily.

Diamond Loose Bracelet Design

Our designs in this collection define a new era of glamour within matchless magnificence, suiting every age group precisely. With a delightful fusion of perfection and passion, they ignite passion and dreams and inspire you to be yourself! Own every day with our charming pieces with high-shine diamonds, grand aura and show-stopping allure which awaits to be yours. Our assortment of loose bracelets in diamonds are brought  to make you eternally shine with enchantment and are entirely dedicated to your radiance.

This array comes in timeless traditions, contemporary and a blend of both, considering our every  buyer’s choice. Hence, celebrate the many shining sides of the woman you are becoming with an equally sparkling jewel type.

Design Type- Oval, Loose, Intricate, Modest.

Gold Purity- Active in 18KT loose bracelet.

Theme- Fancy, Traditional, Cluster, Geometric, Contemporary, Heart, Infinity, Fashion.

Metal Colour- Yellow, Two – Toned and Rose Gold Bracelet style.

Types in Diamond Bracelet for women : -

Our designs are usable in many types, like, Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet, Diamond Loose Hook Style Bracelet, Diamond Loose Adjustable Bracelet etc.

  • Occasions where you can wear Malabar Diamond Loose Bracelet Online
  1. Everyday Wear- Why wait for a special occasion to adorn diamonds when you can do that daily? Hence, opt for our pieces in loose bracelets, with modest yet astonishing patterns, as they'll perfectly suit your attire.
  1. Traditional Events- Every classic occasion comes with excitement to get adorned with breathtaking jewellery and clothes. For your delightful events, don't forget to choose your desired choice in traditional patterns that will suit any of your festivity outfits.
  1. Office Wear- Yes! You can absolutely wear this wearable art at the office. Our diamond bracelets shine in your honour as you turn your dreams into reality. They magnificently talk about personality, passion, and perfection and suit well with your work wear. For an additional grand touch, pair our jewellery with the watch.
  1.  Surprise Gift- Whether it be your anniversary, mother's birthday, sister's big achievement party, etc., surprise your beloved ones with an equally precious craft. Their shine will undoubtedly bring a smile to their face and you will always own a special place in their heart.
  1. Party Night- Attending a glamorous gathering? Be the queen of royalty and grace by embellishing our loose bracelet designs in diamonds. Pair it with a gorgeous gown or stunning saree, and you are ready to go!

Malabar Diamond Loose Bracelet Design Type

  1. Mine Diamond Bracelet BRGEN10677 18KT Rose Gold Metal, Flower Theme, Periwinkle design type.
  1. Mine Diamond Bracelet BRMMG10007 18KT Gold, traditional mangalsutra theme, loose wearing style.
  1. Mine Diamond Studded Loose Gold Bracelet BRGEN10153, 18KT two-tone gold hue, cluster theme, loose design type.
  1. Mine Diamond Bracelet BRALR10386, crafted in 18KT Yellow Gold, contemporary theme, floral design type.
  1. Mine Diamond Bracelet BRDIA10007 18KT Rose Gold, eternity theme, for casual wear.

Diamond Loose Bracelet Price

The price of this collection starts from Rs 22,000 and goes up to Rs 2,50,000 and above. While purchasing any pieces of our Gold or Diamond jewellery, you don't have to worry at all as our gold is BIS hallmarked, and diamonds are IGI certified. In addition, our diamond goes through the noteworthy 4C's, namely - clarity, cut, carat and colour.

Lastly, find your unique match and bring home a bracelet in diamonds from our collection that celebrates your story—exclusively crafted in nature's precious treasure for a diamond-like you. Also, if you wish to opt for a customised diamond bracelet, contact us, we'll design and formulate art that brilliantly defines you! Have a great shopping experience.

FAQ Segment

  1. What is the cost of a loose diamond bracelet?

Answer- At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, the price of this collection starts from Rs 22,000 and goes up to Rs 2,50,000 and above, considering the diamond used, design, gold purity etc.

  1. Can you wear a diamond bracelet every day?

Answer- Yes, you can wear it every day. Before purchasing, make sure to buy minimal pattern styles as they suit perfectly for everyday wear.

  1. Where to buy diamond loose bracelets online?

Answer- Undoubtedly, for a diamond bracelet Malabar Gold and Diamonds collection is breathtaking. With a wide range of options, certified diamonds and gold, multiple payment options, fair price promise, EMI schemes and many other online shopping advantages, it's the best you can shop from.

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