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Diamond Kangan Bangle – Malabar iconic glimpse of bliss.

Words fall short while expressing the allure of diamonds! They don't need any introduction, as their enchantment, extravaganza and powerful enticement are known to everyone. They hold a special spot in everyone's heart, and their appealing jewellery embellishes you breathtakingly. Well, one such diamond jewellery type that has its exotic ways of depicting more than just a fashion statement, and is indeed an ode to brilliant art is none other than the Diamond Kangan Bangle.

Diamond Kangan Bangle adorns your wrists with perfect grace and even makes a flattering commentary about your grandly refined taste in jewellery. Hence, introducing to you the dazzling and dynamic Malabar Diamond Kangan Bangle that defines an ever-alluring glow, royal aura and captures the magic from unexpected wonders.

Malabar Diamond Kangan Bangle Design

Our collection of Diamond Kangan Bangle Online is the craft of timeless tantalising, and exquisite excellence that's wholly dedicated to your brilliance. Every piece of this array is crafted with utmost devotion, care and love as they beautify your hands, which are significant partakers in making a stream of a prosperous future. Inspired by the unique and rare magic your hands hold, our designs exhibit distinct essence of charm, as fierce and beautiful as you are!

Whether you desire designs in traditional, contemporary or an outstanding blend of both, you'll find everything in our collection. As a leading jewellery brand, we understand and know what women desire, and thus, you are sure to find your match within our array!

Design- Kangan, Lightweight, Intricate, Classic, Modern, Floral etc.

Theme- Traditional, Designer, Navratna, Contemporary.

Gold Purity- In 18KT Diamond Kangan and 22KT.

Gold Colour- Usable in yellow, white, rose-gold, two-tone etc.

Types of Diamond Kangan for women –

Our assortment exhibits lightweight kangan bangles, gemstone-studded diamond kangan bangles, intricate diamond bangles etc.

Occasions where you can wear Malabar Diamond Kangan Bangle

1. Daily Wear- Looking for an opulent diamond bangle yet one that's easy to carry? Look no further than this array! Simplicity and elegance effortlessly come together in our designs of lightweight diamond kangan, and they will surely bring you all the compliments. Also, they'll superbly go with your everyday look.

2. Party - Give your party wear outfit an eloquent touch with our patterns in gemstone studded real diamond kangan bangle design, which is crafted to steal all the attention. No matter what your style is we definitely have a show-stopping masterpiece that'll intriguingly match your party apparel.

3. Traditional Wear- Let your wrists do all the talking for your glamour when you put on our collection's diamond bangles. Pair our pieces in traditional motifs, diamond eternity style kangan or gemstone studded patterns that can be paired with an array of ethnic ensembles.

4. Festivity Wear- Our designs in colour-splashing gemstones or intricate kangan style are perfect for any festival celebrations. They are destined to make you feel like royalty because that is what you deserve!

5. Office Wear- Rediate, a subtle charm with our pieces of lightweight work, wear diamond kangan or lattice diamond kangan, especially suited with work apparel. Furthermore, for a detailed and appropriate office look, you can opt to wear a watch in one hand and bangles in the other.

6. As a gift- Gift our diamond kangan bangles to your loved ones, as they are flexible and just perfect for any occasion! Whether as a festival gift, anniversary, birthday, special achievement or any other, this ageless craft will indeed accentuate your precious lady's radiance and light up her smile.

Malabar Diamond Kangan Bangle Online Design

1. Mine Diamond Studded Gold Kangan BNDIA10076, 18KT yellow gold, the contemporary theme for party wear.

2. Mine Diamond Studded Kangan Gold Bangle Set BSKDBGCBL744, 18KT yellow gold, the traditional theme for daily wear.

3. Mine Diamond Bangle BNDIA10145, 18KT rose gold, the bridal wear for wedding.

4. Mine Diamond Bangle BNHRT10264, 22KT yellow gold, the contemporary theme for party wear.

5. Mine Diamond Studded Kangan Gold Bangle BS12322A0A, 18KT gold, the contemporary theme for party wear.

Malabar Diamond Kangan Bangle Price

The price of this assortment starts from Rs 45,000 and goes up to Rs 8,00,000 and above. Our Gold id BIS hallmarked, diamonds go through significant 4C's and are IGI certified; thus, purchase your favourites without worry.

Lastly, adorn with pieces of this collection as grace epitomises itself in their designs, and they have a special word of love for you – every dream and wish you would put your hands can indeed turn into a joyous reality! Furthermore, if you want a customised diamond kangan bangle design, we would be glad to build a masterpiece for you. Have a great shopping experience.

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