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Gold Band Ring

Malabar Gold & Diamond's Gold Band Ring – The only one to know your secrets and stories. 

Well said, 'Love is the best feeling you can ever feel! It is the most fascinating thing that can happen to you. Our everyday starts with an opportunity to live several unforgettable moments, which eventually turn out to be the best memories. Then, why not bind memories into something so significant that it’ll perpetually remind you of the same? And the answer to that is Band Rings, which will hold your secrets and stories like no other. 

Your affectionate love, tender soul and merging of hearts are incomplete without the band rings. The moment the right feeling rings in your heart, that's the moment you want to hold on to forever, and we are here to glorify and raise a toast to your forever with an astonishing collection of perfect band rings. Hence, introducing Malabar's Gold Band Ring Designs that celebrate your forethought bond. Whether proposing to your girlfriend for marriage, celebrating your togetherness as a couple, for your 1st anniversary or 50th, with timeless designs suitable for every age group, we at Malabar understand precisely that every passionate story is unique. 

Little moments and gestures lead to big moments; thus, our designs remind you of the ease your soulmate brings to your life. With every curve and detail, we mirror the beauty of your love and make your engagement day special. 


• Significance of Band Rings 

What does a band ring signify? Well, it denotes that the wearer is married or are a couple and holds a deep essence of eternal love and emotions. Finding your loving partner is a surreal experience, and so is selecting the precise band ring for them, as the ring you choose will recite your story, love, togetherness, and bonding. 

• Band Ring Artistry – Changing Trends. 

The theory of band rings has developed considerably over the centuries; today, people even wear them as a fascinating accessory. While men prefer wearing band rings that portray their personality, on the other hand, women opt for glamorous, elegant and stylish band ring designs. Either way, you wish to buy, our collection truly satisfies you with numerous options and designs. 

• Malabar's Gold Band Ring Design 

                                                   'Expert in expressing love' 

Love, Respect, and commitment are the values one must always follow, but there comes a time when you must declare that, like at your wedding, couple milestone, and engagement day. At the ring exchange ceremony, you express your love for your to-be-spouse and what other spectacular way than declaring it with a band ring in gold? Our Gold Band Ring Designs are the epitome of eternal togetherness, and love as pure and vibrant as yours must be celebrated in a golden way! For both Men and Women, marriage holds an exceptionally meaningful part in their hearts; hence our designs for both are crafted with immense dedication, magnificence, care and passion. 


Design and Metal Colour: - For men and women, Gold Band Ring Designs are usable in Traditional, Classic, Heart and Fashion themes. Layouts are crafted in 18KT and 22KT Gold with Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Two-Tone gold colours. 


Want to know about our thrilling design that'll leave you amazed and is best choice when it comes to personal touch? Well, our Fingerprint Ring is a heart-warming theme with your beloved partner's finger imprints on your ring. You just have to scan the final fingerprint taken by you and mail us to then we'll make the mastery happen! 


Without any further ado, let's dive into the Gold Band Ring Designs for Men and Women: -


  1. Gold Band Ring for Men- He does everything that makes you happy, and there's no denying that you'll do the same for him! The beautiful moment of celebrating each other's happiness intensifies extraordinarily with our designs that will make him joyous like no other. 


  1. Gold Band Ring for Women- There are several aspects we don't know about the future, and we often fear them. But few things in life make it easy to head into the future, like; holding the hand of your soulmate and trusting the process. Flourish the journey you decide to walk in with designs for her that are intriguingly embedded with love and belief. 


Are you confused about the size of your ring? If so, our ring size guide will help you in finding your perfect size. Explore our collection, indulge yourself with numerous designs, and choose the one that will capture your heart spectacularly. 

• Malabar's Gold Band Ring Online Design Types 


  1. Malabar 22KT Gold Studded Band Ring SKYFRDZ014, in Yellow Metal Colour, Fashion Theme, anniversary occasion for women. 


  1. Malabar Gold Ring SKPLR8801, crafted in 18KT Two-Tone colour gold, heart theme, casual design type for women. 


  1. Malabar Gold Ring RGSKLR10544, crafted in 22KT Yellow gold colour, in fashion theme for women. 


  1. Malabar Gold Ring FROPLPR002G, crafted in 22KT yellow gold colour, fashion theme, fingerprint ring for Men. 


  1. Malabar Gold Ring FROPLPR006G, crafted in 22KT yellow metal colour, fashion theme band for Men. 

• Malabar's Gold Band Ring Price 


Gold Band Ring Price for Men and Women at Malabar starts from Rs 8,000 and goes up to Rs 80,000 and above. Our Gold is BIS hallmarked; hence buy without any worry. 


Lastly, we'd say that an essential thing in any relationship is effort. Whether small or big steps, they matter more than anything! Considering the same, with your efforts in ideas and ours in spectacular designing and artisans’ team, why not create wearable art that will indeed reflect your affection for the person you love like no other? If you wish to craft a customised piece, we'd be more than amazed to create a masterpiece for you. Have a great shopping experience! 


FAQ Segment 


  1. How much is a gold band?

 Answer- At Malabar, the Gold Band Rings price starts from Rs 8000 and can go up to Rs 80,000 and above, considering design, gold purity etc. 


  1. How can I tell if my ring is real gold? 

Answer- To know the genuineness, you'll have to follow the simple procedure: - 

  1. Gently drop your gold ring into the water. 

  2. Real gold is heavy; thus, it won't float in the water. 

  3. If it floats, you know it's not a real one. 

  4. If you observe rusting or tarnishing of any gold item after being in the water, that's one more sign of being fake. 


  1. Where to buy Gold Band Ring online? 

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the best stop to explore. With numerous online shopping advantages, certified diamonds and gold, unique designs and many other features, it's the best you can shop from.

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