Diamond Earrings for Women
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Diamond Earring Designs for Women

Malabar Gold & Diamonds' Earrings – Magnetic essence captured in magical creation.

Sparkling diamond earring is the craft of high shine, irresistible charm and wondrous dreams! Ladies, they are must-haves in your jewellery collection and are here to stay and poise your ears forever. Adding some twinkle with diamond earrings is always a good idea as they let you walk in style, make you look prettier than you are, and accentuate your overall appearance. With a hint of refinement, they are awe-inspiring art destined to embellish you enthrallingly.  

Diamond Earrings is a startling craft that charmingly compliments your grandeur with natural diamonds that are as precious as you! They go beyond their role of adornment as they capture all the attention and lifts up your confidence exceptionally. Hence, introducing to you Malabar Diamond Earring Design, which comes in show-stopping fashion, is the poet of enticement, unlike those that have been crafted before. So, get ready to meet our collection’s captivating creations!  

Malabar Diamond Earrings Design  

Forged with extravagant elegance, the Malabar Diamond Earring collection combines allure and artistry. They are crafted with perfection to behold beauty for a lifetime and designed for the moments in the spotlight. With traditional and modern patterns, our assortment delivers the best of both! Inspired by every woman that works hard and turns their milestones into a tale, our diamond earrings take great pride in celebrating you! You name it, whether in intricate style or lightweight, and we have everything for you in our array.    

Diamond Earring Design 

Our collection comes in numerous types like Solitaire, Bali, Dangler, Hoops, Jhumki, Drops, Studs, Chandelier, Jacket, Chandbali and Clip-on.  

Diamond Earring Theme 

Our assortment is usable in themes like Fancy, Peacock, Traditional, Filigree, Floral, Cluster, Geometric, Contemporary, Classic, Heart, Leaf, Drop, Paisley, Designer, Infinity, Butterfly, Fashion, Fior, Art-Deco and Geometric.  

Metal Purity and colour 

This array comes in 22KT and 18KT gold with mesmerising gold hues like white, yellow, two-tone and rose gold.  

Diamond Earring Types  

Our collection consists of Diamond Studs Earring, Diamond Bali Earrings, Diamond Hoop Earrings, Diamond Jhumka Earrings, Diamond Drops, Diamond Chandbali Earrings, Diamond Clip-on Earrings, Diamond Chandelier Earrings, Diamond Jacket Earrings, Small Diamond Earrings, Big Diamond Earrings, Diamond Earrings for Kids etc.  

Occasions where you can wear Diamond Earrings  

  1. Daily Wear- Add some sparkle to your everyday wear look with our earring designs that enhance your apparel with grace and delight. Choose our diamond studs, clip on’s or bali earrings, as they are lightweight, comfortable and hence the precise preference for daily wear!   

  1. Office Wear- Selecting office wear jewellery can be difficult, but with Malabar Jewellery Collection? Never! Explore our assortment and choose earring patterns like bali, hoops, studs, clip-on, jacket style etc., as they are versatile and can be worn with numerous office looks. 

  1. Casual Wear- One piece of jewellery that can be styled with every look is none other than earrings. Adding a pair of earrings can bring your entire look together for a casual lunch, dinner date, hang out with friends or a movie plan; thus, go with our small or solitaire diamond earrings designs as they cater simple and sleek vibe.  

  1. Festivity Wear- As you light up every corner, share laughter, love and cherish your precious memories, adorn with our designs that make every moment even more special and shines brighter like your smile. Pair our diamond chandbali’s, jhumka’s or sui dhaga earrings with lehenga or saree, and you are ready for the festive season!  

  1. Party Wear- Keep your style shining at the day or night party with our statement-marking designs that surely know how to capture all the attention and admiration. If you intend to wear a long gown or a saree, our diamond gemstone studded jhumka’s or sui-dhaga earrings, along with a sleek bun, will create a great combination.  

  1. As a gift- Looking for something precious for your precious person? We have got you covered! Either for your wife, mother, grandmother or aunt, celebrate your bond of love in a new light by making the one you love eternally shine! Opt studs, chandbali’s, jhumka’s, clip-on or any other earring type and make them happier than ever.  

  1. Bridal Wear- For the bride of today or full of traditions, our designs of diamond earring online cater to all your needs! The bride can pair her breathtaking lehenga with patterns in intricate traditional motifs, modern chic or a blend of both, and undoubtedly, she’ll look like a dream!  

Malabar Diamond Earring Design Type  

  1. Mine Diamond Studded Gold Dangle Earring ERNKGEN13202, 18KT rose gold, art deco theme, dangle style, for party wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Earring ERPDGEN13303, 18KT yellow gold, floral theme studs, for daily wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Earring ERNKGEN11564, 18KT rose gold, fashion theme, drops for office wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Studded Gold Hoops & Bali Earring ERPDGEN11408, 18KT yellow gold, classic themed hoops and Bali earrings for office wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Earring ERNKGEN14331, 18KT white gold, cluster-themed dangler, for casual wear.  

  1. Mine Diamond Studded Gold Dangle Earring ERALR10488, 18KT rose gold, traditional theme jhumki, for party wear.  

Malabar Diamond Earring Price  

Our collection of Diamond Earring for women starts from Rs 11,000 and goes up to 19,50,000 and beyond depending upon various factors like design type, gold purity, diamonds used etc. Furthermore, our diamonds are IGI certified, go through vital 4C’s and only the best diamonds are used for our diamond jewellery.  

Lastly, let there be sparkle everywhere you go with our diamond earrings collection that’s supremely sensational. Also, if you wish to craft customised diamond earrings, we’d be fascinated to craft an exquisite masterpiece for you! Have a remarkable shopping experience.   

FAQ Segment 

  1. How much do real diamond earrings cost? 

Answer- The Malabar collection starts from Rs 11,000 and goes up to Rs 19,50,000 and above.  

  1. Can I wear diamond earrings daily?  

Answer- Diamond earrings are one of the most popular types of jewellery that are incredibly adorned as everyday wear. They come in versatile patterns, are suitable for every occasion and complete your look amazingly. Especially, select diamond studs for daily wear as they are lightweight and can be worn by day or night.  

  1. Is it good to wear diamond earrings?  

Answer- Yes, wearing them has many health benefits like; it benefits the well-being of the reproductive system, diabetes, kidney, chin, throat, cheeks, and skin conditions.  

  1. What is the best brand in India for diamond earrings?  

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the best brand you can come across. With numerous online shopping advantages, EMI plans, multiple preferences to choose from, and many other benefits, it’s the best place you can shop from.  

  1. Where is the best place to buy diamond earring online?  

Answer- Undoubtedly, shop online from Malabar Gold and Diamonds as we have numerous online shopping advantages like: -  

  1. Multiple Modes of payment. 

  1. EMI schemes. 

  1. Malabar fair price promise. 

  1. Many options to choose from. 

  1. Return policy, etc.

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