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Diamond Ring Designs for Women

Diamond Rings – Welcome to the Malabar Art of Divine Designs.

Timeless craft with spellbinding designs that captivates you in countless ways,
With its extraordinary charm, light up your inner spark and capture all the attention with an extravagant gaze.

It's an enthralling beauty icon and the treasure of dreams with a beautifying gleam! Can you guess this gem? Well, it's none other than precious diamonds. Diamonds have been everyone's favourites, and Diamond Jewellery? These beauties are ruling the hearts of many by enticing and intensifying every wearer's appearance magnificently. In this segment, let's know more about one such diamond jewellery type that precisely compliments you, and is as unique and fierce as you are, the glamorous Diamond Rings. 

Diamond Rings symbolise the ever-shining spirit and are every person's fantasy with a timeless aura that's exceptionally treasuring. Considering the same, introducing to you Malabar Diamond Ring Designs that are forever pushing the limits with its brilliant facets of wonders. They are all ready to mesmerise your heart and adorn you breathtakingly. 

Malabar Diamond Ring Design

Our women diamond ring collection is the epitome of forever love, luxury and show-stopping style. The moment when innovative artistry, creative patterns, and mindful motive meets, our masterpieces are created. Our pieces in the diamond ring for men and women glams you with a brilliance that's as rare as you and uplifts your attire spectacularly! Inspired by every person's fierceness, motivating story and enthusiasm, our diamonds shine with pride for the person you have become and await you to adorn them. 

Malabar Diamond Ring Craft add intrigue to your ring game with pieces that come in modern, classic and a mind-blowing blend of both. Whether minimal, intricate, or stylish, we have it all for you! Explore our array, which comes in numerous patterns, sizes, themes, and metal colours, and we bet you would not be able to resist buying many rings for yourself or your loved ones.

Diamond Ring Themes

Our collection of ladies diamond rings comes in various themes like fancy, traditional, floral, cluster, geometric, classic, contemporary, heart, leaf, drop, designer, butterfly, fashion, engagement, vanki, crown and art deco. 

Diamond Ring Design Type

Our patterns come in eternity, solitaire, band, cocktail, regular, stackable, wide ring, two-headed, casual, broad rings, dangle and diamond rings for men.  

Ring Size

We have rings in various Indian ring sizes ranging from 6 to 21. You will undoubtedly find rings in your size.

Diamond colour and quality

Our collection has rings in different diamond clarity, including SI, VVS, VVS VS, and VVS/VS. In terms of colour, we have two options, including EF and GH. Furthermore, our diamonds go through significant 4C's, namely, clarity, colour, cut and carat, and only the best ones are selected.  

Metal Colour and Purity

Our assortment is usable in 18KT Gold and 22KT Gold with gold hues like white, yellow, two-tone, three-tone and rose gold diamond rings.

Diamond Ring Settings 

Our array comes in different diamond settings like cluster, solitaire, pave, halo, bezel, princess cut diamond ring etc. 

Diamond Ring Types 

Our pieces come in Diamond Gemstone Studded Ring, Diamond Studded Ring in Gold, Diamond Wedding Rings for Women etc. 

Occasions where you can wear Diamond Ring

  1. Everyday Wear- For everyday wear, choose our pieces in minimalist patterns, which are incredibly astonishing, timeless, versatile and would excellently suit your everyday attire.
  2. Party Wear- Party gatherings call for appealing clothing and jewellery, and when it comes to ornaments, Malabar has always got you covered! Choose our pieces in the Diamond Cocktail Ring as they make sure to attract all the attention and excellently suit your party wear outfit. 
  3. Proposal or Engagement – Our pieces adorn and celebrate the story of every wearer. Whether it's a tale of instant connection, forever love, or mutual companionship, we have a perfect real diamond ring for you within numerous diamond settings that smoothly speak the language of love and shine as bright as your relationship.
  4. Traditional Events- Explore the beautiful pieces of this collection in traditional patterns or diamond gemstone studded design, which astoundingly match your classic attire. Whether you want to pair it with a long gown, saree, salwar kameez or indo-western clothing, they'll surely charm your look.
  5. Office Wear- Wear our bewitching crafts of this array to the office as they are simple yet stunning, add a hint of luxurious shine and complete your office look phenomenally. 
  6. Gifting- Planning to gift your beloved person something special? Diamond Ring is a perfect choice. It's alluring, charismatic and precious; it caters to every age group startlingly. So, if you want to gift your mother, wife, or grandmother, it's the best gift you can give. 

Malabar Diamond Ring Design Type 

  1. Mine Diamond Ring FRALR10544, in 18KT rose gold, leaf classic theme, casual type. 
  2. Mine Diamond Studded Casual Gold Ring FRALR10322, 18KT Gold, contemporary style, casual wear. 
  3. Mine Platinum Ring FREVR10144, 18KT gold in two-tone colour, classic theme.
  4. Mine Diamond Ring FRHRM11017,, 18KT rose gold, cocktail theme, party wear style ring
  5. Mine Diamond Ring FRSLT10156, 18KT yellow gold, solitaire type, for daily wear. 

Malabar Diamond Ring Price 

The price of this collection starts from Rs 9000 and goes up to Rs 8,00,000 and above, considering gold purity, diamonds used, structure etc. Also, our diamonds are IGI certified, and Gold is BIS hallmarked. 

Lastly, our diamonds celebrate the beautiful gem you are within crafts as unique and rare as you! Hence, explore and bring home a diamond ring worthy of you. If you wish to craft a customised diamond ring, we'd be more than glad to create an alluring masterpiece for you. Have a fantastic shopping experience.  

FAQ Segment 

  1. What is the real cost of one diamond ring?
    Answer- At Malabar, you’ll indeed get nothing but fair price. So, the assortment starts from Rs 9000 and goes up to Rs 8,00,000 and beyond. 

  2. Which is the best wedding ring? 
    Answer- The choice may fluctuate from person to person but below are the five best wedding rings that are exceptionally loved: - 
    1. Diamond Classic Round Brilliant Cut Ring.
    2. Diamond Oval Shaped Ring.
    3. Diamond Princess Cut Ring.
    4. Diamond Emerald Cut Engagement Ring.
    5. Diamond Solitaire Ring.

  3. Can a diamond ring be worn daily? 
    Answer- Yes! Without any question, you can choose to wear them daily as they are versatile, comes in minimal designs, and strengthens your apparel without much to do. 

  4. What are the things you must consider before buying a diamond ring online?  
    Answer- Below are a few points you must consider before purchasing a diamond ring online:
    1. Diamond Cut
    2. Diamond Settings
    3. Budget
    4. Certification
    5. Gold Colour
    6. Gold Purity
    7. Diamond Carat Details
    8. Design type
    9. For what occasion do you want to buy etc. 

  5. Where to buy a diamond ring online? 
    Answer- Explore the Malabar collection, as its patterns are matchless with fantastic craftsmanship. Also, it has many online shopping benefits like EMI plans, return policy, Malabar Fair Price Promise, Multiple options to choose from, various modes of payments etc.

  6. What is princess cut diamond ring?
    Answer- It means when a ring comes with a princess cut, that is a square cut stone with pointed edges and are inverted pyramid base.
    a)Flush Setting.
    b)Prong Setting.
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