Malabar Gold & Diamonds Festival

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'Malabar Gold & Diamonds Festival' is a celebration offering gifts and prizes in gold as additional benefits to customers. During this festival period, Malabar Gold & Diamonds will be distributing up to 50 kg of gold as prizes to our valued customers. This offer is applicable for purchases made at Malabar Gold & Diamonds stores in selected regions and also for online purchase at

This celebration with numerous offers and gifts to customers is held from December 12, 2014 to January 31, 2015. The Details of the festival is mentioned below.

1. Every customer making a purchase of Rs. 30,000/- during this period will receive a scratch and win coupon, with assured gold coin. For instance, if customer making a purchase between Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 59,999 will get 1 coupon, for purchase between Rs. 60,000 - Rs. 89,999 will get 2 Scratch and win coupon. The same calculation will follow for all amount of the purchase

2. The assured gift could be gold coins of 150 mg, 200mg, 400mg or 1gm of 22kt purity

3. Customer will receive the assured gold coin gift mentioned in the coupon directly from the respective store and for online purchase customer will get scratch and win coupon in ‘Order successful confirmation page’, wherein customer can select the coupon and can look at assured gift which will be shipped to customer along with product purchase

4. This scratch and win coupon is given to customers making purchase at all our stores except Tamilnadu and Kerala state

5. For weekly and bumper prizes stores are organized into

  • Karnataka Region – All stores in Karnataka state
  • Andhra Pradesh Region – All stores in Andhra Pradesh state
  • Tamilnadu Region – All stores in Tamilnadu state
  • Other & Malabar Gold & Diamonds Region – All stores in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kolkatta, Delhi, Haryana and online store

6. There will be lucky draws every week from each region from the same customers by which gold bars of 250Gms will be given as gifts to the winners. The weekly lucky draw will be held tentatively after 3 days of the participating week.

7. There is a mega bumper draw in each region at the end of the festival and the lucky winner will receive one kilo gold.

8. In Tamilnadu state, a slogan contest for customers is organized as part of this celebration.

  • All customers making purchase worth Rs. 30,000/- will receive assured gold coin and a slogan contest form
  • Customers can write two slogans, one for the weekly slogan contest and the other for the mega contest and submit to respective store
  • Winners of weekly slogan contest will receive gold bars and the selected slogan for the mega contest, to be held at the end of the festival period will enable the lucky winner to receive one kilo gold as mega prize

9. The prize distribution ceremony of every week and the mega bumper will be held in any of the locations in India.

10. Winners will be notified via personal communication and it will be also available on this website Exquisite jewellery in traditional and contemporary designs has been specially laid out for the occasion. Malabar Gold & Diamonds is a trendsetter in the retail gold industry having 121 showrooms across India, Singapore and the GCC.

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Malabar Gold & Diamonds Festival Video

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draw result

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To visit MGDF website to get more update about weekly and bumper draw

terms & conditions

1. This scratch & win cum lucky draw coupon is issued as part of ‘Malabar Gold & Diamonds Festivals’
2. This coupon is valid from December 12, 2014 to January 31, 2015
3. The original purchase bil should be submitted along with this coupon for claiming gifts.
4. No claim shall be entertained regarding loss or misuse of this coupon.
5. Photocopied, damaged or defaced coupons/purchase bills will not be accepted.
6. This coupon/assured prize cannot be substituted or encashed.
7. This coupon must be retained to qualify participation in the weekly & mega lucky draw.
8. Malabar Gold & Diamonds reserves the right to terminate or amend this offer or any part thereof, anytime without any reason.
9. This lucky draw is intended to offer gifts without any contest to our customers for their continued patronage and not to promote any brand, product or interest, either directly or indirectly.
10. Taxes applicable as per the prevailing government laws.
11. This Offer is not valid on gold coin & silver coin purchase.
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