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Gold Ring Designs for Men

Mesmerising Gold Rings For Men

Malabar’s patterned men’s gold rings exude elegance and class, completing your splendid ensemble effortlessly.

The status of wealth, prosperity and luxury the Gold has invariably held an integral part in everyone’s heart irrespective of gender. Men’s jewellery is mesmerisingly made with gold, may that be the unique gold chains, gold kadas or bracelets, gold rings, pendants all crafted in either contemporary or traditional form. Malabar Gold rings for men are crafted with intricate designs to look durable and robust. Our skilful craftsmen have designed it to display masculinity in its best form. 

Malabar's Gold Ring assortment of Men is a sentimental value, and his personality appears jointly to give growth to who he is. Vital and valuable, drawn up in intricate yet easy layouts with unbreakable binds, combine to create an extraordinary range that portrays versatility, persistence and compassion. A designed gold ring for men glares fabulously as it intensifies the style notes incredibly. A stylish or vogue gold ring for men never fails to entice the spotlight everywhere you go. Defined by elegant silhouettes and understated dignity, this divinely vibrant display is the precise addition to those enormously enthusiastic men who indicate their true selves and who have carried themselves through it all.       

Malabar Gold Rings for Men Designs & Price


Our designers and artisans constantly innovate gold ring designs for males, establishing them as creatively as possible. Malabar has always been the front runner up for jewellery; hence, our collection speaks the language of the epitome and is indeed treasure worthy. The designs in Gold Ring for Men includes; 22-carat gold ring for men, 2gram gold ring for gents, Rose Gold Men's Ring, White Gold Ring Men, daily wear gold Rings, 4-gram gold ring for gents, Engagement Ring for Men, Gold Ring with “ Om” embellishment, Malabar 22 KT gold-gemstone studded ring for men, Precia gemstone studded ring for men etc. 

The excellent gold ring for men comes in different themes like; Spiritual, Classic, Fashion, Navratna, Object ( tortoise ring)  etc. 

May that be for office wear, party wear, spiritual thought, anniversary, festive gifting, you are precise to find everything you desire at Malabar, you just list it, and we possess it all for you. Apart from gold rings, we retain an astonishing array of Diamond Rings for Men & Platinum rings for men, which will surely make you fall in love with them. 


The assortment of gold rings for men online starts from Rs 12,000 and can go up to Rs 70,000. Whether you are looking out for a gold ring design for males under 10,000, a 4-gram gold ring for gents, a gold ring for men under 20000 etc., our collection consists of everything you desire. 

Malabar: Precise Place To Buy Gold Ring For Men Online

Buying Gold Jewellery Online is an exceptional occurrence at Malabar Gold and Diamonds, as we have consistently strived for an additional mile to ascertain you get incredible jewellery like no other and assistance as it's our primacy to keep our buyers safe. 


Consumers can compare designs according to the rate and their fondness, Pleasured understanding of digital shopping and return procedure; You can patiently postpone for the most terrific discounts and offers, EMI payment and Multiple aspects of the charge, you can filter gold ring for men weight, price, trend, karat, occasion and more.

Different Occasions Where Men Can Wear Gold Rings

  1. Attending a Wedding – Going to a wedding of your best friends? Don't skip wearing the men’s gold ring, which would certainly jazz up your glance. A gold ring for men would look impressive with a duo of formals or a traditional gaze. It would portray prosperity and significance, expressing appreciation and individuality.

  1. Business Trip- Gentlemen's, you frequently expect to go on business tours, so why not walk in fashion? Look exceptionally attractive with our stunning gold ring, which indeed matches every outfit you desire to wear.

  1. Gift Yourself the precious gold ring- Why hold up for a unique event to gift yourself or receive as a present? Instead, give yourself the outstanding gift of a gold men’s ring as you unquestionably deserve the best. After all the hard work and working hours you put into building an empire, you obviously must give yourself a precious ring because it's as unique, remarkable as every gentleman there is.  

  1. Traditional event- Men usually attend formal events for their spiritual self; hence, our navratna men’s gold ring is a specific option for them. Spiritual beliefs are powerful; therefore, this ring symbolises power, faith and hope, which help you throughout your life journey. 

  1. Everyday Wear- The mesmerising piece of metal that you can wear every day is Gold. Whether a bracelet, ring in gold or the chain, it is precisely desirable for daily wear because;  It glimpses luxuriously stylish, makes you stand up in the crowd, and echoes your personality. 

It is a misconception that the quality is negotiated when purchasing jewellery online. We, at Malabar Gold and Diamonds, have always believed in delivering our buyers everything the same way it looks on our online site. Customers safety has always been our priority, and their happy faces are all we desire. Our enormously skilful authorities in jewellery are endlessly in the forefront to enhance presenting the authentic shopper experience. Males, if you didn't discover an explicit preference for you, don't concern as we would be more than glad to establish a personalised piece of art with your selection essence. Also, do explore the spectacular collection of Gold Jewellery for Women. Have a fascinating purchase. 

FAQ Segment 

  1. Where can I find a men’s gold rings online? 

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the precise place to buy men’s gold rings with spectacularly designs, intricate craftsmanship which display one’s style and is a sign of epitome. Malabar Gold and Diamonds designs and assistance reflect the legacy it has carried for 28 years in the jewellery business. With a straightforward checkout process, Malabar promises and numerous advantages, it's the best place to not only gold rings for men but jewellery in Gold, Diamond and Platinum. 

  1. How much gold is required for a men’s ring? 

Answer- A minimum of 2 grams of gold is needed to craft a men’s ring. Furthermore, it depends on the designs and intricate craftsmanship about how much gold is required and the costing.

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