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  • Zoul Gold Bracelet BRDZL19511

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  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRDZL40973

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  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRDZL40971

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  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRDZL40972

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Malabar's Rose Gold Bracelet – Remarkable Rose Gold Bracelets for Him & Her. 

Joyously mesmerising rose gold bracelet around your hands, creating the glance of magic, 

Malabar precisely crafted this art for him and her that's indeed charismatic. 

Admiring, splendid, and marvellous, this art might fall short of words while expressing its magical beauty. Ornaments for wrists have been emerging and developing with the shifting times. The bracelets top the list among the broadly admired, loved and worn ornaments by not only women but also men and kids. Bracelet is a versatile piece of ornament and is a precise way to intensify your look elegantly. One such gem in bracelet types is the Rose Gold Bracelet, undoubtedly treasure worthy. We assure you that if you're not much into bangles at Malabar, you will definitely find your exemplar wrist-mate in our rose-gold bracelet designs!  

Either for him or her, search no more as Malabar is the epitome of Jewellery styles & designs irrespective of type. Men may or may not love other jewellery styles, but they admire bracelets incredibly. So, what are you waiting for? Shop your favourites!! 

• Reasoning behind the popularity of the Rose Gold Jewellery. 

Listed below are the reasons why rose gold jewellery is loved and admired extraordinarily all around the globe. 

  1. Rose Gold is entitled as the most romantic and subtle hue for jewellery that flatters all the fancy shades and neutral colours. It's a versatile and universal colour, irrespective of your shade or undertone. 

  2. Due to its distinctive and trendy shade, rose gold exudes the dreamy and glamorous notes of fine jewellery, not only in Bracelets but Rings, Earrings, Bangles, Necklaces etc. 

  3. Grandeur gemstones like the Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and, of course, pearl look extraordinarily delightful when embellished and studded in rose gold jewellery.  

• Malabar's Rose Gold Bracelet Designs.

We at Malabar not only make sure that our designs are not only breathtaking but they bring out the best confidence, motivation and charm within every Man & Woman. There are fewer jewellery styles liked together by both him and her, and it's fascinating that Rose Gold Bracelet Designs are one of them. With trendy styles and magnificent craftsmanship, we have created this craft in a way that's the essence of exquisite art.

For HerOur assortment consists of modern and traditional designs that are favourable to wear on any occasion you can think of. Rose Gold Bracelet, studded with diamonds and embellished within beautiful layouts of geometric, floral etc., indeed intensifies the everyday look into glamours one. Both in minimal and intricate designs, our arrangements are precise for any outfit or occasion you wish to attend. 

Few of the Malabar's Rose Gold Bracelet Online Designs for Her 

  1. Malabar Gold Bracelet BRZLDZRURGY001, crafted in 18KT gold, two-layered, minimal design with butterfly shapes, available in sizes ranging from 6-9, best for daily or party wear. 

  1. Malabar Gold Bracelet BRGEDZRURGB002, crafted in 18KT gold, art embellished with the word 'LOVE', precise for gifting yourself or the love of your life. 

For HimThe designs of Rose Gold Bracelet for Men blend endurance and elegance, grand yet expressive designs that undoubtedly sums up an extraordinary touch to Men's personality. With masculine patterns in geometric shapes embedded with diamonds, our array is precise for every Man. 

Few of the Malabar's Rose Good Bracelet Online Designs for Him

  1. Malabar 18KT Rose Gold Studded Loose Bracelet PDGBR0002DZ, studded with spectacular diamonds, best for party wear or occasional wear. 

  1. Malabar 18KT Rose Gold Studded Loose Bracelet PDGBR0030DZ, diamond-studded, classic design, best for everyday wear. 

Explore more of our Rose Gold Bracelets with numerous options to choose from. 

• Numerous occasions where you can wear Rose Gold Bracelets

  1. Date Night- Date nights are exceptional in every couple's life, and hence, what's the best occasion to wear your unique Rose Gold Bracelet than this? It's as sparkling and lovely as your relationship, and you can twin by wearing it together. 

Tip- Women can pair it up with a gown, one-piece, or minimal jeans top. Men can wear it with absolutely anything they decide to wear. 

  1. Traditional Events- Traditional events are an integral part of India. Are you someone who is looking out for something minimal but intricately beautiful? Well then, need not worry; we have got you covered. 

Tip- Woman, if you plan on wearing Ghagra, Salwar Kameez or a Kurti, our rose gold bracelet designs are your best friend. For men, it will look dashing with a kurta or formals. 

  1. Festivities- Diwali, Eid, Gudi Padwa, Akshay Tritiya, etc. Name any festival, and our designs of rose gold bracelets online for him & her will match the happiness and shine on every festival. 

Tip- Festivals are all about celebration and happiness, so you can pair it up with absolutely anything you desire to wear, and its magical shine will intensify any attire. 

  1. Office Wear- It's vital to pick out something precise for office wear, which isn't too much. So, choose our minimal designs in the rose gold bracelet for both men and women, which are incredibly great for office wear. 

  1. Daily Wear- Our designs consist of minimal, lightweight, elegant, and mesmerising layouts. The incomparable love for Rose Gold Bracelet pushed us to craft daily wear designs because you don't need a particular occasion to flaunt your taste, right? 

  1. For Bride & Groom- Twin your bracelet designs as what else can be precious and personal on the special day of your life? Our designs are mesmerising and perfect for any wedding occasion you desire to wear. Malabar's Groom and Bride will remarkably shine in these designs. 

• Rose Gold Bracelet Online Designs Price

The online display of Rose Gold Bracelet for him & her starts from Rs 7,000 and goes up to Rs 2,80,000 in Diamond studded designs. Every piece of jewellery we assemble is noticed by a purity certificate conveying international quality principles. 

Didn't find your precise match or wish to craft this art in twinning designs? No need to worry, as we'd be more than glad to create a glamorous masterpiece for you. Thank you. Happy shopping. 

• FAQ Segment 

  1.    Which Bracelet Style is best suitable for party wear attire? 

Answer- Undoubtedly, Rose Gold Bracelets will look astonishing on party wear attire its colour is immensely attractive, looks elegant and is indeed a breathtaking jewellery item. 

  1. Where can I find the best rose gold bracelet online? 

Answer- Search no more as Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the precise place. Its designs are the best; with numerous options to choose from, EMI schemes etc., and countless other advantages, it's the best place to buy any jewellery you wish to purchase

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