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Diamond Eternity Rings

Glow Eternally with Malabar Gold & Diamonds' Eternity Diamond Ring.

Some ornaments are too precious to be just said as an adorned ornament; conversely, they indeed stand for meaningful moments, remembrances and special occasions of your life. Malabar's Eternity Diamond Ring's one such ornament. It's one of the most warm-hearted, thoughtful and romantic gifts a woman can receive. Propitious and enchanting wearable art of all time, and it's a timeless fortune piece with sparkling shine. This art's designs are traditionally gifted as a first-anniversary present to a woman. Are you looking out to buy Diamond Eternity Ring Designs? Search no more as Malabar Gold and Diamonds breathtaking designs are undoubtedly the truest preferences for your beloved ones. We have assembled an exquisite array of eternity jewellery precisely for you.  

• The Development of Diamond Eternity Rings 

A circle has been pursued as an intriguing symbolism in numerous ancient cultures. It was seen as an indication of eternity or infinity, with 0 (zero) opening or end. Over 2000 years back, the Egyptians believed that when a couple gets married, their commitment lasts till eternity; thus, this belief and forever bond were symbolised with the Eternity Ring. A standard description of this ring pattern is a snake eating its tail, known as Ouroboros, portraying eternity. Earlier, this art design was crafted in metal and modest ways. Later on, it was framed in diamonds, and with time, it took many shapes and forms. 

For easy understanding: - 

  1. Diamond Engagement Ringsthe mark of commitment and a desire to marry.

  1. Wedding Ringsmark the pact of marriage or thoughtful partnership. 

  1. Eternity RingsCelebrating the continuance of the union of marriage or relationship. 

• Malabar's Diamond Eternity Ring Designs and Types. 

Malabar's Diamond Eternity Ring Online Designs are the perfection of craftsmanship's mastery. Our designers have used a unique style technique to create this craft featuring an unbreakable Diamonds line. The entire length of the band is studded with wonderfully shiny diamonds. It's nearly impossible to determine where the diamond line begins or ends. 

The person glancing at the beautiful Malabar's Diamond Eternity Ring portrays that the continual diamond-studded line on the ring doesn't have any beginning or end ~ just like the eternity. 

Our Diamond Eternity Designs are the epitome of eternal love and an unbreakable bond. Attainable in White Gold, Rose Gold & Yellow Gold base and extraordinarily studded diamonds. There are two types of rings styles in this wearable art; namely: - 

  1. Full Diamond Eternity Rings- exemplifying an unbreakable bond that goes entirely around the ring.  

  1. Half Diamond Eternity Rings- demonstrating diamond-studded line only on half of the ring's surface.  

• Malabar's Diamond Eternity Ring Online Price. 

According to the designs, the Diamond Eternity Ring Online exhibition at Malabar starts from Rs 20,000 and can go up to Rs 2,00,000 or beyond. Every quantity of jewellery we assemble is observed as a clear statement upholding international quality standards. 

• Diamond Eternity Rings – Cuts and Settings. 

Diamond is the most significant and focusing point of a Diamond Eternity Ring; hence, when you buy a diamond ring online, you must keenly pay attention to the 4C's of a diamond; namely, Colour, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. Carat is frequently misunderstood as the size of the diamond, but it actually belongs to the weight of the gem. The cut of the diamond means the shape it is structured in. The round shape is the most popular one, and others include Square Cut, Princess Cut, Marquise Cut and Emerald Cut. 

When it comes to the diamond rings, check out the style in which diamonds have been set. The three incredibly loved settings are the Pave Setting, Channel Setting, and Claw Setting. Each setting gives a ring extraordinary touch and shine, making it the desired piece for a woman.

• Flaunt your Diamond Eternity Rings in different Styles & Occasions. 

  1. As an Anniversary Gift- Marriage is a significant aspect of everyone's life. It's the most beautiful thing in the world that could ever happen to someone, and hence, it's vital to celebrate each day and marriage anniversary unforgettably. Well, what's best than gifting your lady the Diamond Eternity Ring, right? It is the most romantic, thoughtful and loving way to celebrate your love. Our designs are timeless; hence, this is the best gift for your 1st marriage anniversary or 50th.  

Attire Tip- You can opt to wear a glamorous gown or stunning saree as the ring will indeed look spectacular. 

  1.  Proposal Day- You can select our very vibrant diamond eternity ring to propose to the love of your life, and the style itself suggests 'eternity', referring to your eternal bond. Our designs will undoubtedly make her happy than ever, and she'll never forget the moment, shine and the diamond ring on the day you both decide to bond eternally. 

Attire Tip- Proposals are the surprises ever given, so never-mind about the outfit as the sheer shine of the diamond and the best moment of your life will grab all the attention. 

  1. Additional Events- You can undoubtedly wear the diamond eternity ring for daily wear, office wear, Sunday brunches, dinner dates, traditional functions, or any other event you can think of. It's the mark of your forever love for your partner, and our jaw-dropping design will make you want to wear it every day.  

While purchasing from Malabar, you can customise the shade and clarity or diamond used, the design, or any jewellery item you wish to match your eternity ring. We'll create a genius piece for you with your essence.  

• FAQ Segment 

  1. What is an eternity ring given for?

Answer- It's usually given to celebrate a special milestone in your relationships, such as a proposal ring or other significant occasion. You can opt for any event you wish to give, but traditionally, it's gifted as a marriage anniversary present to celebrate the forever bond of the couple. 

  1. Where should I buy Diamond Eternity Ring from? 

Answer- Search no more, as the best place is the Malabar Gold and Diamonds. With impeccable styles in diamond eternity rings, mesmerising shine, best service, EMI schemes, Malabar Promises and numerous other advantages, it's the best place to buy every kind of jewellery. 

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