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Gold Cocktail Rings

Gold Cocktail Ring - Malabar's mesmerising addition to your fingers. 

Wearable art with a one-of-a-kind glamour crafted within grandeur gold, 

Embellished in Diamonds, Gemstones and folds of shine, it's strikingly bold. 

Gold is an integral aspect of Indian culture and symbolises prosperity. It owns the hearts of many, and why wouldn't it? It's exceptionally winsome, exquisite and artistic, with an elegant shine. Whether Men, Women, Kids or Elders, this timeless metal caters well irrespective of the age or design type. 

It's said that 'small is beautiful, but we'd say, so is large! Often, people fall in love with larger or oversized objects, and the history of the jewellery industry signifies the same! Over time, oversized pieces of jewellery set an example of new trends and became exceptionally popular. One such glory is the Cocktail Ring! 

A cocktail ring, also known as a cluster and dinner ring, is a piece of jewellery that is usually larger than regular rings and is designed in this form to attract attention with its appealing size and colour. Especially, Gold Cocktail Rings are supremely stunning as the gold folds nicely with gemstones and diamonds; and they put the grand in grandeur as you walk! Hence, uncovering Malabar's Gold Cocktail Ring for your every facet to shine with pride. Taking a cue from the striking glow and hue of gold, diamond and gemstones, we welcome you to the Malabar's world of a perfect companion for your fingers.

• Cocktail Ring: Origin. 

The conception of the cocktail ring can be followed back to a significant time in the history of the United States, called the Prohibition Era. In the 1920s, the US government banned the usage of alcoholic beverages; thus, people started illegal cocktail parties. In addition, this period also went through a vast social transition as a part of women's freedom and the newly found freedom moment resulted in the fashion industry. Then, cocktail rings were first formulated for and worn by women while attending cocktail parties. Women who usually used to participate in illegal drinking parties drank in style while flaunting their big, expensive cocktail rings. At the time of their discovery, they were crafted from gold, platinum etc. 

• Malabar's Gold Cocktail Ring Designs 

Our cocktail ring designs in gold perfectly capture your beauty, effort and allure. It emphasises your aura by intensifying it into a glorious one. Crafted with unique layouts and spellbinding artistry, this collection undoubtedly comes with luxurious elegance. This ageless array of Malabar is precise for every woman irrespective of age, as our designs come with traditions that stay forever, a modern style of glamour and a blend of both! Whether with minimal patterns or intricate, we consist of everything! Well, Let's dive into details.

Theme- Temple, Traditional, Floral, Designer, Fashion, Bridal, Cocktail, Contemporary. 

Gold Purity – Usable in 18 and 22KT Gold Designs. 

Metal Colour – Yellow and Rose Gold. 

Types: - 

  1. Cocktail Ring in Gold with Diamond Studded Patterns – With Gold beauty and Diamond's charisma, it's crafted with utmost passion. 

  1. Gold Cocktail Ring with Uncut Diamond Studded Patterns- The authenticity of uncut diamonds, assembled around with gold, creates a masterpiece to treasure.

  1. Cocktail Ring in Gold with Gemstone Studded Patterns- Gold looks best with gemstone hues, as it forms the art of dreams, and our designs portray the same! 

• Several Occasions where you can wear Malabar's Gold Cocktail Ring Online  

  1. Traditional Events- Opt to wear a Cocktail Gold Ring in a temple theme for traditional occasions as temple design motifs embedded in gold portrays our heritage spectacularly. You can even go for Kundan Cocktail Ring style. 

  1. Bridal Wear- Whether Malabar's Bride wears a cocktail gold ring in a traditional or modern pattern, every piece in our collection is beyond design and tradition. It binds with the bride's heart and shines eternally bright, just like her.  

  1. For Parties - For party events, what other splendid jewel than a cocktail gold ring to mark your statement? As they surely know how to glam up your look mesmerisingly. For parties, especially, choose the Rose Gold Cocktail Ring and pair it up with any party outfit. 

  1. While attending weddings- At weddings, our cocktail gold ring designs make it easy for you to glow in glamour with wearable art that's exceptionally divine. Style it with a silk saree or any indo-western outfit and watch the magic happen!! 

  1. Festival- Whether it's Diwali or Eid, Dhanteras or Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi or Gudi Padwa, it's incomplete without gold jewellery! Thus, for joyous festivals, bring the light of grace, Malabar's Cocktail Ring! 

• Malabar's Gold Cocktail Ring Online Design Type 

  1. Ethnix 22KT Gold Studded Cocktail Ring AHDAAAAADZPX, yellow gold colour, Traditional theme, party wear style. 

  1. Divine Gold Ring FRDIN9TRAJY002, crafted in 18KT yellow gold, temple theme, for wedding occasions. 

  1. Malabar 18KT Rose Gold Studded Cocktail Ring DZLR1819DZ, crafted in 18KT rose gold, fashion theme, for party wear. 

  1. Malabar 22KT Gold Studded Cocktail Ring MGFNORG0041, in yellow gold, cocktail theme, perfect as a festive gift. 

• Malabar's Gold Cocktail Ring Price 

The price of this collection starts from Rs 10,000 and goes up to 2,00,000 or beyond. Our Gold is BIS hallmarked, so you do not have to worry about purity.  

Lastly, gold is not only acquired for adornment but also as an investment. So, bring home this prosperous metal and celebrate the beauty of life with Malabar's heavenly pieces. Happy Shopping! 

FAQ Segment 

  1. What is a cocktail ring used for? 

Answer- It's a piece of jewellery, more significant than the usual ring size worn on occasions like Parties, Festivities, Bridal wear etc. It's designed and used to attract attention with its spectacular size and charming colours. 

  1. What finger is a cocktail ring worn on?  

Answer- They are generally worn on the ring finger of the right hand, or they can also be worn on the index finger of either hand. 

  1. What is the difference between a dinner ring and a cocktail ring? 

Answer- Well, cocktail parties were known as dinner parties; thus, that's how the name 'Dinner Ring' was introduced. There is absolutely no difference between; they are the same! 

  1. Where to buy the gold cocktail ring online? 

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is a great stop to buy rings in a gold cocktail style. With numerous designs, preferences and themes to choose from, EMI schemes, Malabar Promises etc., it's the precise place to shop from. 

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