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  • ₹ 36,779
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  • ₹ 14,869
    SKU : MGLX916P2G
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  • ₹ 7,569
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Gold Coin 916 Purity

Pure 916 purity gold coin at Malabar

Gold coins are precious and serve more than one purpose. You can buy them for yourself and add up to your assets or gift them to your loved ones on any occasion like weddings, festivals, etc. And so, Malabar Gold and Diamonds brings a range of 22 kt (916 purity) gold coins especially for you.

Why should you buy 22 kt (916 purity) gold coins from Malabar?

  • 2kt (916 purity) gold coins in their purest form

    We have a collection of 22 kt (916 purity) gold coins for you. In terms of purity, you can blindly trust us. We have coins defining high-quality standards. As we are in the business for the past many years, we share a great rapport with our customers and at no cost, we compromise on the same. Providing coins in their purest form is what Malabar is all about.
  • best gifting ideas for you

    : On festivals, you can gift a gold coin 916 purity to your near and dear ones. On a wedding, you can gift 916 purity gold coin to the couples. On your daughter’s 18th birthday, you can buy gold coin 916 purity and surprise her by this precious gift.
  • 22kt (916 purity) gold coins that are perfect return gifts

    With us, you can buy 22kt gold coins in 1 g or 2 g to give as return gifts on the occasion of weddings.
  • 22kt (916 purity) gold coins with beautiful impressions

    In our collection, you won’t get plain gold coins. We have beautiful gold coins, flaunting beautiful impressions. We have gold coins in gorgeous rose impression and Goddess Laxmi impression which makes them an ideal option to give as gifts on occasions like weddings and festivals alike.

Benefits of buying 22 kt (916 purity) gold coins online

If you want to buy 916 purity gold coin, you must buy them online. There are several benefits of buying gold coins online. Here, we have shared some. Take a look:

  • You can shop from home: The biggest benefit of buying gold coins online is that you won’t have to leave the comfort of your sweet home to buy 22kt gold coins. You can shop for them from anywhere. You just need to visit the online store and buy whatever you wish to buy.
  • It won’t take too much of time: As you can shop from anywhere, buying gold coins online will save you a lot of time. You won’t have to get ready, travel to the jewellery store and wait for the employee to show you the coins. You just need to turn your laptop on, visit the website and check all the available options yourself. It will take only a few minutes.
  • It is safe: If safety is your biggest concerned, you can rest assured. Online platforms are safe and provide safe payment options. You can buy 22kt gold coins online without worries as your money will reach the other end safely and your details will be kept safe.

So, stop thinking and start buying! The entire range of 916 purity gold coins at Malabar is waiting for you.

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