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Gemstone Pendant

Malabar's Gemstone Pendant – The startling star of simplicity. 

A rainbow of colourful sensation, with rich lustre and vibrant hues, adorned in gold, 

It's a solo stunner, fine art that's precious, versatile, fearless and bold. 

Isn't it rightly asserted? Gemstones are an excellent addition to any jewellery case of a woman because, trust us, when we say that gemstone jewellery is the best colour you can decorate your overall entirety with.

Dive into the art of colours, as what's life in the absence of shades, right? Make your life splashing colourful with art that's enthralling, supreme, exceptional, and peaceful in every way, presenting you with the Malabar's Handpicked assortment of 'Gemstone Pendants', which is indeed amusing. Wearing the craft of a pendant is the most meticulous way to flaunt your love for jewellery. It's a solo beautifying piece, which enhances notes of elegance to your overall attire. The gemstone pendant designs at Malabar are framed, thinking of your refined tastes and preferences in mind. You can be confident that you'll uncover something that you would admire to flaunt at extraordinary events and for every day. Pendants in Gemstone are the versatile wearable crafts of jewellery that suits every outfit, and there's every colour in our array that complements your dresser.

• Colourful Gems – Epitome of Beauty and Power 

Gemstones have made everyone fall in love with them since their discovery. Every marvellous gemstone is speculated to have a great significance irrespective of its economic value; in addition, numerous communities around the globe acknowledged that gems could cure sicknesses and prevents negativity and evil spirits. Apart from being highly idolised and treasured for their elegant sheen, dashing hues, and gleaming glow, they also have been respected throughout the past for their substantial impact and symbolism. Numerous gemstones pursue to find significance in astrology and as characters of different zodiac figures.

• Malabar's Gemstone Pendant Designs – Breathtakingly Precious. 

Whether you are looking for a pendant for office wear, party wear, daily wear or any other occasion, we have designs that'll surely surprise you. Whether classical or spiritual, in heart shape or any other, our array is all you will desire. Colours are desirable for every age group. Hence, our collection is timeless pieces of handpicked art for you, which brings out positive light of inspiration within you, like gemstone colour. Every piece of jewellery holds a beautiful memory within itself; then, why not bind beautiful remembrance within every gemstone that will surely bring a smile to your face. Contemporary designs, Traditional and with a fusion of both, our Gemstone Pendant Design online exhibits styles and patterns like no other, with numerous options to choose from. Our assortment not only is charismatic with vibrant colours, but they also have a serene effect on your personality. 

Bewitching gemstones, playing with the gold chain across the neck, symbolising beauty, special allure and calm. With interchangeable chain effects on a few pendant crafts, you can even opt to wear the pendant with your desired or existing gold chain. From magnificent colours like; the passionate purple of the amethyst, the youthful yellow of citrine, the bold blue of aquamarine, the graceful green of emeralds, the ravishing red of ruby, and a whole fortune of coloured energy, they are adorned like no other. Explore our Gemstone Pendant Design Online, as they will surely make you fall in love with them. 

• Which Gem to choose for your Gemstone Pendant Online? - 

Purchasing & wearing guidance. 

It's never wrong to explore, additionally, when it comes to jewellery, and what better way to do that than by firstly picking out the Pendant in Gemstone. In additional information, there are twelve striking gemstones that you can set with twelve different months; you can either choose a gem pendant neckpiece according to your birth month or opt for something that may be different from your birthday month but echoes with your personality. 

Here are some exceptional stone pendant designs that are incredibly famous among women for their gorgeous shade and formation. 

  1. Enthralling Emerald Gems Pendant for Women- The dark green shade of this gem reminds people of nature. This gemstone is an excellent choice if you love the green colour or are a scenic enthusiast. We have a considerable array of Emerald Gemstone Pendant Online Designs, do explore!! 

• Wearing Guidance- This art colour is best for office travel trips, evening dinners with your partner, or daily wear. 

  1. Amusing Amethyst Gemstone Pendants for Women- Is purple your beloved colour? If yes, then Amethyst Gem is the clear choice for you. The perfect hue of purple will undoubtedly compliment the taste buds of purple lovers. 

• Wearing Guidance- This gem would look extravagant on day outs, lunch dates or everyday wear. 

  1. Stunning Sapphire Gemstone Pendant Online for Women- The usual tint of the sapphire gemstone is brilliant blue, but these jewels fluctuate in tones as their mineral calculation varies. We have the most breathtaking piece of Sapphire Gemstone Pendant, and we are sure you'll adore it. 

• Wearing Guidance- This craft would suit office wear, daily style, road trips, traditional functions etc.

  1. Ravishing Ruby Gemstone Pendant- The colour of ruby is dark red and extremely beautiful. It's the best choice for the one who loves dark colours, and it will indeed look stunning on every woman. 

• Wearing Guidance- It's a bold colour; hence, it suits office meetings signifying power, dinner date, evening functions etc.

• Add a Colour Twist 

Isn't the whole theme of picking out a Pendant in Gemstone about the colour twist? Gemstone Pendant Online at Malabar with designs and vibrant hues that make you want to try them. Colours play a significant role in our lives, and we often ignore them while buying jewellery. We usually do sit for a yellow-gold jewellery collection, and that's fabulous too, but as we have a wide range of jewellery collections, it's a must to try pieces you might feel are perfect for you. At Malabar, all the gold wearable arts are BIS hallmarked and are priced according to the current gold price per gram. Do explore our Gemstone Earrings and Gemstone Bracelets to match your precious pendant. 

• Malabar's Gemstone Pendant Online Price

According to the layouts, the array of Pendants in Gemstone Online at Malabar starts from Rs 9,000 and can go up to Rs 50,000 or beyond, depending upon design, gemstone and metal used. Every jewellery element we build is noted by a purity message certifying international quality standards. 

With 24/7 online problem solving, EMI recommendations, a return system, Malabar Promises and numerous other advantages, Malabar is a clear choice for buying gemstone jewellery online or at the stores. If you didn't find a perfect match or wish to create masterpiece earrings to match your pendant, contact us, and we will create a craft that will immediately capture your heart. Happy shopping.  

FAQ Segment 

  1. Why are gemstones used in jewellery? 

Answer- Gemstone is a rock used in jewellery after proper cutting and polishing, and they are even a significant commodity in today's market. They are used in jewellery for their elegance, beauty, magical properties and marketable uses. 

  1. Which is the best site to buy gemstone jewellery? 

Answer- Undoubtedly, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the best place to buy Gemstone Jewellery with numerous options, incredible designs, EMI plans, Certified Jewellery and Gemstones, and various other advantages. Do explore more, and you'll be amazed for sure. 

  1. Do people buy Gemstone Jewellery online? 

Answer- Yes. When it comes to jewellery, gemstones and others like Diamond, Gold, Platinum etc., people tend to opt for online shopping as it has various advantages with lower risks. If you want to purchase gemstone jewellery online, then Malabar is a precise option. Happy Shopping. 

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