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  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRNOB11763

    New Arrival

    ₹ 84,700
    SKU : BRNOB11763
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRNOB11749

    New Arrival

    ₹ 130,766
    SKU : BRNOB11749
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRNOB11175

    New Arrival

    ₹ 130,304
    SKU : BRNOB11175
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRNOB11163

    New Arrival

    ₹ 220,302
    SKU : BRNOB11163
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRNOB40348

    New Arrival

    ₹ 198,488
    SKU : BRNOB40348
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRNOB40336

    New Arrival

    ₹ 119,045
    SKU : BRNOB40336
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRZNS43133

    New Arrival

    ₹ 132,296
    SKU : BRZNS43133
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRNOB40128

    New Arrival

    ₹ 82,672
    SKU : BRNOB40128
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRZNS17889

    New Arrival

    ₹ 82,227
    SKU : BRZNS17889
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRZNS17904

    New Arrival

    ₹ 78,972
    SKU : BRZNS17904
  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRZNS17901

    New Arrival

    ₹ 68,722
    SKU : BRZNS17901
  • Starlet Gold Bracelet BRZNS17946

    New Arrival

    ₹ 16,483
    SKU : BRZNS17946

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Gold Bracelets for Men

Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ Bracelets for Men- A Style Statement That’s Here to Stay!

Gold bracelets have always been a timeless piece of jewellery for women, but in recent years, it has become an increasingly prevalent trend amongst men. The Gold Bracelet for Men has been known as the supreme accessory that is a symbol of status and confidence. Adorned with timeless elegance and unmatched refinement, gold bracelets for men exemplify the art of fine craftsmanship and style. This unique craft comes with a blend of luxury and masculinity, making it the ideal accessory to complement any attire.

With a spectacular touch of elegance, Men’s Gold Bracelet are sure to mesmerise every gaze! Considering the same, introducing to you the breathtaking Malabar Gold Bracelets for Men and showcase your style with exquisite and unparalleled charm.

Men’s Gold Bracelet History

Throughout the ages, men's gold bracelets have retained a special place in the realm of fashion. It all began long ago, when ancient kings and mighty warriors embellished their wrists with these sparkling treasures. From ancient Egypt to ancient Greece, gold bracelets were witnessed as an emblem of power, wealth, and prestige.

Even today, these bracelets stay a reflection of timeless refinement, integrating tradition with a glimmer of individuality. The history of men's gold bracelets is an intriguing tale of opulence and type that continues to enchant the world.

Malabar Men’s Gold Bracelet Design

Step into a world where creation meets tradition, where grace knows no bounds, and where every piece comes together to create a masterpiece. Our Malabar Men's Gold Bracelet pattern is a testament to the phenomenal craftsmanship and creativeness that has depicted us for years. Patterns of this collection have been uniquely crafted to capture every gaze and enhance your style. Our Gold Bracelets for Men Online indeed reflect the pure essence of beauty as its golden glow resonates with a timeless lure that’s beyond beautiful.

From the delicate patterns to the bold assemblage, our impressive pieces epitomise the flawless fusion of contemporary pattern and traditional elegance. So, be prepared to turn heads and make a statement—because precise beauty lies within the artistry of outstanding craftsmanship.

Design Type- Chain, Kada, Loose etc.

Gold Purity- 18KT and 22KT Gold Bracelet for Men

Metal Colour- Yellow, White, Rose Gold, Two Tone, Three Tone etc.

Theme- Classic, Fashion etc.

Gold Bracelet Types- LightweightMen’s  Gold Bracelet, Heavy Men’s Gold Bracelet etc.

Malabar Gold Bracelet For Men Online

1)      Malabar Gold Bangle BNZNS14576, crafted in 22KT Yellow Metal Colour, Classic Theme, Kada Style Type for Casual Wear.

2)      Malabar Gold Bracelet BRDZL29785, 18KT Two Tone Metal Colour, Fashion Theme, Loose Style for Casual Wear.

3)      Malabar Gold Bracelet SSNOBL107, crafted in 22KT Yellow Metal Colour, Classic Theme, Loose Type for Everyday Wear.

Occasions where you can wear Malabar Gold Bracelet For Men

1)      Everyday Wear- Malabar lightweight bracelets in Gold for Men for precise choice for your everyday wear. They can be worn in a casual way or can be paired with other accessories, to add a touch of refinement and personality to your everyday style.

2)      Weddings- Malabar Gold's bracelets are flawless for weddings, whether you're the groom’s best man or a wedding guest. They add a whiff of classiness and luxury to any traditional or modern wedding attire.

3)      Parties or special events: If you're going to a formal party, gala, or any special event, a Malabar Gold bracelet in Men can accentuate your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. We exhibit a wide range of patterns that can be paired with any outfit.

4)      Festivals and cultural celebrations- Whether it's Diwali, Eid, Christmas, or any other festival, Malabar Gold's bracelets are an incredible accessory to round off your traditional attire. They come in numerous designs that suit the festive spirit.

Malabar Mens Gold Bracelet Price

The price of this array starts from Rs 20,000 and goes up to Rs 3,50,000 and beyond depending upon the patterns, metal used and numerous other factors. Furthermore, our collection is IGI certified and HUID certified, so when it comes to shopping any type of jewellery from us, you don’t have to think twice about anything.

Lastly, embody confidence and grace with our Malabar Men's Gold Bracelet design, a symbol of your magnificent art, personal journey and an expression of your individuality. Also, if you wish to create a customised masterpiece for yourself, we would be glad to craft it for you. Have a great shopping experience with us!

FAQ Segment

1) Can men wear gold bracelets?

Answer- Absolutely! Gold bracelets are a prevalent accessory for men and can be a chic addition to any outfit. With varieties like simple, minimalist patterns to bolder and more intricate styles, there is a vast range of gold bracelets functional to suit distinct preferences and fashion tastes.

2) Where should I buy Men’s Gold Bracelet?

Answer- Well, if you are in a hunt for Bracelet in Gold for Men, your hunt is over with us. With spectacularly breathtaking designs, numerous paying modes, certified jewellery, Malabar Fair Promise and many more advantages, we are the best place you can shop from.

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