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  • Malabar Gold Bracelet BRDZL40796

    New Arrival

    ₹ 24,727
    SKU : BRDZL40796
  • ₹ 10,131
    SKU : BRDZL40712
  • ₹ 31,612
    SKU : BRZNS43369
  • ₹ 28,892
    SKU : BRZNS43368
  • ₹ 30,110
    SKU : BRZNS43367
  • ₹ 31,440
    SKU : BRZNS43366
  • ₹ 18,014
    SKU : BRZNS43365
  • ₹ 17,114
    SKU : BRZNS43364
  • ₹ 14,814
    SKU : BRZNS43363
  • ₹ 16,109
    SKU : BRZNS43362
  • ₹ 22,468
    SKU : BRDZL40695
  • ₹ 36,667
    SKU : BRDZL40694

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Gold Bracelet Designs For Women

Gold Bracelet – Malabar breathtaking journey into the exceptional!

Adorn with our grandly extravagant and beautiful embellishing art within the golden hue, 

That emits glimmers of powerful fascination and extravaganza with its remarkable view. 

Bracelet, the word derived from the Greek word 'Brachile,' which means 'of the arm.' It's one of the fine jewels that must never be missing from your treasure box, as it's timeless, versatile, and magnificent. Bracelets, with their luxuriously splendid vibrance, accentuate every man and woman's attire with enthralling texture and high shine. Unique and captivating, this gold creation is the precise partner for your wrists to display an understated vibe. Furthermore, they give your style an extra edge of elegance with their subtle beauty and are an ode to your mesmerising beauty. 

Gold Bracelet, the embellishing art, leads to an enchanting aura with skilled brilliance, additional charm, and beauty every time you wear it. Hence, we introduce to you Malabar Gold Bracelet, which lets you catch all the compliments with its spellbinding artistry and intriguing designs. Their charm? Indeed treasure worthy and Their style? Show-stopping! So, here is some more information to mesmerise you like never before!  

• Malabar Gold Bracelet Design

Our gold bracelet online designs come in many epitomes of glam, waiting for you to embrace the radiance on your wrists when you adorn our pieces! Every piece of this collection is crafted with mastership details that are never seen before, designs that intensify the beauty you behold, and allure that's worth talking about. Thus, explore this breathtaking assortment inspired by every women’s charisma. Our patterns turns every moment into a sparkling story as they precisely capture every golden memory and remind you to live your life with impeccable joy. 

Whether you love to acquire in contemporary style, traditional, or a beautiful blend of both, we are your perfect choice. Also, our gold bracelet online collection incredibly caters to every age group as our timeless pieces are crafted to satisfy the desires of everyone.

Design- Oval, Chain, Loose, Charms, Contemporary. 

Theme- Fancy, Spiritual, Peacock, Traditional, Floral, Geometric, Classic, Contemporary, Leaf, Heart, Drop, Butterfly, Fashion, Cartoon, and Filigree. 

Gold Purity and Colour- This collection is usable in 18k and 22k gold bracelets, with gold hues like yellow, white, rose-gold, two-tone, etc. 

Different types of gold bracelets- In our array, we exhibit lightweight gold bracelet for ladies, intricate bracelets in gold, gold bracelet for baby girls, gold bracelet for baby boys, gemstone studded bracelet, diamond studded gold bracelet for women, gold bracelet design for men, and lightweight gold bracelet for men.

• Occasions where you can wear Malabar Gold Bracelet Design

  1. Daily Wear- Our patterns of this collection come in delicate and elegant, all-time essentials, which is a must-have to complete your day-to-day attire with effortless sophistication. Opt for our designs in lightweight style, as they will perfectly match your everyday ensemble. 
  1.  Casual Wear- If you want a delightful accessory to enhance your casual fashion, you've met your match in this assortment! Go with pieces with a blend of intricacy and subtly or in lightweight gemstone patterns as they brilliantly complement your casual style. 
  1. Office Wear- Our unique gold bracelet in lightweight style, as well as diamond studded patterns, are an expression of empowerment and truly one of a kind statement piece for office wear. In addition, they match all the workplace attire magnificently.
  1. Festival Wear – Displaying a spectacular fusion of contemporary and traditional aesthetics, our gold bracelet collection in gemstone studded, intricate style, and the diamond studded pattern is all you need to illuminate your festivity attire.
  1. Party Wear- Be the star at party gatherings with our array's lavish creations that is an enthralling match for you! Choose our gemstone-studded or diamond-studded bracelets in gold, as our pieces can be best paired with a dreamy gown, saree, or any other party outfit you decide to wear.  

• Malabar Gold Bracelet Online Designs 

  1. Malabar Gold Bracelet BRDJNO281, 22KT yellow gold, classic theme loose pattern, daily wear style for kids. 
  2. Malabar Gold Bracelet SKG292, 22KT yellow gold, fashion theme, loose design type, casual wear adorning style for women.
  3. Malabar Gold Bracelet BRZLDZRURGY003, 18KT rose gold, fashion theme, loose type, daily wear adorning style for women. 
  4. Malabar Gold Bracelet SSNOBL112, 22KT yellow gold, traditional theme, loose style casual wear wearing style for kids. 
  5. Malabar 18KT rose gold studded loose bracelet 85DZGBR0029DZ, 18KT rose-gold, a fashion theme for casual wearing style for men.
  6. Malabar Gold Bracelet SSNOBL106, 22KT yellow gold, classic theme, daily wear style for men.

• Malabar Gold Bracelet Price 

The price of this collection starts from Rs 7,000 and goes up to Rs 1, 50,000 and above. Also, our gold is BIS hallmarked, and diamonds are IGI certified; hence, you can shop our exquisite masterpieces without worry. 

Lastly, as you take a chance to turn your dreams into reality, our designs of gold bracelets celebrate the person you have become. Also, if you wish to acquire a customised gold bracelet, we are more than glad to create a masterpiece for you. Have an excellent online shopping experience.

FAQ Segment 

1)How many grams of gold is required for a gold bracelet?

Answer- Well, it depends upon the design. For example, if you want to buy a bracelet for daily wear, it starts from 4 grams, and if you want to opt for intricate and detailed ones, there are 7-8 grams of the bracelet, which might even go higher. 

2)What is the latest and most popular bracelet? 

Answer- Following are the most popular ones, Bracelets in Gold, Diamond, Gemstone, Chain Bracelet and Bangle Bracelet.

3)What are the best bracelet designs for daily use? 

Answer- For everyday wear, the best patterns are lightweight but have incredible shine, gemstone-studded thin bracelets, and diamond-studded subtle bracelets. 

4)What are the various types of bracelets? 

Bangle Bracelet.
Bracelet in gold.
Cuff Bracelets.
Charm Bracelet.
Gemstone Bracelet.
Tennis Bracelet.
Beaded Bracelet. 
Diamond Bracelet.

5)How do you choose the right bracelet for your style? 

Choose an appropriate size you want to acquire. 
Consider if you are someone who loves stacking bracelets. 
Pick a unique style.
Choose patterns according to your desire; lightweight, simple, intricate, etc.  

6)In which hand should girls wear bracelets? 

Answer- To be honest, there is no compulsion, so you can definitely choose to wear the bracelet on either hand. 

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