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  • ₹ 63,286
    SKU : BRDZHRN027
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46184

    New Arrival

    ₹ 49,180
    SKU : BNDZL46184
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46169

    New Arrival

    ₹ 73,348
    SKU : BNDZL46169
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46167

    New Arrival

    ₹ 70,888
    SKU : BNDZL46167
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46166

    New Arrival

    ₹ 57,426
    SKU : BNDZL46166
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46152

    New Arrival

    ₹ 52,306
    SKU : BNDZL46152
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46151

    New Arrival

    ₹ 46,947
    SKU : BNDZL46151
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46139

    New Arrival

    ₹ 58,352
    SKU : BNDZL46139
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46106

    New Arrival

    ₹ 80,802
    SKU : BNDZL46106
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46103

    New Arrival

    ₹ 56,141
    SKU : BNDZL46103
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46099

    New Arrival

    ₹ 62,795
    SKU : BNDZL46099
  • Caliesta Gold Bangle BNDZL46097

    New Arrival

    ₹ 63,604
    SKU : BNDZL46097

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Gold Bangles for Women

Malabar Gold Bangles – Winsome exquisites for your wrists that you'll forever persist.

Turn up the light with our gold bangles that define the new era of glamour and magic, 
Combined with moving proficiency and charismatic creativity, this craft is indeed fantastic.

The fascination Indians have with gold metal is beyond words and their connection with gold bangles? That is exceptionally divine. Gold Bangle, also known as Kangan's, is one of the significant Solah Shringar ornaments that are spectacularly beautiful. They are a great addition to your wardrobe, make your wrists look alluring with these must-haves for every season. Gold bangles are an ageless craft with an ultra-chic and desirable glance that magnificently suits every age group and intensifies your look. Adorning with these beauties never stops as they are versatile with eye-catching style and embellish you in a way no other ornament can! 

Gold Bangles exhibits a rich history, especially in our Indian culture. They are masterpiece of dreams and whims with appealing glance that surely mesmerises every women. Hence, for the magic that lies in your hands, we bring you the Malabar Gold Bangle, the forever icon of traditions, the essence of femininity and treasured art. With a glance of dreams, here it comes to mesmerise and entice your heart. 

• Malabar Gold Bangle Design

Our gold bangle collection is the craft of innovation, distinctive character and passionate creativity. We have crafted pieces of this eternal beauty that are dedicated entirely to your brilliance within patterns that celebrates your story and everything that makes you unique. Crafted out of positivity, our designs are on a journey to pass the same to you. Our gold bangles, with their brilliant craftsmanship and a unique master design, transform your look four-fold and embellish your wrists beautifully. They help you dress effortlessly and are perfect accessory for your hands with glam that’s incomparable! Well, let's know more about its grandness.  

• Gold Bangle Design Types 

Oval, Kada, Hollow, Loose, Kangan, Lightweight bangles, Wedding gold bangles etc.

• Gold Bangles Theme

Fancy, Peacock, Traditional, Floral, Geometric, Classic, Contemporary, Heart, Designer, Fashion, Navratna, Bridal, Temple gold bangles and Half-round bangles etc. 

• Various set types and size

We have bangles in many set types. You can get them in a set of two, three or four. If you want to wear just one bangle on your wrist, you can buy a single bangle too. The gold bangles set design patterns are more traditional for ladies preferring old-school designs. 

 As far as size is concerned, we have bangles in many sizes perfectly fitting the wrists of petite women, average women, and women on a heavier side. The available sizes are 2.1, 2.2., 2.3, and 2.4.

• Gold bracelet

If you want a contemporary accessory to prettify your wrists, you can buy gold bangle bracelets from the collection. Also, the collection has many single bangles with very delicate designs that look as pretty as bracelets.

• Different brands within Malabar

There are various sub-brands that have a stunning selection of real gold bangles like Divine, Precia, and Era. 

• Gold Purity and Colour

Our assortment comes in gold bangles 22k and 18k within the gold metal colours like yellow, two-tone, rose-gold etc. 

• Gold Bangle Types 

This assortment comes in distinct types like studded gemstone pieces, intricate style, diamond-studded designs etc. 

• Occasions where you can wear Gold Bangle Designs

  1. 1.      Daily Wear- Discover simple patterns in our assortment that are crafted to spark your everyday look bewitchingly. Whether you choose lightweight gold bangles or intricate pieces, you are sure to find apt patterns in our array. 
  1. 2.      Office Wear- Go for our gold bangle bracelet designs, as they add a refined and professional look to your appearance. Pair it with any work outfit you desire to wear, and they'll make you look stylish even in the office. Also, for an extra detailed and dynamic look, pair a watch with it. 
  1. 3.      Bridal Wear- Bangles are a staple jewel in the beautiful bride's wedding day look. So, if you are looking for gemstone studded gold bangles, diamond studded or elaborated designs, in traditional style or modern, Malabar is the right choice. Furthermore, our patterns alluringly compliment the bride's Mehendi-laden hands. 
  1. 4.      Traditional Events- Choose a wrist beautifying craft from our collection with pieces that truly ignite your occasion's magnificence. Thus, opt for our patterns in the temple theme, gold bangles Indian style or gemstone studded pieces, which you can match with your saree, salwar kameez or any other clothing. 
  1. 5.      Party Wear- Be the star at every party gathering by wearing our breathtaking patterns. Choose pieces from our trendy gold bangle collection within gemstone or diamond patterns, and you are all ready to make heads turn! 

• Malabar Gold Bangle Design Type 

  1. Malabar Bangle BNDZL19374, 22KT yellow gold, floral theme, oval style type for casual wear. 
  1. Malabar Bangle BNDZL12065, 18KT rose gold, floral theme, oval style type for office wear. 
  1. Malabar Bangle SKBLBKT65, 22KT yellow gold, fashion theme, in loose pattern for office wear. 
  1. Divine Bangle in Gold BADIN9TROVY003, 22KT yellow gold, temple theme kangan for party wear. 
  1. Malabar Bangle BSPRM0020, 22KT yellow gold, traditional theme, kangan for daily wear. 

• Malabar Gold Bangle Price

The price of this assortment starts from Rs 5,500 and goes up to Rs 7,30,000 and can go beyond that considering gold purity, diamonds and gemstones used, design etc. Also, our gold is BIS hallmarked, and Diamonds are IGI certified, and they even go through significant 4C's!  

Lastly, our bangles in gold metal are inspired by your grace and gorgeousness and are shining with pride for the powerful women you are becoming! Hence, adorn your hands with something as precious as they are, our beautiful bangles in gold! Also, if you wish to craft a customised piece in this array, we'd be more than glad to craft the masterpiece. Have a great shopping experience!  

• FAQ Segment

  1. How much would a gold bangle cost?

Answer- The prices may fluctuate from brand to brand, but at Malabar, only a fair price policy is applied. Our collection starts from Rs 5,500 and goes up to Rs 7,30,000 and above. 

  1. What is the price of 10gram gold bangles? 

Answer- At Malabar, 10 gram bangle in gold starts from Rs 60,000 and can go beyond that considering gold purity, design, gemstone, diamonds, precious stones used, etc. 

  1. What should be the weight of gold bangles? 

Answer- The choice may differ from person to person, but it shall start from 10 - 20 grams, and it can even go about 90grams, depending on your chosen design. 

  1. What is the difference between a bracelet and a bangle? 

Answer- Following are the differences between the bracelet and a bangle: - 

a)      Bracelets are in flexible patterns, whilst bangles are rigid and hold their shape. 

b)      As bangles are rigid, they are made of gold, platinum etc.; meanwhile, as bracelets are flexible, they can be made in an adaptable manner out of gold.

c)       Bangles are complete circles and may or may not have any openings. Bracelets have clasps and elastics, so either they can be slipped over the hand or can be clasped onto the wrists. 

  1. Where to buy a gold bangle online?

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds is undoubtedly the precise place for you! With an astonishing number of choices, EMI schemes, return policies, fair price promises and multiple other online shopping benefits, it's the best place. 

  1. What is the best gold for bangles in gold?

Answer- The precise choice is 18kt or 22kt. 18KT bangles in gold contains 75% pure gold which results in not irritating your skin and 22kt are best as it consists of the highest purity form.

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