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    SKU : FS5381
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    SKU : ES4519
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    SKU : FS5380
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    SKU : FS5459
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    SKU : ES4352
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    SKU : ES4274
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Fossil Watches

There is nothing more precious than time and what better way to realize this than by owning a Fossil watch. Creating Fossil watches for men and women, Fossil Watches India creates wearable collectibles that truly matter!

It's Time for A Change

Time is of the essence as it tells us when and where we need to be. However, Fossil Watches India are more than just a life-changing quote. It is an experience that has become an important factor in developing your identity. Having state-of-the-art functionality and undeniable Swiss craftsmanship, our brand features the finest of the finest Fossil Watches Men and Fossil Watch Women collection. Suitable for every occasion, our watches are designed to keep your force of personality up and ticking.

Buy Fossil Watches Online

You can buy a Fossil watch for men and women at a Malabar Gold & Diamonds store near you. If you are always on the run and don't have the time to visit the store, then how about buying it online! Displaying real images of every Fossil watch, there is complete transparency from day one. To ease your convenience, our page can be viewed through desktop and even tablet or mobile phone. Our Fossil Ladies Watches and Fossil Watches Men come with 2 years’ warranty period and with Ready-For-Shipping service.

A Fossil Watch Apart

Malabar Gold & Diamonds features an extensive selection of Fossil Watches for Women and Men. Be it the classic Fossil Automatic watch or the latest Fossil Q Wearable, there is a Fossil watch available for every need. With Alarm, Android/IOS Compatible, Android Wear and Bluetooth features, you can browse through Fossil Women Watches and Men segments easily. Our timepieces offer dial colours in black, blue, green, and even brown. It is worth checking the latest Briggs Fossil watch for men that stands through the tests of water with its chronograph and date display hallmarks.

A Fossil Watch Price Like Never Before

You can buy Fossil watches online and that too at unbelievable prices! Each Fossil watch for men and women are the best in the market and do not come with any hidden charges. You can also choose to utilize our Cash On Delivery service as you order a Fossil watch from our website. Apart from our Free Home Delivery feature, every Fossil watch for men and women have a free battery replacement assurance for an entire year! If you wish to customize your Fossil watches for women or men, then you can simply do so with a click of a button online.

A Quick Fossil Watch Delivery

Buying Fossil Ladies Watches and Fossil Mens Watch never looked this easy! You can book your desire Fossil watch online or call us on 022-30254900 to get it delivered in no time. Apart from the free delivery option, our Fossil timepieces are one hundred percent genuine and offer certified high-end quality. Available in India, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and UAE, Fossil watches for men and women are present almost everywhere! To own a classic timepiece, visit a Malabar Gold & Diamonds store near you or our website to buy Fossil watches online.

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