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  • Precia Gemstone Bangle BNGLR10674

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Gemstone Bangles

Malabar’s Gemstone Bangle – Wear the shine of Malabar's Gemstone Bangles. 

Joyful colours of gems display life's beautiful remembrance, bonded within gold with allure and intensified elegance, 

Welcoming you to the world of hues where every jewel is the epitome of brilliance.  

Bangles are invariably the foremost to grab someone's interest, and our designs make certain to make that period worth it. A woman might not wear a necklace on an ordinary day, but she will rarely step out without a pair of earrings and bangles. Gemstone jewellery has been a significant facet of our lives, from countless events to extraordinary occasions, subtle gifts to complete astrological pieces. The colour of our gem certainly encourages women to be optimistic, feel-good from within, and, supreme notably, adore themselves every day. Bangle is the star jewel in jewellery, and with Malabar's Gemstone Bangle Designs, they are the winning jewel item of all time. Our designs make sure to enhance your attire most powerfully. 

Gemstone Bangles Design doesn't have a particular occasion to be worn on. Either for everyday wear or a casual hang out, dinner dates or office wear, festivities or extraordinary experiences, they blend well with any events, and do you know why? The question will get answered the moment you explore Bangles of Gemstones by Malabar Gold & Diamonds. 

• Wrist Size Guide - let's dive into the size guide before buying Gemstone Bangles Online. 

Along with the divine designs, it's also significant to watch out for size as it will ensure that the product you have selected is not too large or too small. Our bangles are functional in size, differing from 2-2 to 2-16, with numerous options. If you don't know your wrist size precisely, there is no need to worry, as we'll help to find yours; follow the below steps. 

  1. Take a strip of the paper, place it around the broadest part of your hand, and estimate the length till where the two ends of the paper strip meet.

  2. This is precisely the girth measurement of the bangle that will fit your hand. 

  3. Correlate this length to a bangle size table to discover your bangle size. 

  4. If the circumference measurement that you have falls under between the two bangle sizes, then opt for the larger size. 

• Malabar's Gemstone Bangle Design – The Divine Style Statement 

Our array is the epitome of art with passion and creativity. Malabar is the precise place to buy Gemstone Bangle Online as our designs are not only traditional but also contemporary and a fusion of both. Either the slim ones or the traditionally heavy, the spectacular modern or the ones accompanying your watch, every design, and pattern within the coloured gems, dancing along with the gold, is present in our assortment. Our collection consists of everything a woman can ask for, from innovations like the netted and geometrical, floral to intricate shapes, modern to traditional. In single-coloured gems or two-tone, our breathtaking crafts will leave you surprised. 

Our Precia Bangle in Gemstone, crafted in 22KT gold with a floral pattern, is the best piece for modest women. Integrated with precious ideas, great layouts, splashing hue of life, and incredible glimmer, this category of ours is a unique piece for every lovely lady out there. Our gemstone bangle designs reflect women's allure in their true selves and intensify their magic glamour.

• Malabar's Gemstone Bangle Online Price-the best craft with the best prices. 

The batch of Gemstone Bangles Online at Malabar starts from Rs 50,000 and can go up to Rs 3,00,000 according to the layouts, gemstones used etc. Every wearable art we create is noticed after by an innocence certificate acknowledging international quality principles. 

• Events where you can glam up with our Gemstone Bangles – supreme styles.  

Our Precia brand of Gemstone Jewellery is crafted in B.I.S. Hallmarked 22Kt gold jewellery, this gorgeous assortment features layouts like no other, glamorous and captivating to everyone. 

  1. Traditional Events- We have bangle designs with traditional motifs, making them spectacular for formal events. Elegant, trendy and embedded, especially for Indian glamour, with the classic form of crafts. 

• At formal events, wear it with a saree or Indo-western outfit to glam up spectacularly. 

  1. Casual Hangouts – Out for an incredible hangout day with your girls? Well, don't forget your watch's buddy, Malabar's Bangle, because they rock every moment together. 

• Either jeans or shorts, our designs work best with any western outfit. 

  1. For Bride- Modern bride or traditional, our assortment assists the best for both. With heavy patterns and incredible shine for the Malabar's Traditional Bride & modest layouts but divine glamour for the Malabar's Contemporary Bride, we wish to see them joyous on their big day. 

• Either the heavy Ghagra pattern or the modern gown style, you are ready to steal the show with our designs. 

  1. Office Wear- Wear your style statement, slash, passionate and powerful craft to mark your presence in the office. Nothing is more attractive than a woman walking in her jewellery with utmost confidence. 

• Very well suits all office attire and significantly opt for the red coloured gemstone bangle as it signifies power and dignity. 

At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, we ascertain that each item we frame is precise and amuses the best within you. Didn't find your match or want the best buddy tuning to your bangles like the Gemstone Pendant or Gemstone Earrings? Let us know, and we'll create a grand masterpiece for you.

• F.A.Q. Segment 

  1. Can I wear gemstone bangles daily? 

Answer- Yes! If you want a layout favourable for everyday wear, check out the gemstone bangles collection by Malabar Gold and Diamonds. You'll be sure that you want to wear them daily because of their minimal designs and glamorous pieces. 

  1. Best website to buy Gemstone Bangles? 

Answer- Undoubtedly, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the precise place with charming designs, best prices, numerous options, E.M.I. schemes, different modes of payments, Malabar Promises etc. Explore, and you'll fall in love with them.

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