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Alphabet Collection

Voguish Alphabet Jewellery

Modern girls and boys love modern jewellery. You would seldom spot any young blood wearing traditional jewellery with the old-world designs. And, hence, for them, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, has come up with a range of voguish alphabet jewellery.

Alphabet jewellery, as the name states, is designed to offer a near customised jewellery piece to the young buyers. And, not just young buyers, our alphabet range is a favourite among our older buyers too.

The collection has pendants and rings designed in the form of alphabets. From A to Z, you will find gorgeous gold alphabet letters in plain and studded patterns.

Alphabet jewellery designs for you

Our gold pendant alphabet designs are simply gorgeous. The beautiful craftsmanship literally wins the hearts.

  • Gold letter pendants

    If you are looking for a gold alphabet pendant for yourself, you must log on to our website and check out the vast collection of gold alphabet letters pendants. Our collection has gorgeous studded gold alphabet pendants. These pendants can be teamed up with modern, as well as traditional attires.
  • Alphabet gold ring designs

    In our collection, you will also find gorgeous alphabet ring for males. The alphabet gold ring design is simple and extremely classy.
  • Gold initial necklace in different metal colours

    Our gold alphabet pendants are available in different metal colours. If you love pure yellow gold, you can buy a studded initial necklace in pure yellow 18 KT or 22 KT gold. If you love rose gold, we have gold alphabet pendants in rose gold. We also have pendants in two-tone gold. You will surely have many options at your disposal.
  • Gold initial pendant for everyone

    Our collection has letter necklace for men, as well as women. The sober design can be worn by both the genders with panache.
  • Daily-wear alphabet necklace

    Our gold letter pendant necklaces surely look very dainty and elegant but, they are extremely sturdy. You can wear them regularly without worrying about damaging them within a few days of wearing them.
  • Gold alphabet letters pendants for various occasions

    Our alphabet jewellery designs are glamorous and sober, both at the same time, making them apt to wear on any occasion ranging from a party to wedding. You can flaunt your gold initial pendant with a traditional outfit on a festival or with a modern outfit on your regular workday.
  • Alphabet pendant necklace- A perfect gift

    Our collection of letter pendant necklace is a perfect gift for any occasion. You can gift the initial necklace to your friend on his/her birthday, to your better-half on your anniversary or Valentines Day, to your mother on Mother’s Day or to your sister on any special occasion.

Buy alphabet jewellery online

You can buy the gorgeous gold letter pendants and rings online at Malabar Gold and Diamonds. If you shop with us online, you will get n numbers of advantages listed below:

  • Hassle-free shopping: Shop hassle-free with us. Explore all the options within a few clicks and make a decision in moments. We will send you your favourite gold alphabet pendant at your doorsteps.
  • Safe payment and easy return: You can easily make online payments without worrying about a security breach. And, if in case you are not happy with the pendant, you can return it easily.

So, don’t wait any longer. Buy the stylish gold alphabet pendant and give out serious fashion goals.

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