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Tulle Collection

State of the art – The Supreme Tulle Collection 

Gold Jewellery, also known as 'Gahana', is the significant central facet of every woman's life. For women, the confidence they hold and shine comes from within. Gold jewellery not only makes your everyday feel great but also provides a safe investment purpose.  

Malabar Gold and Diamond's jewellery is distinctive in its design and elaborated craftsmanship. Our house has incredible Gold Jewellery with impressive layouts and versatile patterns. Well, it is highly believed that if there has to be gossip about you, it would rather be about something explicit or a mark that you have left on people's minds, and it is for sure that the way you dress and carry yourself plays a vital role in this sense. Then, why not walk in style with the Malabar's Tulle collection, which is precisely astonishing, lightweight yet elegant looking and would indeed portray epitome. 

Every piece of jewellery carries an intense sentiment and recites an emotional statement so, why not bind precious remembrances within every glamorous masterwork? Our Tulle assortment is the new trend. Regardless of the age group, the glamour they carry will intensify the overall glance because of its lightweight feature. About every piece in our array is a best seller as it has detailed chemistry between contemporary and traditional designs, ranging from illustrated to minimal artwork. Explore our latest captivating Tulle collection, which can be worn on an everyday basis and is sure fortune admirable. 


 • Tulle Collection Designs 

Sometimes, celebrate yourself, your beliefs, struggles, victories etc. It is the precise reason to buy jewellery. And, that's precisely the reason behind creating the Tulle collection with the newest and magnificent patterns which portray every woman's victory. Our latest jewellery collection brings elegance in extraordinary forms and additional reasons for you to indulge in the Tulle lightweight gold jewellery. Women's out there, take a moment to celebrate your successes with our magnificent collection because you deserve the best. 

Be it the remarkable ring, stunning studs; dazzling drop dangles earrings, or other astonishing designs in gold, every piece from the Tulle assortment is a magnificent masterwork that undoubtedly fulfills all the achievements. Our latest jewellery binds precious moments with every woman who admires different occasions, uniqueness and shines bright no matter what they do. The spectacular netted styled, lightweight jewellery with remarkable beliefs to win every woman's heart is all ready to make you fall in love with it. Also, do explore our breathtaking display of gold neckpieces and Diamond necklaces


• Tulle Collection Price 

The Tulle collection starts from Rs 8,500 and can go up to Rs 50,000. We have EMI plans that allow buyers to complete their purchase at their desire. May that be the formal, classic or prestigious glance, it's unsatisfactory without gold jewellery, and any look combines incredibly with them. Any jewellery purchased from Malabar House is against any loss, risk, accident or destruction. Furthermore, every art of jewellery we create is noticed by a purity certificate conveying international quality standards. 


• Different events where you can wear Tulle Jewellery Collection

  1. Destination Weddings- The new wedding trend Is the destination wedding, and the beautiful destination certainly adds up the essence to the lovely couple. Well, why not walk in glamour for the upcoming destination wedding? Ladies! The tulle collection is the clear choice for you. It's lightweight, but the way it outshines will surely capture all the eyes on you. Pair it with a silk saree and glamour hair-look, and you are all ready to go!! 

  1. Anniversary Party- It's your friends anniversary party, so it's a must glam up impressively. Make a mark in the crowd with our Tulle Collection jewellery, which will intensify your look indisputably. The intricate earrings from the same collection and the ring will suit the best with a beautiful saree, nightgown or salwar kameez. 

  1. Office Presentation Office work is significant, and having a big presentation day? Stand up in the crowd by making a positive mark with our exclusive Tulle assortment, which brings shine from within and is a sign of confidence. Dress up in your formal attire with tulle stud earrings, and you are ready to rock the presentation. 

  1. Daily Wear- The minimal design of the Tulle Collection is best for daily wear. It not only gives a special touch to your everyday look but makes sure to glam up significantly. For everyday wear, tulle stud earrings are a specific option to wear. 

  1. Dinner Date- Dressing up gorgeously to meet your special one? Well, don't forget to wear your precious essence, that's the tulle studs. The spark of the earring is precisely like the spark you share with your special one, so what are you waiting for?? Dress up with the exclusive collection, and we are sure he won't be able to take his eyes off you. 

We have always aimed for perfection, and now, being one of the incredibly believed and most adored brands, we proudly assert that we have succeeded! Do explore and gaze accordingly for what matches the most with your choice; if you can't find an accurate match, no difficulty! Let us know, and we'll make the perfect match for our precious customers. Happy shopping!


FAQ Segment 


1) Can the Tulle collection be worn daily?

Answer- Yes, it can be worn daily as its minimal look and lightweight feature makes it excellent to wear regularly. 


2) Where to buy lightweight jewellery from? 

Answer- Malabar Gold and Diamonds spectacular collection "Tulle" is the specific option for everyone who loves lightweight yet elegant jewellery. Tulle assortment is a must-have in your collection and Malabar is the precise place to buy it wherein you can select according to the price range, weight and evaluate many more factors.

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